Welcome to Alpha Academy. In Alpha Academy, 99 girls have 99% beauty, 99% knowledge, and 99% determination. Only 1 girl has 100% of all that.

That girl will, after she graduates from Alpha Academy, will have everything. From the biggest mansion, to the sleekest limo.

That girl can be you.

You will have to give Alpha Academy your all. Your 100% focus. This invitation is only for those that can handle this. This is for the winners, the ones that shine above all. If you think you might have a chance, this invitation is for you.

Alpha Academy is a prestigious island, designed exclusively for your purpose. There are exclusive apartments, dance studios, labs, theaters, everything beyond your wildest dreams. The teachers are the best of the best, and only teach the best of the best. You will have to shine above all.

The betas will be sent home as soon as they reveal their beta self. Only the best will survive.

If you accept this invitation, good. I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing if you are going to be the one. The Alpha. Enclosed in an A-Pod. The exclusive Alpha Ipod. It will explain to you the rules, regulations, and what to do if you do not accept Alpha Academy. Turn it on. Make it yours.

Good Luck. I give you my best.

Only will the best of the best survive



Shira Brazille

President of Brazille Enterprises

International Alpha Female

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