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Chapter 9: Skin

Alex threw a $100 bill at the cab driver that tried his hardest to avert his gaze from the rearview mirror and not watch Piper straddle Alex in the back seat and moan into her mouth as Alex's hand squeezed her ass. Sure, a 20 minute cab ride from the club to Alex's house wasn't even half of that, but she decided that he was a good sport and deserved a little extra for being so damn courteous. He even coughed uncomfortably three times when the car stopped to let them know that they have arrived. Definitely deserved the extra tip in her opinion.

Really though, Alex just didn't want to wait around to get change. Not when Piper's eyes were hooded with desire, her lips swollen from kisses and her cheeks flushed. The taller woman urged Piper off her lap and laughed when she heard a small sound of protest rise from Piper's throat. Instead, Alex smiled at her and got out of the taxi, offering her hand to her girlfriend, who eagerly took it.

The elevator ride was awkward as Piper tried to avoid eye contact with an elderly couple and instead focused on Alex's soothing thumb caressing her knuckles. She glanced at Alex from the corner of her eyes and saw Alex looking down at their hands, her lips easing into a smile.

Alex's sure hands fit the key in the lock on the first time, and if not the for the constant fixing of her glasses, Piper would have guessed that the woman was not at all nervous. Soon enough, the couple was behind closed doors, and Alex didn't wait as she pulled Piper through her apartment and straight to her bedroom.

Piper didn't have time to marvel at the gigantic four-poster bed as her girlfriend's mouth clashed with her own. She immediately pulled at the lapels of Alex's jacket, moaning into her mouth as it hit the floor. Alex's hands were pulling up her dress again, groping her ass with both hands as it became uncovered.

Before she could wrap her mind around what was going on, her dress was on the floor and she was being gently pushed towards the bed as Alex's mouth made its way down her neck.

Thighs on either side of her hips, Alex leaned over Piper, hands caressing and groping over tanned skin with lustful intensity. Before Piper could catch her fleeting breath, Alex pulled down the cups of her lacy bra and attached her mouth to her nipple, teasing the woman below her.

Piper immediately moaned, arching her back and winding her fingers in Alex's dark hair, tugging on the tresses, encouraging the woman to take more of her breast in her mouth.

Alex seemed way too preoccupied with teasing her to even notice. Her tongue was gently flicking Piper's right nipple, occasionally sucking it into her mouth and grazing her teeth over the hardened peak. Alex's left right was groping Piper's left breast, thumb and forefinger twisting her nipple in the most delicious way that made her lose her breath.

Piper tugged at Alex's hair again, and was rewarded when the woman looked up from her chest with hooded eyes. She detached her mouth from Piper's nipple with a loud pop, leaning down to nuzzle the rock hard nub with her nose.

"I fucking love your tits," Alex growled out in a voice so sexy that Piper had to will herself not to orgasm at the hot words.

"Don't move," Alex whispered hotly into her ear and climbed off of her. Not like Piper was planning on moving, especially when Alex grabbed the hem of her sweater and lifted it over her head. Porcelain skin and toned muscle was all Piper could focus on before her eyes traveled up Alex's flat stomach and settled on the most amazing pair of boobs she's ever seen. The blonde felt her mouth water, the sound of her blood rushing in her ears louder than before and the pounding between her legs intensifying by a tenfold.

Her gawking self hadn't caught Alex's knowing grin. Instead, she focused on watching Alex shimmy out of her tight skinny jeans. Alex wore black lace trim panties and her bra matched, a delicious set made to be torn off of Alex's phenomenal body. Piper couldn't wait to get to that.

Alex stopped undressing after she had taken off her glasses it put them on her dresser. She then turned back to Piper, her gaze nothing short of predatory. For her part, Piper remained eagle-spread across Alex's huge bed, her blonde hair and fair skin contrasting with the midnight black satin sheets. Alex's gaze immediately settled on her core, and the dark haired woman hummed in satisfaction at seeing how wet Piper was.

She walked back over to the bed, getting on it and crawling towards Piper like a panther. With her hands on Piper's hips, she encouraged her to scoot a little higher on the bed, head resting against soft pillows.

Alex leaned over her, arm supporting her weight near Piper's head and the other grasping one of Piper's pert breasts as her mouth connected with the blonde's. Piper immediately moaned, locking her legs around Alex's waist and letting their tongues tangle. It was sensory overload, with Alex everywhere and Piper was sure this is how she wanted to die: from an Alex overload. What a delicious way to go.

