Naruto looked around his old room. It was still as it was, just a bit dusty all over the place. A small cough exited from his mouth as he chuckled slightly. He walked slowly towards his dresser and opened it, looking at the clothes that would fit his thirteen-year-old self. He picked up a shirt and traced the swirl of red that represented his family name. He smiled and put the shirt back, closing the drawer. He walked over to his bed and picked up his green hat that he used to sleep with. He set it back down. He did a once over the room again and smiled.

"Well, this brings back memories . . ." Naruto said quietly. He smelled something awful as he neared his small kitchen and opened the fridge, revealing way too expired food. "This is some disgusting shit." He found a plastic bag and emptied the horrid food into the bag and tossed it outside of the apartment. "I swear, couldn't they have tried keeping the place neat?" Naruto looked around again, feeling sick by just looking at the dust and spider webs. He felt like having some of his workers clean up his old apartment, he wouldn't even mind coming back here a few times to just relax. He noticed a couple of picture frames that were sitting on his nightstand. He stood from where he was sitting at the dining table and picked some up.

The first picture frame was just him sitting alone at a desk at the Academy. He remembered his teacher, a father-figure to him, because his parents hadn't always been there for him, was standing right beside him. "Iruka-sensei . . . I wonder what that bastard's doing now . . ."

The second picture frame had him in the middle with two other kids and another teacher. "Team seven, huh? I wonder what the rest of them are doing."

The third picture was with him and his so-called pervy-ass grandfather, Jiraiya. Naruto sighed. "He passed a while ago. Hmm, maybe I should see baa-sama."

Naruto grinned at the last picture. He was smiling widely with his goofy grin. Hinata, a younger Hinata with shorter hair, she stood beside him blushing. He laughed. "Oh, Hinata . . ." He smiled again until a thought came to him.

She'd better be in that car when I get back.

He looked at his watch and realized that he had stayed in his old apartment long enough. He'd probably come back later or another time. It was nearing four in the afternoon.

Naruto gave his last looks around the room and started leaving the apartment.

"Hinata?" Kiba asked again. He knocked on the window gently. "Hey, I can see you even through the darkness. Open the door," he said.

Hinata looked around nervously. She still hadn't seen him exit his old apartment that was around the corner. She felt like it had been hours since he left. She bit her lip. She quickly wiped herself again, turning so Kiba wouldn't see her and she looked in the rearview mirror to see how she looked. Honestly, she didn't think she looked fine. Her face and arms were bruised and turning to a bright red. She cursed herself, still feeling a little dizzy from the drugs but she felt some of the affects starting to slip away. She looked back to Kiba who had stood up from looking through the window to looking around the alley. She finally got the courage to roll down the window a bit and when Kiba turned around to see her, his smile brightened.

"Hinata! What's up! Where'd you get this hot rod?" he asked happily, gliding his hands across the spotless exterior of the car. Hinata forced a smile on her bruised features that she hid away from the sun, hiding in the shadows of the car. Kiba's smile dimmed as he glanced at her more closely. "Hinata . . . what the hell happened?"

Hinata almost sighed a breath of relief. He didn't see . . . Thank you, Kami.

"Sunburn . . .?" Hinata whispered out, her voice raspy from her earlier screaming.

"Sunburn, alright. This car has tinted windows," Kiba said. He came closer to the car to look at her face more clearly. "That doesn't look like a sunburn."

"W-Well, you know h-how I am . . . clumsy," she said quietly. She pinched herself for stuttering, she knew that Kiba would become more suspicious. "U-Uh, c-could you maybe move your head? It's dangerous to keep it in between the window." Kiba nodded, bumping his head against the car. He rubbed his head as he backed away from the car slowly.

"Well, can you get out the car. We can chat, like normal people. It's awkward if you're just sitting in a car by yourself."

Hinata gulped. She had a feeling that Naruto would come back soon. She moved slightly towards the car door but pain instantly shot through her lower body.

"O-Ow . . ." she cried silently. Kiba noticed Hinata scrunch up her face in pain. He walked back up to the car and looked at Hinata through the window.

"H-Hey, are you alright?" Hinata nodded slowly, using her long hair to hide her face.

Dammit! He'll know! He'll see!

Hinata felt a warm liquid dripping down her leg. She knew that Naruto would be pissed if she got blood on his seats. She quickly searched for another rag but only to find that there was only one, and it was the rag that she was holding between her legs to make sure nothing dripped from her vital areas. Out of the corner of her eye, Hinata saw how concerned Kiba was, but she just wanted him to back away from this sight. It was too much for him to see!

"Hinata . . . you're bleeding," Kiba whispered.

