While on a cruise, for her 19th birthday, Anastasia the whizz kid meets a mysterious grey eyed man named Chris. On a day trip to one of the islands Anna gets kidnapped and disappears without a trace. Who will find Sam? How long will it take? Who has Anna and why? Will this person help her out with the predicament she is in?

Chapter 1

Anna's POV

I'm Anastasia Steele the whizz kid slash geeky scientist. I have pitch black wavy hair that trails all the way to my bottom, I'm a very pale girl with sea blue eyes. I'm 5"3 and well built for my size. I love training in my spare time, it keeps me focussed. You would never tell I have a body like a super model because I live in my jeans and t-shirt with my old faithful converse. I breezed through school before my time. I passed Grade 12 with Summa Cum Laude as the tender age of 13 and immediately was offered a full scholarship to UKZN studding science. By the time I was 16 I graduated top of the country with my Doctor of Science degree. I can talk about anything. I also have a gift thats I can take anything old or new and turn it into something useful or dangerous. I love designing fancy gadgets and weapons. So you can understand when I say my favorite movie is iron man. Geek I know. I live in a small condo in Durban KwaZulu Natal, South Africa with Terry my brother who, has his own medical practice, he is a plastic surgeon and very good at his job actually he is the best in the country.

My mother is Carla,and my dad Raymond Steele. I have a sister Kate who is 12 still in school. I have yet to have my first kiss I guess I was to busy studding to have a life. Now I am 19 years old and ready to live my life. I have been waiting a long time for this day. The only problem I have is, people recognize me and I am never safe. So we came up with a plan, my new identity for my birthday trip. I am now Sam Spenser and I just finished school and am on a break with some friends. Im 19 and live with my parents.

I can't believe this day is finally here. Today I little mousey Anna Steele or should I say Sam Spenser has finally turned 19. As a birthday present for me, 13 of my best friends all put money together and they are taking me on an all paid 5 Day cruise all around the Portuguese leave home very early, me in disguise. My hair hidden under a baseball cap, I'm sporting aviator sunglasses and a large hooded sweat shirt and managed to board the ship in time with no hassle may I add. We all head to our rooms to freshen up. I in a room with my best friend Jose, he is a huge guy 6"7 built like a greek God with the most beautiful blond curly hair. We have been best friends since we were babies. We all go and settle at the bar comfortably. Jose orders the first round of cocktails and the party begins. I'm having a very good time. After the 5th round of cocktails and shots I excuse myself feeling very light headed and make plans to meet up with my crew later at the same bar. Jose and I are sharing a cabin and said he will meet me later down below. After a cold shower and a bottle of chilled water with two Advil I pass out on the bed. Lucky for me when I wake I got no headache. I change into my white sun dress and make my way back to the bar for the party to continue. To my surprise my friends have not arrived so I assume they are all still passed out somewhere.I decide to settle into a lounge chair to relax and enjoy the view while I wait for them.

Suddenly I feel this very strong current like electricity pulling at me from my right. Its like someone has turned on a huge magnet and I'm been pulled in. When I turn to my right I see the most beautiful man I Have ever come across in my life. His looks takes my breath away. I'm completely stunned dumb. He has got the most striking grey eyes that look straight into my soul. The sun is shining off his copper hair, making it look like he is wearing a halo around his head. I just want to run my fingers through it. He has the perfect straight nose and the most kissable lips. As for that chest WOW that should be illegal. I can picture my tongue running along his perfect jaw line down that perfectly tanned neck. Moving slowly licking and biting his skin, I'll take his nipples in my mouth and bite down till he moans for me to stop. Dam it I'm wet already just thinking about it. Shit Steel pull your self-together and stop this shit. You're fantasizing about a stranger you have not even met. I take my eyes off him and shake my head to rid myself of these thoughts. Wow did I really do that did I have thoughts of going down on a complete stranger in a very public place. I can't believe this i'm so embarrassed with my behavior.I need to get out of here and fast.

I quickly grab my drink and purse and make a quick getaway before he can say anything. I go in search for Jose he must be still passed out in our I get to my room sure enough Jose is still asleep, so I get him up and send him for a shower. While I'm changing into my club dress which of course I'm very uncomfortable about because it is a tight as hell midnight blue one shoulder bomb of a dress that come mid thigh. I would never wear something like this but my girls bought it for me with the matching pair of sparkly 5 inch hooker heel which make my legs look like they go on for miles. The dress does however highlighting my curves in all the right places. I let my pitch black hair loose in bold waves down my back which just touches the top of my bottom. A little mascara and lip-gloss and I'm set to go. But those grey eyes are haunting me everywhere I look, why can't I get that man out of my mind. Who is he? What is it about him that has me so captivated?I don't even know him and to make things even worse he didn't even notice me.

"Wow" Sam, you sure you want to go out in that dress you look fabulously HOT, but I'm going to have to keep a very close eye on you and not leave your side the whole night. You are looking so hot at this moment you given me an instant hard on. Thats not fair Sam." "Hey Jose cut that shit out. Are you ready to carry on with my party." "Of course Sam Im sorry, lets head on up to the bar and find the rest of the crew". While walking up I find myself scanning every face we pass looking for my Grey Eye man. Shit steel what did you just say, "Your man" get a grip. Damn now I really need a drink to forget those grey eyes. Jose tells me I'm acting very strange but I brush to one side. We meet up with the rest of our friends and of course they all make a fuss over my choice of evening dress causing me to blush red all over. We make our way to the club at the top level of the ship. The drinks don't stop and our crowd is starting to get a bit loud. I'm starting to feel the effects of all those cocktails and shots so I take Jose and lead him onto the dance floor and I start grinding my ass against him my back to his front, his firm grip on my hips enjoying the music. It puts me in a complete trance I'm not even aware Jose has left the dance floor or even how many songs we danced to. Wow suddenly I feel it again the electricity is back running up my spine all the way to the base of my skull, taking my breath away completely, causing me to stumble forward in my fuck me heels and fall over. As I wait for the embarrassing scene were my knees make contact with the marble floor I realize I was actually caught by my grey eye man and I'm in his strong arms held tight against his chest swaying to the music. Our lips only inches apart we can feel each others warm sweat breath, our eyes boring into each other. I'm speechless.