When the kiss was broken, Alex moved down Piper's body. She kissed and sucked at the blonde's neck, once even licking a hot path up the side of it that made Piper shudder with delight. Alex's talented mouth moved across collarbones, nipping and whispering kisses into the soft skin she found there. As she moved south, she gently bit at each nipple and soothed it with a kiss. Her tongue briefly delved into Piper's naval and the blonde cried out, once again gripping black tendrils with one hand. Finally, Alex was where she most wanted, except in true Alex fashion, she chose to mercilessly tease instead of please.

She kissed around Piper's inner thighs softly, inhaling the heavy scent that was unmistakably Piper. She nipped at her left thigh, causing Piper to moan out and buck her hips up, indicating that Alex should really just get on with the show.

"You're positively dripping," Alex short of purred out, her eyes zeroed in on the prize.

Alex leaned towards Piper's throbbing core, and the blonde closed her eyes in anticipation. Except instead of a hot mouth, came cool breath that made Piper moan. Alex chuckled at the sound and brought a hand up, softly trailing a finger up and down Piper's pussy. Her walls contracted in an effort of pulling Alex's finger in once it passed over her opening, but the raven-haired woman only offered self-satisfied smirk in return.

"Please," Piper whimpered, beyond overworked at this point and just wanted to feel Alex devour her.

"Please what?" Alex's eyes snapped to her, dark and demanding.

"You know what," came a hissed reply as Piper tried to lift her hips in order to close the gap between her and Alex's mouth.

Alex however, had other plans. Her hands stilled Piper's hips as she pushed them down into the bed.

"Say it," she breathed so close to Piper's pussy that the blonde thought she was going to pass out.

Piper groaned out, beyond frustrated and caring at sounding so pathetic, "Fuck, Alex! Lick me, eat me, tongue fuck me, just do any-"

She was cut off by a hot tongue firmly licking a path up her pussy, parting her lips. Piper's words came out between a choke and a moan at feeling the firm, slick muscle finally upon her. Alex's hand held Piper open, her hard clit and seeping hole in plain view. Alex hummed her satisfaction and delved right in, drawing as much of Piper into her mouth as she could.

Alex wasted no time. The woman's tongue was like hot velvet and it knew exactly where to lick or suck just so to drive Piper to the brink of her sanity. Eyes closed, Piper let her brain shut down and her body take control, hips moving in time with Alex's tongue and basking in the pleasure that was selflessly given to her. One of her hands came to grip Alex's hair, encouraging the ministration, while the other grabbed at her breast, twisting her own nipple in painful pleasure.

When she opened her eyes, Piper looked down to see the hottest thing she's ever laid her eyes on. Alex was leisurely licking between her trembling thighs, eyes close to pure black as she looked intensely at Piper, never stopping the motions of her mouth. Her lips and chin were wet with Piper's juices and Piper couldn't help but buck up harder into Alex's mouth, forcing the woman's nose to rub at her clit. Suddenly, two of Alex's fingers replaced her tongue and began a smooth, hard pumping motion into her.

"Holy shit!" Piper moaned out, one hand desperately grasping the headboard above her. Her eyes closed and her hips grinded up, trying to get closer to Alex's mouth, which was now firmly latched onto her clit.

"Oh shit, shit, FUCK! Alex, baby," Piper managed to get out between breathy moans. Encouraged, Alex pressed her tongue down on Piper's clit, eliciting a high-pitched keen from the woman below her.

"Please, please, Alex. Don't tease," she begged as her hips, with a mind of their own at this point, moved in rhythm to glide her pussy up and down Alex's fingers.

Piper grabbed the back of Alex's neck, tugging lightly as to indicate Alex to come up. When Alex got the message, Piper pulled her up and kissed her fiercely, her tongue invading Alex's hot mouth instantly. She loved the unique taste of the taller woman, even more so when she could taste herself on her lips as well.

Alex's arm was starting to tire but she'd be damned if she stopped before fucking her girlfriend into oblivion. She twisted her fingers inside Piper and the blonde moaned into her mouth, other hand winding around her body to scratch at her neck.

"I want you to come for me," Alex panted into Piper's mouth and felt her pussy clench down onto her fingers.

"So close," Piper whimpered as Alex's fingers twisted just so inside of her, her back arching and nails digging into Alex's pale skin. She was thrusting her hips up into Alex's hand wildly, wet slaps and the squeak of the mattress accompanying heavy breaths and dirty words.

Alex was at her neck, pressing hot open-mouthed kisses against the flesh and nipping it occasionally. Piper tugged her hair gently, encouraging Alex to look into her eyes. When their gaze met, Piper was left to stare into darkened, passion-glazed eyes above her. In the midst of their whirlwind of crazy lust and abundant sexual frustration, Piper felt completely content and safe. Looking into her girlfriend's eyes, Piper let her orgasm overtake her.

