Chapter 20

Christian POV

I'm such an ass for pulling out the wine I should of known. Elliot laid into me pretty good I must remember hoe possessive and protective he is of Anna. We were all sitting in the lounge waiting for the video footage to pop up on the TV.

It started playing and everyone was transfixed onto the screen. We watched it all and sat there for a wile in silence.

"Fuck Elliot she really did lay into you in the end bro. She had you fucked." I said proudly

"Yes little bro I know I got the pain to prove it. But as I said to her I wasn't a re match when we are better." Elliot says"

"Fuck no I am not allowing you near my Anna like this again look at her. I will give you a re match" I say proudly I can lay his ass with not a scratch to myself.

"Deal bro I have been waiting a long time for an offer this good." Finally my Baby bro got balls to challenge me. I can't wait. I must thank butterfly.

"You'll were really going at it, those were power house punches you'll were throwing. Someone could have really gotten seriously hurt. That was very irresponsible of both of you." Taylor says

I don't think Elliot knows how good the boss is at fighting. If this little lady can make him tap out he has no chance in hell with the boss.

Alex saved us by saying

"I told them it was stupid of them but I think butterfly needed that the most." and he smiled to me and I mouthed "Thank you."

Elliot POV

After the home video of us Taylor pulls out a folder and shows it to us. It is Anna's background check, and we are completely stunned. She is also looking at it in disbelieve. Her parents will be here in 2 weeks time. I think seen them will trigger the rest of her memory if not I will have to call in Dr. Flynn.

Our little lady is more talented than we thought. Shit she is a genius. Alex and me are stunned looking at that file. Its like we are seeing something from another world. We are sitting there with total dumb looks on our faces and then a huge shit eating, Elliot Grey grin turns up on my face and I looks over at Christian and I just cant resist taunting him so I say.

"Fuck me sideways but my wife is a Fucking genius".

And we all burst out in laughter. Christian gives me his signature response.

"Fuck off Elliot." But Christian has a boyish smile and snuggles into Anna.

Which makes us laugh more.

Then Christian and Anna excuse themselves to go to bed.

Christian and Anna POV

We jump into bed and I'm in my element. My Anna is lying next to me in my bed it just feels right. But I can tell something is bothering her but she wont say.

"Baby Can we talk now? I ask.

"Of course what is on your mind?" Then Christian completely shocks me by saying.

"Baby I feel so Jealous with how happy you and Elliot are together, I feel like I'm an outsider."

I say this in a sad voice and carry on talking.

"Its just that. I found you on the ship and you were mine, the love of my life. Then I had the most amazing sex with you, and when I woke up you were gone out of my life and I went crazy. I set up a major worldwide search party for you. I never gave up hope on finding you. After a year of not a single lead we came back to Seattle with very heavy hearts. When I got home I was a mess they had to sedate me for a few weeks because I was not coping with you been gone. One morning I woke up with your mother's words playing in my head and I knew I had to be strong for you. You would have not wanted me making myself sick."

"Christian what did my mother say?" With a sweet smile on my face I say. "Son, listen to me what ever happens from here on, remember she was happy with you even if it was for only one day. My daughter got to experience what love feels like and I have you to thank for that." A single tear runs down my cheek and she wipes it away with her thumb.

"But how did she know I felt like that?" "Jose!" And we both chuckled.

I knew Christian had trust issues and a lot of self-doubt in himself but I didn't think it was this bad. He does not see himself good enough for me that is crazy. I am the one that is bad for him.

"So then I pulled my shit together and started living again with the hope you were coming back to me. With the help from Taylor and your brother we turned one of my spare rooms into a special room for you. I made it into a secret lab for you to work in when you are by me." You can go see it tomorrow.

My heart melted for him when I heard him tell me all that. He truly does love me but I still cant keep putting them in danger. I take him in my arms and cuddle him tight and tell him something he told me 2 years ago. I look him straight in the eye and say, "Baby you are MINE." And my mega watt smile is back.

He repeats it to me, "Baby you are MINE, one day we are going to get married." I am stunned by that last comment.

And we can't keep the huge smiles off our faces.

Why the fuck would he want me I am only causing them trouble? I can't understand this. It's finally too much and the tears start running down our cheeks. We finally give into all of the built up loss from the past two years and cry ourselves dry in each other's arms. It is our therapy and it helps heal both of us as a couple and we are ready to move on.

I told Anastasia that she is my girlfriend now and she seemed trilled about it and said I am her boyfriend it sounded weird but I liked that she claimed me. But I could sense doubt.

We did find out that her and Elliot were not legally married so there was nothing to do there but take the rings off. I new he will always tease me that she is his wife no matter what. They didn't get rid of their wedding rings. They just wear them on their right hands as friendship rings and as a reminder of what they went through together.