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Chapter 1: Blackgate orphanage

Day 1

"Hello, to all you who read this my name is Bruce Bateman, you may know me by my nickname deathstroke, but it really doesn't matter what you call me. I'm sixteen and a grey wolf, and I prefer that hoodie and jeans look over anything else, it fits my needs well. I have started to keep a journal of the events around me to share with the world, when the time and price are right of coarse. This morning, when I woke up, I had no idea about the series of events that would set me free of the horrible place. But you don't know that, Hell I haven't even told you what place! Where are my manners? Well, I guess this story begins 2 years ago."

"I was brought to Blackgate when I was 14 years old. It feels like yesterday. I was orphan 6 of the original DC 17. We were the original 17 underage criminals to grace those hallowed hall. Murderers, rapists, gang leaders, and assassins all of us, brought to Blackgate to await our 18th birthdays to be triad as adults for our crimes! That was the first time I ever saw Wrigley, orphan x, I can still see him clenching a superhero action figure as we were brought before the 'caretaker'. We were all given nicknames by that comic book loving, uptight ass hole! I can't remember all of them, I was deathstroke, fitting because of my past as an assassin. Wrigley was nicknamed Captain Marvel, the only one of us to be named for a hero. I could see the unmistakable maturity in the original 17 that only comes from committing crimes that destroyed all innocence, but not Wrigley. He was confused and afraid, but not guilty. I guarded over him, his innocence was my redemption, I saw a precious thing grow from the cold prison that was Blackgate. What a strange decision to change one's life."

"Well over our two years in Blackgate we saw new faces blend in and replace the old. Until, one day, Wrigley and I were the final two of the DC 17. The others were all dead, resting six feet under thanks to the state or even a fellow inmate. Yes life was grim, a building full of teens destined for a sit in the electric chair, with no future and little education, What could go wrong?! Well I stayed to myself, besides Wrigley, and never joined a gang or tried to break out. No I was a model inmate."

"Wrigley loved his nickname once he discovered it's origin. He loved comics, heroes and villains, good and bad, it's where he learned to read and picked up most of his character. I questioned him on why he was in Blackgate, but he never knew what to say. All he had was the knowledge that he never knew his parents, that orphanages were his home, and that all he owned in the whole wide world was a action figure and a picture from his parents wedding. That picture, I've seen it a hundred times. A blue cat holding the hands of a white ghost, in the background was a rainbow man, a goldfish, and a peanut talking, they didn't look happy, but there bitterness was easily outshone by the happiness emminating from the bride and groom. You could tell that they were his parents, he was a small grey cat with a patch of blue fur at the tips of his ears. He talked about leaving and finding them, having a big happy reunion. How could I ruin his dream? Of course I played along, I didn't think it would happen, but Hell I was wrong!"

"One day me and Wrigley were permitted to go to the library to read, for him comics, I got my education and entertainment from the library so I was pretty much just deep in thought the whole time. Then some goons threatened Wrigley, I jumped in and fought back, but when your outnumbered your outnumbered. I was no problem for these new orphans, a gang of evil and deranged teens, We never stood a snowball's chance in Hell. I fell, all I could do was watch as they closed in, mocking him. He started to act weird though, like he was having a seizure. His eyes rolled back in his skull and, by God, he started to rise off the ground. He closed his eyes and when they opened a piercing purple light shone through. He had waves of the purple force coming from his body, throwing the bullies like rag dolls into the walls around me. I shouted 'Calm down Wrigley!' over and over until he finally returned to normal. by then though the bullies had been knocked out, maybe some of them were even dead. Wrigley didn't know what happened, he was scarred, he though a monster had come when he blacked out. The wall, weakened by the force of Wrigley's power, collapsed. I took him and ran. We became the first and second inmates to ever escape Blackgate. Now all we have to do is find his parents, a mission, redemption, why do anything else besides look for the truth?"

"That leads us up to now, pretty good so far right? He thought I should search for my parents, I already know where they are, Sandridge cemetery. They were assassins, damn good ones. They taught me everything. I saw them get killed before my eyes, I can still feel their blood run in crimson rivers down my face. I hunted the man who killed my parents down, killing any one that stood in my way. I found him and killed him, not only that, I made him suffer. I turned myself in the next day, why hide? I had done what I felt I must, I had nothing better to do. What? Did you think I was innocent? HA! I have blood on my hands, that I don't deny. But I feel like their is still hope for me. Hope that requires me to aid young Wrigley, the 12 year old mystery child of Blackgate!" the page goes blank. Flipping through the pages reveals that the rest of the book is blank. Day one is dated today, but has no owner, abandoned in the trash. History hidden under coffee grounds, how poetic.

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