Her back bowed, her neck arched, her eyes closed and her hands gripped onto Alex with her dear life as the woman's name was chanted out.

Alex gaze was firmly fixed on Piper's face in mid-orgasm, her fingers not stopping their motion, powering through the gripping inner walls of Piper's pussy. The woman under her shook, clawing at her shoulders while Alex's name fell off of her perfect lips. Eyes raking over Piper's features and settling on the perfect 'o'-shape of Piper's open mouth, Alex felt a new surge of determinacy.

"A-Alex," Piper panted out when she realized that her girlfriend's movements haven't slowed down, "I can't!"

Alex chuckled deep in her throat and smirked at feeling Piper's walls clench around her fingers again.

"You can," she added with a firm thrust that had Piper moaning. Placing her thumb on Piper's clit, Alex added the thrust of her hips against her hand, thrusting hard into the woman below her.

Piper was sure this is what euphoria was like, and it washed over her with every move Alex made. Her own gasps were loud in her ears, mingling with the sound of slick flesh meeting flesh and Alex's own grunts and groans. She didn't know where she ended and where Alex began, and her nails raked down Alex's back in angry red lines. In turn, Alex hissed out and hit Piper's g-spot so perfectly that Piper thought she was going to pass out.

"Right there!" She managed to pant out before a groan as Alex complied, her fingers curling into the spongy tissue.

With a few more pumps of Alex's fingers, Piper swore she saw stars. "I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!"

All she could register before she heard her own voice, hoarse and gravely, scream out Alex's name, was the raven-haired woman whisper out, "Show, don't tell."

She felt Alex withdraw her fingers and through hooded eyes watched as she licked them clean. Even though she just barely got off her high, Piper's arousal returned hard and fast as a lazy smirk tugged Alex's full lips.

Still catching her breath, Piper frantically reached towards Alex and unclasped her bra, pulling the straps down her lithe arms and throwing the garment across the room. Alex's breasts were perfect and her nipples already hard and seeking attention.

Piper leaned forward, encouraging Alex to sit up across her thighs as she kissed down her neck to the valley between her breasts. She felt like a woman possessed – the pale flesh in front of her igniting a fire in her that burned so hot she could barely form a coherent sentence.

"Alex," Piper whispered into the humid air of the bedroom and got a groan of pleasure in return.

"You're gonna ride my fingers now," she said as her hand pushed Alex's underwear down. Two fingers made their way across Alex's pussy, and Piper was delighted to feel that the woman was positively soaked for her. Quickly, she entered Alex with two fingers and the raven-haired woman released a high-pitched moan that made Piper clench her thighs. Jesus, she was so hot.

Choosing to forego the teasing that Alex had inflicted on her due to her own undeniable lack of patience, Piper's fingers easily drove up into Alex. Alex's walls clenched down on Piper's fingers as she sank further down on the digits inside of her. Placing her hands on Piper's ribs, she slowly raised herself before dropping back down, moaning low in her throat at Piper's meeting thrust.

Piper took control and started pumping her fingers in and out, setting a pace that allowed Alex to move fluidly with her. The blonde tore her eyes away from Alex's blissful expression to watch her fingers going in and out of Alex.

"More," came Alex's low tone and Piper immediately complied, adding a third finger and stretching Alex further.

Alex leaned back on Piper's thighs, gripping the bed sheets near her and thrusting with abandon against Piper's hand. Piper practically salivated at the sight in front of her - Alex had her head thrown back, her neck was flushed, and her magnificent breasts were bouncing with every thrust. She looked like something out of Piper's wildest dreams.

"You're so sexy fucking yourself on my fingers like that," Piper panted out and Alex shuddered against her, bucking her hips harder and in abandon.

"Fuck, Piper, so, oh shit, so damn good," Alex managed to get out. Piper felt Alex's walls clenching hard on her fingers, indicating her orgasm was close. Doubling her effort, Piper drove her fingers in and out of Alex at a maddening pace; earning a chocked gasp and eventually a deep moan as more wetness seeped into her palm. Alex's head was thrown back and her eyes closed as she rode out her orgasm, hips still gently rocking into Piper's hand.

Piper didn't know where to look – Alex's face was stunning as she rode out the waves, her chest heaving with heavy breaths and her hips still thrusting against the blonde's hand. It was an absolute visual overload just as much as it was an emotional and physical one, and Piper couldn't help but enjoy the pure vulnerability that Alex displayed as she rode out the waves of pleasure still wrecking through her body.