"I-It's alright. Girl stuff, you know. It's embarrassing. S-Stop looking." Kiba blushed and turned around. He mentally slapped himself.

You're such a dumbass! A perv! Give the girl some privacy!

"Uh . . . D-Do you need any p-pads? . . . Tampons? There's a drug story just two blocks away," Kiba muttered, trying not to blush even more than he already was.

"I-I'm f-fine," Hinata stuttered quietly. She could see from her own eyes that she was shaking harder than she was before. The pain down there seemed to fold up over and over, making her stomach flip. She wanted to scream. The rag was being soaked up quickly and even more blood was leaking from her body. "O-Oh no!"

"W-What!" Kiba turned around and saw a small puddle of blood slowly forming around Hinata in the car. He felt sick at the sight but he couldn't help but try and figure out what the hell was going on. "Uh . . Hinata! Does this happen when you're on your period?" Kiba asked quickly. He wanted to cry himself, as he watched Hinata start to cry slowly. As a man, a car is the one thing that you would wanna take care of, besides your dick. You'd wanna keep it healthy.

A fine car like this getting stained, oh it made him wanna break in tears. But he couldn't because he could visibly tell that Hinata was in too much pain and he knew that wasn't right.

He snapped out of his stupid manly thoughts as he finally noticed she was shaking. "Hinata . . ."

Hinata cried silently as she begged herself to stop bleeding. Blood was spilling all round her and a simple rag wasn't doing her any good. She jumped, startled, when she heard Kiba scream. Her eyes fell towards outside of the window and her eyes grew wide.

Naruto smiled. He couldn't believe this. He had watched the show from around the corner. His old friend, Triangle Face, or Kiba, was talking to Hinata from the window. He had kept his smile on but it faltered when Kiba touched his car. He had continued to listen, grinning as he heard the one-sided conversation.


He smiled.

I think I know what'll be a good dessert for later.

Naruto absentmindedly thought of ways of how he would be served while still listening to Kiba rant. Maybe he would sit Hinata on top of the table with her legs spread out in front of him and he would drink. Maybe . . . that sounded delicious. Naruto looked his lips. He broke out of his thoughts and turned his gaze back to his car and the older version of his old best friend.

He decided he would finally confront them, since he wanted to clean up the possible bloody mess that was in his car.

He quietly approached Kiba from behind and tapped his shoulder, causing the young man to jump and scream in shock. Naruto kept his calm smile plastered on his face. He quickly glanced at Hinata, smiling even more at the awful sight of her and turned his attention to Kiba.

"Ohmigod," Kiba whispered quickly. He took in the sight of the blonde. He was taller and more muscular than Kiba had imagined. His blonde spikey hair was just a bit longer from when he was younger. And everything else—well, it sure proved that Naruto was a full grown man. He still had the whiskers, Kiba couldn't forget. The boy's—man's—blue eyes were still shining . . . but Kiba noticed a little bit of darkness tinted those light blue eyes. "N-Naruto."

Naruto's smile didn't waver a bit as he did his once over at Kiba. "Kiba. Nice to see you after ten long years."

Kiba's shocked expression didn't falter, it just continued to grow.

His voice too. It sounds charismatic but it's deeper . . . and a little bit scary.

"Y-Yeah. How was prison?" Kiba mentally slapped himself again.

That's not the right question to ask a criminal! Fuck!

Naruto sighed, but his grin still there. He smirked. "Fun."

"Fun?" Fun? "How the hell is prison fun?" Kiba asked. Before Naruto could answer him, Naruto pushed Kiba away with gentle force and made his way to his car. He opened the door and peered inside, looking at the bloody mess. His eyes connected with a scared Hinata. He noticed how shaky she was, which made him smile even more.

"You're cleaning this up later," he told her. Hinata nodded right at the command. Naruto smiled. He shut the door.

I have my own Chihuahua. But I prefer a cat dipped in water. He chuckled to himself.

He turned towards Kiba and saw his expression.

"What the hell is going on?" Kiba asked.

"Nothing, Kiba. How've you been doing the past decade?" Naruto asked.

"Don't doge my question!" Kiba argued. Naruto's eyes stared into Kiba's as his eyes turned a dark blue, but his calm smile was still on display.

"Answer mine," Naruto simply said, but it was a demand. Kiba backed away a few steps.

What the hell is with this guy? He's . . . different.

"I-I've been doing fine," Kiba answered. He was shocked at himself that he answered Naruto's question. He usually doesn't take orders from anybody. Naruto gave a small hmph. He turned and walked around towards the driver's side of the Ferrari and stepped in.

"W-Wait! You own this car?" Kiba asked. Naruto simply nodded.


Kiba looked at Hinata through the window.

