Kim's Pov.

My name is Kimberly Crawford and i am 16 years old.I am a secret agent for A.U.Y.A(Americans united young agents).I have a sister named Avery and a brother named Leo but they are younger than me.I was raised and born in Seaford and i left when i was 14 years only reason i started to work the F.B.I is because my father was killed by the the F.B.I's most wanted when i was 13 years old.I wish i could go back to my old life in Seaford but i am doing this for my dad.I miss being in the dojo and hanging with my friends Jerry,Grace,Milton,Kels,Julie and mostly Jack."Hello agent Crawford, we need you to go to Seaford for a special case"My boss said."Why"I said.I am so happy."We tracked the person who killed your father there"He said."But"i is always a but."You have to go as a different person named Kimberal Johnson"He said"What,I have to start all over"I said."Sorry but start packing we are leaving tomorrow"he said"At least you get to see your family"He with that i went to next day i woke up packed."We need to change your image"he said."How"I said."We can dye your hair brown with golden tips and change your eye color to hazel"He we went to Agent Anderson to fix my apperence."Hey"I said."Hey i going to...""The boss already told me"I said."Ok,lets start"I hour later i was done with my hair."Here,these are your Hazel contacts"She said while handed it to me."Thanks"I said."Now lets change your wardrobe"she said while looking at my outfit."Ok"I said."I will give you a Blackish type of clothes with hints of light colors"she said while handing me some clothes.I went to the dressing room and i can say she knows what she doing because i look hot.I walked out and she said"Perfect,your ready to go back to seaford as Kimberal Johnson"She said handing me a file."This is your information for Kimberal Johnson and i enrolled you in seaford high"She said."Wait,you said Seaford high"I said nerously."Don't worry they won't recongize you,ok"She said"Ok"i said."Ready Kimberal"My boss said."Yes"I said walking out the arrived at the airport in moments and got on the we come Seaford and pasted out."We are here"My boss said."Ok"i said while getting my we got off the plane and got our got in a taxi and stopped at some house."This is where you stay and you will stay with Agent Cortez"He said."Got it,bye"I said gettiong out while getting my ,i looked back and the taxi was gone and i walked up to the door to ring it."Hello are you Kimberal"he said."Yea,Agent Crawford"I said pulling out my card."Ok,you start school tomorrow and here is the case"He said pulling out files."Come in"He said."Thanks"i said."I will show you to your room"He said while walking me up stopped and he said"If you need anything call me and you can called me Jeff"He said."Well,thanks Jeff"I said and he walked away.I unpacked and went to a deep sleep."Kimberal wake up"Jeff said."Your first day of school"He said.I moaned and got up.I brused my teeth,washed my face,put on my contacts and got some clothes i did my make up and headed down stairs gabbing my bag for school."Hey"i said gaving a apple."Hey kimberal, want me to drive you"He said."Non,i got it and just call me Kim"i said With that i went outside and got in my car.I drove and saw ,i had so much fun at this place.I remember me and Jack pranking Jerry.I parked and walked in to see Jack pushing Milton to the ground."Jack,why are you doing this"Milton asked."Cause you are a nerd"Jack said."Ever since Kim left you changed"Milton said."Don't ever say that name again and Never get in my way"Jack sight just broke my heart,seriously.I walked over to Milton and helped him up"Are you Ok"I asked."Yes and you look like someone i know"He said staring at me."No,i am new and my name is Kimberal Johnson but you can call me Kim"I said hoping he would not reconizeing me."Kool,My name is Milton"He said.I miss Milton being nerdy and talking too much."So what was that all about"I asked."That was Jack,Ever since a girl he liked moved away he been changed"He said."What do you mean Like"I said."He liked a girl named Kimberly Crawford but never got to tell her his feelings"He Jack likes me!No he used to."Oh, I am sorry"I said."Do you need any help finding any classes"He said."Nope i think i can mange"I said."Ok"And he walked off.I walked to my and class and saw .She is one of my favorite teachers when i was 14 years old."Hello,My name is "She said."My name is Kimberal"I said."You look like someone i know"She 't do it."Yea,my cousin Kim Crawford went here"I i said that Jack turned his head to me."AW Crawford was my favorite student"She said."Really"I said."Yea"She said and class started class.