From the Shadows

Spoiler Alert – If you don't want to know what happens in the upcoming Predicon's Rising movie, then don't read this story. I have found out some information from the summaries online and incorporated it into this story so reader beware if you don't want to be spoiled.

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Summary: In the aftermath of the Autobot/Decepticon war; Cybertron is now rebuilt and all appears well until a voice begins to call to Starscream from the darkness.


The war was over. Five months after the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons had finally ended; the task of rebuilding Cybertron had begun. Optimus Prime had emerged as the new leader of Cybertron with the great responsibility of guiding its rebirth. Cybertron was bursting with light and life, its massive spires glowing high in the night sky, a beacon to those returning home. Many had found their way home since Cybertron's renewal had began and they were happy to help in putting the remaining pieces back together. All agreed that things could never be the same as they were, nor would they have wanted it that way. There could never be another Vos; another Iacon….that was the past. This was a new beginning and a new Cybertron.

Chapter 1

Shockwave sat at the table, his mind contemplating the last five months he and Starscream had spent together as he swirled liquid energon around in the glass his hand held. He wasn't really hungry he realized, as he absently watched the swishing waves circling around inside the clear glass. He rose from the table and poured the remainder back into a larger container where the liquid energon was stored. No sense wasting fuel by pouring it down the drain.

Shockwave sighed as he peeked into Starscream's sleeping quarters, eyeing the still sleeping seeker. Back on the Nemisis, Starscream had always been an early riser, but things were different now. Last night had been rough. The nightmares Starscream had suffered since Megatron's death had only seemed to intensify. Shockwave knew there was only so much Knockout could do, he wasn't as experienced as Ratchet. Why Ratchet wanted to go into semi-retirement at a time like this was anyone's guess Shockwave thought. He knew Ratchet was tired, but Primus they all were. And Starscream was more important than ever now, there were only so many seekers left after the war, just a handful really, and they needed all of them healthy not only to help rebuild Cybertron, but to help repopulate it with new seekers.

He'd talk to Prime on Starscream's behalf, Shockwave decided. Maybe Prime could convince Ratchet to come to Cybertron. Shockwave continued to scan Starscream's sleeping form. They had shared quarters since arriving on Cybertron. Prime has suggested it on one account due to the limited space at the moment and on the second because of Starscream's condition. Both points were logical and Shockwave had agreed to live with Starscream for the time being.

After one last glance, Shockwave walked back down the hall toward his lab. He needed to keep working so more synthetic energon could be produced. It was their lifeline now, without it they wouldn't be able to exist here.

Starscream turned in his sleep, fidgeting as he tried to fight off another nightmare.

"Master," he called out softly. "Master?"

The empty void around him provided no answer as his mind clicked and whirled, trying to process the fact that his master was with him no more. But he was….he was, Starscream's mind snapped back at the thought of Megatron's death, he was because Starscream had seen him last night…hadn't he?

Starscream shivered in his sleep, dizzing thoughts swirling in his processors.

"Master," he whispered again.

"Starscream," a voice drifted back. "I'm hear Starscream, come to me," the voice beckoned softly.

"My Master," Starscream rose from the berth. With a hazy glaze on his optics, Starscream moved, almost involuntarily, toward the end of the berth where his gleaming, gladiator master stood. Starscream kneeled before the phantom presence, placing the cheek of his faceplate against his master's thigh, sighing at the feel of Megatron's metal.

"I miss you," Starscream breathed.

"My angel," the voice responded as large hands traced Starscream's wings. "How long have I watched you from a far and wanted you," it mused.

Starscream looked up, curious and puzzled, into Megatron's optics. But you've always had me, he thought. You can have me right now, can't you master?

The caresses were beautiful and intense, Starscream's metal sang as the touches greeted the surface of his wings. His master's voice was so soft, so gentle….it wasn't like Megatron's voice. But it had to be his master's voice…..had to be his master, only his master had a touch like the one he was feeling now, like razors and silk at the same time.

"Don't leave me master, don't leave me again," Starscream begged. As the figure faded Starscream awoke wide-eyed, his birth dripping with sweated energon. And he screamed, a terrified shrill, loud enough that Shockwave could hear it all the way down the hall in the lab.

Yes, Shockwave exhaled, it was definitely time to call Ratchet.

Well, hope you guys like the first chapter. I'm still working on the second one and hope to post it later this week. Thanks for reading.