I am so excited today is the day I get to see my babies. They are still in ICU but are doing great. Christian pushes me up to the nursery and when I see them I can't help but cry. They are so gorgeous.

"Christian we need to name them. I say Payton 1.2kg baby girl."

"That's lovely I like Phoebe 1,4kg baby girl and Taylor baby girl 1.1kg."

"Ok those are nice now for the boys. I like Ty baby boy 1.4kg and Ted baby boy 1.3kg"

"Christian our last boy is a fighter like his dad we call him Chris 700g." This caused my husband to cry into my arms. All except Chris were moved within 20 days into a normal nursery to settle in. I was sad leaving my baby boy behind. Christen spent most of his time talking to him. We have hired 3 nannies to assist us at home.

Taylor POV

Today I am so stressed out it's been 2 months and the babies are coming home. Security has never been so tight.

"Taylor is everything set up?"

"Yes sir but I have a suggestion. Lets make a diversion. You get your pilot with the chopper to land here and we leak out the story that the chopper came to collect Ana and the babies. The Paparazzi will all scatter to catch it as it lands giving us enough time to get into the SUV's without been seen sir."

"Taylor that is brilliant I am on it you leak the story."

It was a dream getting them home. The Paparazzi were so fooled.

Ana and Christian POV

We are relaxing in the bath and can hear our little bundles of joys playing with there grandparents in there rooms.

"Ana I can't believe our babies are going to be a year tomorrow. Ita so unreal."

"I feel the same way. Time has gone so fast.

Christian – our babies will be 1-year-old tomorrow and we are having a family gathering. It was hard to adjust to having the kids around but everything fell into place perfectly. The kids are so attached to our security its scary.

Ana – everything is so right in the world now. My babies are turning 1. Jenny is pregnant so I am going to be an aunt. Alex and Mia got hitched in Vegas to Christian's horror and are expecting twins. Elliot and Megan had a beautiful wedding on the beach and are expecting twins as well. Kate and Tom are getting married in 3 days time. And Bulldog and Tammy are now living together. She doesn't feel they need to get married but I know his dream is to have a family of his own.

My business are doing well we now have 7 clubs running and I gave SteeleGrey securities to Kate as a graduation gift which she was trilled about. My Mom and Dad now live on the coping together ranch, which I am also trilled about.

We got word that Elena died of an overdose, 3 month ago in prison. I did not shed one tear. Mr Paul is still inside.

Taylor and Gail surprised everyone when they had a baby boy 7 month ago. They named him Max Taylor.

All is right with the world.


Thank you to all my fans that have supported me in this adventure I have been on. I am not sure if I should continue with maybe the kids been older and their point of views. let me know what you think.