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Chapter 16: Eyes of the jungle

I spent what seemed like the next few days floating in and out of consciousness. The nightmares would wake me at least every few hours. Each time I would wake up, I would clutch Peeta even harder. He would whisper sweet words to me but I couldn't hear them. I am stuck in my own world of darkness. The only thing keeping me sane is Peeta. I bury my head in the crook of his neck and clutch onto him with all the strength I possess.

"We can't stay here, we're way too vulnerable!" Johanna shouts.

"Look at her; she's in no condition to move." Peeta says.

I barely pay attention to what they're saying. My shaking starts up again. I am chilled to the bone, even though I am sweating. Peeta strokes my hair.

"Hmm, I have an idea." Johanna says cheerfully.

Suddenly Peeta is yanked away from me. I feel like my heart is being pulled from my chest as his warmth leaves me. Johanna has both of Peeta's hands behind his back; her ax is to his throat. I growl and pounce on top of Johanna. She grins; I punch her right across the mouth to wipe that grin off her face. Peeta pulls me up off of Johanna.

Johanna gets up and wipes the blood from her lip with a smile.

"There we go, that's the Katniss I know." She says.

I growl.

"Don't ever do something like that again." I mumble.

"Now, we can get moving." Johanna says.

We moved further into the jungle, knowing to stay away from the beach. I feared what horrors awaited us next. We searched for some type of shelter, but there are only trees. We took very short rest breaks, when we did stop to rest Peeta cradled me in his arms. The only thing keeping me on this earth was him. We kept walking throughout the day always changing direction trying to be unpredictable. I kept a close watch for force fields, but so far we hadn't encountered any. We suddenly came to an area filled with thick green vines. The vines were so thick they were difficult for us to cut. The vines brought back bad memories for me. We stopped cutting every few minutes to see if there were force fields. It was quite, and there were no signs of the other tributes, which worried me. That's when we hear a cat like growl and a scream. That was Rue's scream. I start running, but Peeta grabs my arm and pulls me back. We hear a single cannon. I get my bow ready. There were a few moments of silence, before the creature made its appearance. It was a tiger; though it was beautiful it had piercing evil looking yellow eyes. I pull my bow back and aim for its heart. The tiger eyes me for a moment before it growls. It crouches down like it's about to pounce, before it does I fire my arrow. It growls in pain before it starts running at us. We all take off as fast as we can. The tiger is at our heels hissing and growling like it's mad. The end of my arrow pokes out of its chest. How could it still be alive? I know I hit it in the heart. We keep running until I see figures in the distance. The tiger has chased us straight into Finnick and Mags. My heart pounds even faster, should I choose to be killed by my former friends, or by a vicious tiger. Finnick and Mags start running towards us, we turn to run the other way but the tiger is blocking it. Johanna grins.

"Johanna, don't do it." Peeta shouts.

Johanna crouches down like the tiger and then pounces on it. I draw my bow back and try to aim for the tiger. Johanna and the tiger are flipping back and forth in such quick movements. I have to be careful not to hit Johanna.

"Any secrets worth my time, girl on fire?" A voice whispers in my ear.

I spin around to see Finnick standing behind me. I aim my bow at him. He grins and spins his trident around in his hand. I look over to see Mags with a knife to Peeta's throat. I grit my teeth.

"I think I already know all your secrets Katniss." Finnick says.

I have to shoot now, I have too. I pull the string back farther. My hands begin to shake.

"You killed your own child." He says with a grin.

I feel a tear slip out of the edge of my eye. Finnick steps closer to me.

"Mags and I died in vain for you!" He screams at me.

I try to stop my hands from shaking. I can't aim while I'm shaking like this.

"We will make sure that Cassandra rules Panem." Finnick whispers.

His words anger me. I'm just about to fire the arrow, when I think about Peeta. Mags will kill Peeta if I shoot Finnick. I need to shoot Mags. Finnick and I stare each other down. This is the only way. I have to do this. I say to myself over and over again. At the last minute I shift my gaze to Mags and shoot her in the chest. Peeta elbows her in the stomach and hops away from her. Finnick growls and swings his trident at me. I jump back at the last second. Out of nowhere Johanna sweeps in front of me and slices Finnick across the stomach. He falls to the ground. I look at Johanna, she looks terrible. Bites and scratches cover her entire body. We kneel by Mags and Finnick as they die. I weep and hold onto both of their hands as they take their last breath. Two cannons go off together. His last words to me echo in my head.

"We will make sure that Cassandra rules Panem."

"Who's left?" Peeta asks.

"I have no idea." Johanna says.

That's when I feel a hard kick. I gasp and put my hand on my stomach.

"Peeta!" I exclaim.

He comes over to me looking concerned. I put his hand on my stomach and we wait a few minutes. Just as I am about to give up, the baby kicks again. Peeta smiles.

"Our baby is alive and kicking." He says.