"You're with him? So it's true?" he asked. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He remembered the blood. He turned back to Naruto. "Hey, asshole! What did you do to her!"

"What did you call me?" Naruto's smile disappeared. He wasn't in the mood to start a fight with his old friend just when they became reacquainted. He watched with satisfactory as Kiba backed away at his sudden tone of voice. He looked in the backseat at Hinata. He sighed at her and shook his head. "I told you not to get blood on my seats."

"I couldn't he—" Naruto put his hand up to shush her.

"You're gonna clean all of this up. I'll have my workers show you what to do to get it all clean. But in the meantime, when we get back, you're gonna give me something that I want."

"W-What is that?" Hinata asked quietly. Naruto slanted his eyes at her. He was seriously getting sick of this. The questions. He hated it.

"What, did I say, about questions?" Naruto said, sighing through his sentence. Hinata took a shuddering deep breath and backed away. She was too close to him. If she was any closer, he'd probably swing his arm at her and deck her in the face like he did a couple hours ago.

Naruto discarded Hinata's presence for just a moment to return his attention to Kiba, who had been watching. He stepped out of the car and walked over to his old buddy who was backing up against the brick wall. Naruto sighed as he ran a hand through his spikey, blonde hair. After a day like this, how couldn't he be tired?

"As I was saying . . . 'What did you call me?'" Naruto asked calmly.

"I c-called you an asshole," Kiba said quietly. He gave a halfhearted shrug. "I-It's not the first time I've called you that, remember?" He couldn't believe he was stuttering.

"Well, Triangle Face, I suggest you think before you speak. You should be more respectful. Asshole, Whiskers, any name you call me—you'd get it back," Naruto said. Kiba looked at him confused.


Naruto leaned in closer to Kiba and whispered in his ear, "I don't repeat myself." Naruto backed away and smiled. "Think it over and figure it out. Right now, I'm going home." Naruto walked back towards the car and stepped inside.

Kiba listened as the car roared alive while he tried to figure out what the hell the psycho blonde was talking about. 'You'd get it back?' Get what back? Kiba looked up just as the car was about to start leaving the alley.

"Hey! Leave Hinata alone! She needs to get to a hospital!" Kiba yelled as he ran towards the car. Just as Naruto started to drive off, he waved Kiba goodbye. He smiled as he said, "She'll be fine." Kiba doubted it.

He was left in the alley. It was starting to darken outside, the sun beginning to set. He couldn't believe that he finally saw Naruto after ten long years. He had been searching for him for quite a while but he was having no luck. He's still not having any luck on tracking him. But Kiba was finally able to meet him.

You'd get it back? You'd get it back? You'd get it back? You'd get it back? Kiba stared wide eyed in the alley, almost wanting to hurl in the nearby bush.

"You can't be fucking serious! Th-That's just gross!" Kiba wanted to scrape his tongue and mind for the thoughts that inserted his mind. He's another man for crying out loud! "You'd get it back?"—That was a sexual threat! What the fuck is wrong with him!

Naruto sighed heavily as he entered his apartment, automatically beginning to take his clothes off and discard them on his couch. He had one of his workers deal with Hinata. He didn't want her to bleed a mess throughout his apartment. Almost everything was a rich white and if he even dared to see a hint of red on anything, he would be as pissed as a raging volcano. He headed for the shower and took a quick, hot one, scrubbing off any germs and dust he might have on him. Once out of the shower, he wrapped another fine white towel across his gleaming, broad waist, and entered the main room. He looked at his kitchen, where mostly everything was porcelain and the walls colored with a light lemon yellow. He looked at his dining table, a smile appearing on his face. He clasped his hands together as he got to work, placing plastic over the table, under the table, covering part of the floor and the chair.

A few minutes later, Hinata was brought to his apartment. She walked over to him awkwardly as she stood in front of him, where he sat at the table. She noticed that plastic was almost surrounding the entire kitchen. Hinata looked around, nervous.

"Remember what I said? You're gonna give me what I want," Naruto told her. He plucked at her bloody clothes. "Throw them out in the black bag; the maid will discard it later." Hinata did as she was told and again, she stood in front of him, completely naked. Unexpectedly, Naruto grabbed her by her waist and hoisted her body up on the table.


"I want dessert," he said, smiling. Hinata's body shook as she looked down at Naruto who was staring down at her lower body. She was still bleeding a lot, just not as heavily as before. "Open up." Hinata opened up slowly, her legs still sore from their earlier activity. Her whole body was hurting. Naruto caressed her legs. "Good, you actually listened on the first try," he mockingly praised her.

Naruto spread her legs apart more, opening them wide. He stared down at the bloody mess and smiled.

