Chapter 4 - New Beginning

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It's been five generations since the events that took place in the previous chapter. Windy now does not have a King, since Conker had stepped down from the throne. Now we join another Conker for the rest of this tale.

If you're wondering what Conker did to the Tediz, he had let them go. When that happened, more Tediz had emerged, peacefully, of course, and they soon started to settle with squirrels. But discrimination had erupted, at the beginning. It was the regular childish acts at first, with rude nick names for the Tediz, and having Tediz pay extra tax on goods and service for no apparent reason at all.

Sometimes, it would get serious, with fights and riots started by squirrels, and ending with charges placed solely on the Tediz' shoulders. It's been long since then, though some traces of those behaviours can still be found. Tediz had made their stand, triumphed, and earned equal rights as the squirrel.

When Conker abandoned his status of King, he did it because he knew it wasn't working. The squirrel community did not need a king, they could function by themselves (and had to function by themselves), and he found himself having less to do every day. Now there is a government controlling the squirrels, which Conker had created before he ditched the whole royalty mumbo jumbo.

Conker, obviously, had passed on, leaving a very large sum of fortune to his descendants, who aren't the greedy little pricks who poured the champagne once the rich grandparent died. The "royal" family was now your average set up. No huge mansions, no golden accessories, and certainly no snobby privileges.

One of these families live in the outskirts Windy, which is now a busy city, heavily polluted but a place where people could find jobs. Enjoy it now, you can only travel in time in this fanfic.


Conker sat there in his chair, with thoughts buzzing around his head as Berri entered the room.

Conker - *She's so beautiful! Her face, her smile, her hair, her curves, everything...*

This, my friend, is Conker the second, if you will. Part of the "royal family", he is the first to be named after his more famous ancestor. While our Conker would've straight up told Berri how he felt about her, this Conker is living in the teenage years, 15 to be exact, and surrounded by others his age.

This isn't what's holding him back though. Conker is in the girlfriend/guyfriend business for keeps, and who knows how often that lasts in high school? What if he couldn't keep Berri as a girlfriend? What if one day Berri decided to dump him? What if--

Berri - Hey Conker! Wake up!

Conker - Huh?

Berri - You should really get some sleep, you look like you seriously need it.

Conker - Oh, uh, thanks. I think I'll get some right now.

Berri gave him a smile and took her seat in front of him.

Conker felt his chest get weak again. He knew what these symptoms led to. Love. True love maybe. Not the typical trash another guy would think about. Conker knows this, and believes it whole heartily. He surprised himself when he one day realized that he just wanted to be with Berri, no stupid sexual fantasies or anything, just holding hands, or hugging.

Conker shook the thought away. It's History class now. Must focus on history.

Conker - *God I'm such a nerd*

Mrs. Crowther walked in to the classroom. She was a Tedi with long black hair and a pretty face (usually). She set her binder on her desk, and looked at the class, who all went silent. Today she her hair was in tangles, and everyone could see the shadows under her eyes.

Romani, a female squirrel with short brown hair, interrupted the silence.

Romani - Mrs. Crowther, are you ok?

Mrs. Crowther - Does it look I'm ok?

Romani gave a look of surprise. Mrs. Crowther wasn't a mean teacher; in fact, she was probably the nicest one Conker ever had. She was the youngest on staff, 24, and also the most "childish" and the one students could relate to.

Mrs. Crowther - I'm sorry Romani. Yes, I'm just having a bad day. That's all.

Romani - Oh.

Mrs. Crowther - *What'd you think it was? Stupid bitch*

A female student's voice blasted over the P.A, one you would expect in a cartoon show.

P.A - "Please stand up for the national anthem!"

Mrs. Crowther remained seated.

Mrs. Crowther - I hate her voice. It's so annoying and squeaky.

The class looked around at each other. This isn't good. Mrs. Crowther had had these days before, but today seemed to be worse.

Conker took his seat after the anthem was over, and stared at the back Berri's head. He liked her hair; it was straight, shining, and long. He than put his head down in his arms on the desk. He always felt sleepy in period one, but today was extra tiring. He stayed up all night last night finishing up a big project, and for the first time ever, he fell asleep in class.


Berri looked back. Conker was really asleep now, gently making noises. He looks even more adorable when he's asleep. Berri just wanted to give Conker a hug right now, but instead turned around, and listened to Mrs. Crowther start talking about the a war between the Squirrels and Tediz. Milk wars or something.

But she couldn't concentrate, and started thinking about Conker again. She just wanted to be with him, unable to explain why she felt this way towards him. She had boyfriends before (none of them Conker), but she liked Conker more than she liked all of them combined.

No. She had to wait until Conker asked her. The guy always asks the girl right? Not the other way around... Besides, she didn't even know if Conker liked her...

Conker mumbled something in his sleep. She turned around again. Did he just say her name in his sleep? A warm feeling came over her. Wait... There are so many things that start with Ber-; it couldn't have been her... right?

Mrs. Crowther - BERRI!

Berri turned around to see Mrs. Crowther staring impatiently at her.

Mrs. Crowther - What is so interesting back there?

Mrs. Crowther walked up to Berri, then looked behind her, and saw Conker sleeping. She walked back to the blackboard, took a ruler, and came back. With a angry look on her face, she raised the ruler in one paw above Conker's head, and started to raise it.

Berri - Hey, you can't hit students like that!

Mrs. Crowther - Berri, go to the office now!


Conker dreamed about him and Berri, again. This time they were together in the summer time, just walking on an empty field beside each other. Then, Conker looked at Berri in the eyes, and she looked back. They just stood there staring at each other for the longest time.


That image faded away, and Conker opened his eyes. First, there was the pain in the back of his head, and then to his shock, he looked up at Mrs. Crowther who was holding a ruler in her paw.

Mrs. Crowther - My class isn't that boring is it? Step outside, Conker.

After a long lecture, which could be summed up as "don't fall asleep in my class", Conker was sent to the office for the rest of the class.


The pain was still there when he arrived at the office, and Conker stood outside. What now? This is the first time he's been sent down to the office.

Conker - *Do I just sit here or something?*

Berri - Hey Conker!

Conker looked to see Berri sitting in a chair outside the office.

Conker - Berri? What are you doing here?

Berri - Mrs. Crowther sent me down.

Conker - For what?

Berri - Oh... nothing. Did she really hit you?

Conker - Yeah! I can still feel it!

Berri - Aw!

Berri stood up and walked behind Conker. She gently blew on it and rubbed it softly.

Conker just stood there. Not frozen, he could still move, but didn't. He treasured the moment, and when Berri walked back in front of him, he just stood there staring at her blue eyes, just like in his dream.

Berri stood there also.

Why is he staring at me like that...?

She didn't care, but she couldn't break out of the trance also.

Conker opened his mouth.

Conker - Uhm, thanks Berri...

Berri smiled - You're welcome.


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