When Piper felt Alex's walls loosen around her digits, she slowly pulled them out and felt another tremor of pleasure run through her girlfriend's body. Alex was still breathing heavily, her dark hair sticking to her sweaty forehead as she leaned forward to kiss Piper tenderly. Piper hummed in satisfaction into the kiss, which was slow and tender and full of something neither were really ready to face yet.

Alex exhaustedly laid down in Piper's left, turning her head to look at the blonde next to her. She had what Piper would describe as a very easy smile - one that just naturally made its way onto people's faces when they were content. Piper couldn't help that her own lips formed a similar smile when she gazed onto the beautiful, but still rather mysterious woman next to her. A woman that just so happened to be her girlfriend.

"That was..." Piper began, mulling over what word to use.

"Fucking incredible," Alex finished, chuckling at Piper's hum of agreement.

Piper turned her head to look at Alex again, and the woman's face once again broke out into a smile. But this smile, Piper could tell, was special. Her eyes crinkled at the corners and her laugh lines were so prominent that Piper wondered if she'd ever see the usually cool, almost nonchalant woman smile so wide again.

The blonde wiggled closer to Alex, who opened her arms in invitation and wound them around Piper's slender figure once she settled into her body.

Legs tangled together and head tucked under Alex's chin, Piper was content and sated, listening to Alex's strong heartbeat and smiling at how it beat in sync with hers. They stayed like this for a few minutes, Alex's long fingers playing with the Piper's blonde hair.

Alex finally broke the comfortable silence. "Kid?"

"Mhmm?" Piper acknowledged, not moving from her place at Alex's chest.

"You know - I, uh, I didn't ask you to be with me to show that douche off. I didn't want it to seem that way, if it came off like that. I meant on asking you anyway."

Piper lifted her head to look at Alex's face.

"I know, Alex."

Alex shook her head, a hand coming up to tuck some of Piper's hair behind her ear. "I haven't been in a relationship in a while, Piper. I didn't think that I'd meet anyone who'd I want to commit to. I know I'm not the ideal girlfriend with the whole international drug cartel thing, and you're probably too good for me, but..." Alex trailed off, getting lost in watching her fingers trace Piper's jaw. Piper grasped her hand in hers and squeezed, encouraging Alex to go on.

"Just..." Alex's observant eyes raked across her face before she leaned to kiss Piper softly, hand squeezing Piper's back with a certainty. "Let me have you for a little while," she whispered against Piper's lips.

Astounded that Alex had such great doubts about herself, Piper's heart clenched at Alex's heartfelt words. She let go of Alex's hand and cupped the back of her nape, pulling her mouth back to hers and kissing her passionately and thoroughly. She pulled away to see Alex's eyes still closed, her lips still slightly parted.

"If you keep on being so good to me I may get used to it," Piper said to Alex with a smile and got a sultry chuckle in return as stormy eyes opened to look at her.

"Nothing's too good for you, kid."

"Aren't you the sweet talker?" Piper chuckled, not letting the full effect of Alex's words on her show.

"No. I'm honest," Alex replied with an even tone, never breaking eye contact with the blonde.

Piper smiled. "I'm really, really happy you asked me to be your girlfriend."


"Yeah. I was kinda going to ask you myself, but I'm glad you asked me first."

"Why's that?"

Piper averted her gaze, "I wasn't sure if you, you know, were into me."

Alex laughed – a full, hardy sound that made Piper's heart beat faster. "You're funny… I like that in a woman."

"In your woman, you mean."

Alex chuckled again, "Indeed. My woman. And I hope I made it clear just how into you I am."

"After yesterday, I thought…"

"I know, kid. Like I said, first relationship in a long time. I'm trying my best," Alex said sincerely.

Curious, Piper decided to probe about her girlfriend's mysterious past. "In how long, Alex?"

Alex reached for her glasses but quickly dropped her hand when she remembered they weren't on her face. "Ever."

Piper stared at her, wide-eyed. "You've never been in a relationship before?"

"Not really. I didn't think it was important. I had…" She trailed off, brain searching for the right arrangement of words, "Other priorities." She awkwardly cleared her throat.

"What makes this different, then?" Piper asked, fear quickly creeping up her spine in an unpleasant chill. She didn't want to just be another notch on Alex's bedpost.

Alex looked at her, her stormy eyes serious as they bore into Piper's soul.

"You see me better than I am," she simply said, her voice sure. And just like that, the fear was gone and Piper's heart skipped a beat.

Nonetheless, Piper frowned, "That's not true."

Alex chuckled quietly, her lips forming a small, almost sad smile. "And I'm scared what'll happen when your vision changes."