Her blood always tastes so much better. It's fresh and warm . . . Mm.

Naruto couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight. He smiled as he saw blood leak out of her vagina. She was given a plug to keep it all held, but Hinata felt like she was going to burst.

Thank god she wasn't on her period, but now she couldn't tell whether it's just from her being raped harshly by Naruto. All of this blood, it was making her sick.

But it made Naruto feel like he was in heaven.

Hinata jumped slightly when she felt Naruto's tongue lick her.

"N-Naruto-kun! D-Don't—" She could feel his mouth grumble happily against her as he sucked on her. Is he actually liking this? Tears started forming in her eyes. She couldn't believe he was actually doing this. She thought that it was just that one time where he made her try some of it. She almost puked until she was forced to shove it down.

She felt the plug being removed slowly and the blood was starting to flow out of her body. She shook as she watched Naruto drink it down as if he was really thirsty. She felt sick. Blood was spilling onto the plastic covered table. Hinata backed away slightly, wanting to get Naruto's mouth off of her but he pulled her back to him. He smiled up at her and grinned hungrily.

"You taste so good, Hinata," he growled at her. He placed the plug back in and stood. Fresh blood stained his face and Hinata curled in on herself as he leaned over her body on the table. His wet hair dripping slowly along with the blood down his chin, Hinata shivered as the blood dripped on her chest.

"N-Naruto-kun . . . Please . . ." she begged silently. She felt her voice was ready to just give up on her. She was too afraid to try and say anything to him. Naruto shushed her. His bloody hands caressed her hips. He had removed his towel a long while ago so that he wouldn't get it stained. Naruto kissed along her neck, bloody kisses soon trailed along over her body. "Na . . ." She cried as he pulled their lips together, forcing her to be locked in a bloody kiss, where his tongue moved against hers. The smell was too much. She couldn't understand how Naruto could deal with this.

"Hinata," Naruto moaned against her lips. He licked her lips and smiled when she cringed at the contact. He pulled her body a little bit until just her ass was lifted above the table. Hinata cried as she figured out what he was going to do. She shook her head pleadingly.

"I . . . I don't want any-m-more," her voice barely whispered. Her throat was closing in as panic rose within her. Naruto chuckled softly as he placed his throbbing member against her bloody hole. He removed the plug, having a few more blood spills, and slowly entered himself inside of her.

"I don't care what you want, Hinata," he said with a soft grunt. He smiled at how easy it was to move inside of her. "All of this blood is a fine lubricant," he said with a hint of pride. "Heh, I should stalk up. Since we don't use lube at all." He bent over and kissed Hinata, thrusting inside her more. He frowned, a little disappointed. He looked down. "There's too much blood. I don't feel you at all," he said. He moved with a little more effort, pushing himself against her harder, trying to feel her.

Hinata cried. She had lost her voice; all she could do was squeak out in pain as Naruto tried every way he can to feel inside of her. She could've laughed but she couldn't. Not in this horrible situation she was in. 'I don't feel you at all' she sure as hell can feel him. He's ramming himself deeper into her and it's way too painful to try and even let out screams. Hinata honestly felt like she was gonna die. She didn't feel as if this was possible.

She once thought that if she was ever going to be fucked on a table, she thought it was just gonna be a morning where love and sexual tension fills the air. And passionate sex is what it would be, not this. This is not passionate. Hell, it's not even rape. Hinata couldn't find a word to describe this.

Destructive. Murderous. Violent.

There was nothing "loving" about her situation. She hadn't even realized that Naruto was finished with her until she was dropped back onto the table. He began to clean themselves up, licking away the last of the blood spill from Hinata's region, and picking up the bloody plastic and disposing them in the same bag where her clothes were. Naruto made sure that no more blood was going to be spilled and then he lifted her limp and almost lifeless body and carried her into the bathroom.

He ran the bath with hot water. He set Hinata in the bath first and had begun to wash her off thoroughly, taking his time to glance over her entire body. He smirked but then soon his expressions became nonchalant. Hinata leaned against his arms unconscious. He finished cleaning her and washed away the blood that now filled the tub. He picked her up and dried her carefully, with a dark towel, because bloodstains would be evident on a white towel. Once she was completely dried, Naruto carried her to the bedroom and laid her down in the bed. He rummaged through a spare dresser he kept for Hinata, and took out simple underwear and a long nightshirt. He dressed her and then tucked her in the bed.

Naruto left the bedroom and entered the bathroom. He started his shower and thoroughly washed himself. He scrubbed the blood that stained his face, hands, and around his lower areas. He sighed heavily to himself in the shower. He rewashed his hair again.

"My poor baby," he muttered to himself as he just stood there in the heat of the shower.

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