1. Invisible

Canada couldn't help but feel like he was all alone and nobody would ever notice him. Prussia would prove him wrong.

2. Curl

That curl always hung in Canada's face, taunting Prussia. He had to pull it. Maybe that wasn't the best idea.

3. Quarrels

Canada would sob uncontrolably, feeling like the one person who acknowledged his existance was leaving him. Prussia would try his best to let Canada know he wasn't going anywhere.

4. Loving Canada

Prussia couldn't help but love the quiet nation. He balanced Prussia out and helped him be better.

5. Loving Prussia

Canada loved Prussia, the one person who aknowledged the fact he was a nation and had meaning.

6. First Kiss

America and France were not happy when they found out about that.

7. First Time

They did that at Prussia's house. No interruptions. Except for Gilbird.

8. Others

They were all happy for them. America and France will get over it.

9. Lives

The two of them really didn't have a lot of people to spend time with. So they spent a lot of time with each other. Plus Gilbird. And Kumamaru. Whatever his name is.

10. The Rest of Their Lives

They couldn't be happier with the fact that they were spending the rest of their lives with the one person that gave them an escape from the lonliness they have felt for so long.