"Alex, I'm a big girl. I know what I'm doing," Piper said, not liking what she was hearing from Alex.

The dark-haired woman nodded, "I know you do. I just hope that I know what I'm doing, too. When did you get so brave, kid?"

Piper looked at her. "I'm not. I'm scared. God, Alex. I'm petrified! I'm scared that you-"

Alex cut her off, "That I burst into your life suddenly only a short time ago. You're scared that this is too fast, too soon, and that I will leave you the same way I came into your life. You're scared that you'll turn around one day and I'll be gone."

Piper gaped at her, mouth dropping open at how well Alex could read her. It was as if the woman had read her mind and then put her thoughts into words so powerful that she couldn't have said them better. But wait…

"Rachel Gibson."

Alex laughed, "Lola Calyle Reveals All."

Piper shook her head, "You never cease to amaze me."

Alex smiled, but it soon dropped as her expression turned serious and she grasped one of Piper's hands in her own, "I won't be gone. Not unless you want me to be gone."

"I won't." Alex looked at Piper quizzically. "Want you gone. I won't want you gone, Alex."

Alex smirked, "How did I put it before… 'Too fast, too soon?'"

Piper gently hit Alex's bare shoulder, "You're such a jackass!"

Alex laughed, "A charming jackass, no?"

"You have your moments."

"I'll say! I got you in bed, naked and screaming my name after feeling you up in a public bathroom."

Piper blushed, "Anybody could have walked in on us!"

"I know! That's why it was awesome."

Piper bit her lip as one of the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile. "Okay, it really was. I guess you are a charming jackass after all."

"Baby, I know," Alex said as she winked at Piper.

The blonde looked at the woman across from her, noticing the playful glint in Alex's eyes shift into a deep thoughtfulness. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they said. Piper, at that particular moment, could not have agreed more. The blonde frowned, "I feel like I don't know anything about you."

"There's not much to tell."

"Bullshit, Alex. You're the most interesting person I've ever come across."

Alex raised an eyebrow, "Then you must have a pretty boring life."

"You have no idea," Piper admitted, not even bothering defending her mediocre upper-middle class life. "But I want to know you, Alex. I want to know everything about you."

Alex smiled, lifting a hand to softly caress Piper's cheek.

"Just give me some time, Pipes." Alex finally said.

Piper nodded, "I'm here, Alex. To hear the good and the bad."

Piper understood that Alex had built walls around her for years now, probably not letting anybody in. She was extremely complicated but at the same time fragile, but her confession that this was her first relationship showed Piper that she had broken one of her walls down. She couldn't believe that she had gotten Alex to commit herself to her. She knew that with time, she would indeed get to the core of the beautiful person that Alex was. For that, Piper was willing to wait.

Looking back into Alex's sleepy eyes, Piper could tell the woman was carefully calculating her next moves, the wheels in her head turning and compiling a plan. Slowly, Alex's gaze focused back on hers and the raven-haired woman leaned in, pressing her lips to Piper's lightly before moving away.

"Now, let's get to bed. Some of us need our beauty sleep."

Piper snorted, "Damn right you do! Look at those bags!" She reached over and gently traced the bags under Alex's tired eyes with her thumb.

Alex grinned, "All in a hard day's work."

"Whatever you say, honey," Piper replied in a teasing voice.

Alex looked at her with soft eyes before making a 'turn over' motion with her finger to Piper.

"Come be my little spoon."

Piper smiled, who was she to deny such an offer? She turned around and felt Alex settle in behind her, an arm slipping around her waist and soothingly making circles on her stomach.

"Goodnight, girlfriend," came Alex's somewhat smug but tired voice over the blonde's shoulder and she couldn't help but feel overjoyed.

"Sweet dreams," Piper replied and snuggled into the taller woman.

Piper let Alex's even breaths lull her to sleep, feeling safe and warm in her girlfriend's arms. She hummed quietly in happiness and pressed her back tighter against Alex's front, immediately feeling the arms around her tighten their embrace. One of Alex's hands was pressed between the valley of her breasts, and Piper felt Alex fiddling with the small dove pendant on her necklace. She found it absolutely endearing.

"I don't see you better than you are, Alex. I see you for you, and that's enough for me. I wish it would be for you, too."

Alex offered no response, and her even breathing almost fooled Piper into thinking she was asleep after she went several moments without a reaction. But she felt the woman behind her shift and press yet another small kiss to her neck, and Piper smiled, knowing she had at least heard her. Hugging the pale arm between her breasts close to her, Piper let sleep overtake her, falling into a deep slumber with a content smile on her face.