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Chapter 6

"Blending into crowds is a slightly simple concept which starts like this… crowds plus hostiles equals major déjà vu." - Desmond Miles

Desmond wasn't quite sure what he was trying to achieve; the golden trail so far had led him nowhere. If he didn't know any better, he would have thought that he was in another memory sequence. He had blended into crowds before, stalking Templars, so what made this any different? There was certainly the fact that he was in his own body.

So far, the majority of the crowd would just move right past him, thinking nothing of the thousands of other people. Now that he thought about it, how come so many people were around here anyway? It wasn't like this was a major city in which that would be common. He scanned his surroundings for any sort of clue, seeing multi-colored posters in some shop windows. He wasn't close enough to read the text and briefly thought about radioing Rebecca, but it didn't seem important enough yet. He could wait.

Every once in a while, someone would look Desmond's way and a strange expression would appear on their face, almost as if they could see the Assassin robes he wore. No one questioned or stopped him though, which briefly made him wonder why. Maybe they think I'm going to some convention? The thought made him shake his head as he smiled. Now wouldn't that be strange? If all of this, the war between the Assassins and Templars, was just some work of fiction.

The path before him split into several intersections. Those paths all conjoined in the busy square he had been led to. His vision changed again, showing the golden trail's path: it had led him to a very large building. Or, more precisely, it seemed like he was supposed to climb said building. Which is impossible at this time, considering that someone would be bound to see me.

Now that he got a good look at the building, he realized that he had seen it somewhere before. "Not in a memory…" Desmond muttered to himself, trying to get through the crowd to get closer. The building looked to be several stories tall and was built out of modern construction materials, unlike the rest of this town that seemed to be stuck in the past.

Another colorful flyer was posted to one of the columns of the building's entrance. He was closer this time, making out some of the words, one in particular that caught his attention. Abstergo… this jogged his memory as he saw the building in a new light. It was similar to the ones he had invaded before the Solar Flare to find power sources for the temple. Before he could read anymore, however, he was interrupted by a voice.

Backing up a bit to see what was going on, he noticed a large screen TV mounted a few stories above him, which now showed the Abstergo logo. On the screen was the picture of a man that he recognized: Warren Vidic, one of the Templars that had been a part of Abstergo.

"Despite the passing of one of our renowned leaders, Dr. Warren Vidic, his mission still continues to this day," Desmond frowned at the words the announcer said; they reminded him way too much of everything that had happened. "After several long months of research, Abstergo is now proud to present the Abstergo Home Entertainment system, where you can experience history like never before…"

Desmond didn't hear the rest of the announcer's words; he was too busy staring in shock at the screen. Images of the Caribbean, China, and France took turns flashing across the screen with different titles and captions underneath them. He got the general gist of it though as he now realized that the flyers he had seen were a part of this 'announcement.'

Abstergo was basically taking genetic memory sequences and turning them into video games. The thought crossed his mind, but he had a hard time taking it in. The idea that his father could be supplying genetic memories to Abstergo floated from the back of his mind, but coupling that with using them as video games didn't make much sense. His father would do that… if he was insane, I could see it. He cringed slightly at the thought, wondering what exactly his death had done to his father.

The announcement ended with a chorus of cheers from the crowd around him, but all Desmond could think about was how wrong this was. What was Abstergo trying to achieve with this?

He blinked in surprise after a moment when he realized that the golden trail was gone. It no longer appeared in his Eagle vision, but a strange sense of wariness settled over him. For some reason, he knew that he had to get out of there for now.

Time to call in to Rebecca, he thought, trying to push the insane amount of paranoia he was feeling to the back of his mind. Of course he wouldn't forget it, but he didn't like feeling as though he was going to get jumped.

He turned away from the Abstergo complex and pressed the button on the communicator. Familiar laughter came from nearby, sending all of his nerves on edge again.

"Desmond?" Rebecca's voice came over the communicator, loud and clear. "What did you find out?"

A group of laughing children passed him, smiling with glee. He wanted to think that the laughter he heard was from them, but he knew it wasn't the case. Another wave of danger came to his senses, causing him to walk at a steady pace away from the building.

The mocking laughter he had heard… he was sure it had been Juno.

"A lot more than I was expecting," he answered after a moment, glancing back at the blank screen of the TV, "we have some major problems ahead of us."

His Eagle vision activated again, turning the blank screen golden, and for a moment he thought he saw someone's outline. Then it was gone.

OK, so I learned two major plot-altering discoveries this chapter: one (and warning this contains spoilers from Assassin's Creed 3, but I guess the whole fanfiction does), I did not know that Warren Vidic was dead. Shows that I should probably finish the game before starting anymore fanfictions. Two, yes I am trying to bring some of the new games/theories for games into this fanfiction (no, Desmond will not be the person in Black Flag). Sorry this has been so slow so far, but I'm trying to figure out a few aspects of the story after those changes. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!