To all my faithful readers:

Thank you for sticking with me and (some of you) sending reviews. Without your help, I could not have kept going. As many of you have already seen, Elizabeth knows has been removed for publication. I am now pleased to announce that Elizabeth Knows is published as "A Better Courtship" by myself, Lorraine Hetschel. You should be able to find it on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble website. This is really exciting for me. I am looking at smashwords publishing so that the book can be sent out to a broader audience, but I am a bit uncertain about that.

I will put links to websites where you can buy the book on my profile page as soon as I can.

For those of you who are wondering if it is worthwhile to buy the book, here is what I can tell you: The changes from what you read online are mostly minor, many grammar changes and fixes to timelines and a few "Oh my, I already said that" moments. I did add a few bits and pieces here and there, no plot change, just added tidbits. Since this was posted on fanfiction, I have edited it two more times, and had an editor read it as well. I am really proud of what we have accomplished.

This is not a plea for you to go buy the book. If you enjoyed it online, then I am happy. If you wish to buy the book, know that you are supporting a high school teacher who also works part time on a shabby home business to make ends meet in addition to writing and taking care of my two little darlings.

I would say more about how much you guys have inspired me on this journey, but I think you would prefer I get back to one of my other stories.

Lorraine Hetschel