Hey all! This story is set in the future of Camp Half-Blood, Percy and Annabeth are all grown-up now, and Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have made an arrangement. What arrangement, you ask? Well, you'll have to wait and see! Percy Jackson belongs to the wonderfully talented Rick Riordian, and I claim no credit for his property at all. Anyway, here it is! Reviews and follows would be uber helpful!

Chapter 1:

"Rie! Wake up, you're late for breakfast!" A hard pounding at the door startled me, causing me to nearly roll off my bed in fright. I recognize the voice, of course, however it doesn't necessarily mean that I want to greet the person who that voice belongs to, especially this early in the morning. Of course, to other campers, it may not seem all that early. To me, early is anything before noon. "Come on, Rie! Chiron has announcements to make and he's waiting for you." Sighing, I grudgingly sit up, sliding my feet onto the wooden floor of my cabin. The fountain that sits in the corner trickles a small stream of water, a sign that it's broken again. It's one of those times I wish I wasn't the only camper in the Poseidon cabin, because it makes it incredibly easier for people to notice I'm not there. Representing an entire cabin is exactly my dream role at the camp. Some campers worked their butts of to become Head Counselor, and all I've ever wanted to do is sleep. Hard-knock life, right?

I slip on my Camp Half-Blood teacher, an in-your-face orange color, and I open the door, not bothering the change out of my pajama pants. It may be the middle of summer, but heat has never really bothered me all that much. It's never really hot here, anyway. "You're seriously going to breakfast wearing that?" I merely nod, looking at the scorn on Kerry's expression. She's used to me, though, so she doesn't press the matter further as we walk to the Mess for breakfast. "We started without you. Chiron told me to get you before he made the announcements." Kerry informs me in a very blunt tone. I shrug. It makes no difference to me if I'm there to hear the announcement or not. News at Camp Half-Blood travels faster than Hermes half the time.

As we approach the Mess, Kerry breaks away from me to go join her siblings at the Nike table. Cabins have to sit together, which means as the only person currently residing in the Poseidon cabin, I eat alone, all three meals, every day. It's usually why I don't come to meals unless I'm forced to.

Chiron's eyes follow me as I take my seat quickly, folding my legs underneath the table. The other campers don't notice me join them. They're all too busy eating and having fun with their cabinmates. I suppose I can't really complain, I did chose my own poison. At the Head Table, the usuals are there. Chiron stands in full centaur form, my parents, who run the camp, sit next to each other in the middle of the table, chatting about something. A few others join them, one is a blonde man who I have seen before but don't actually know, the other is Grover, my father's best friend, and then next to Grover is Nico, a very pale man who always seems very sullen, and always shows up for mealtimes. Piper and Leo sit next to each other as well, eating their food in silence. These people have always sat at the Head Table, and I imagine they always will. In our world, they're legends.

"Campers, campers, I would like to ask you all for a few moments of your time," Chiron's voice is loud and clear, and the chatter instantly stops. We all respect Chiron, and he knows that we will listen to him. "Thank you. Now, I just have a few quick concerns before we get onto more important matters. We have a request from the Head Counselor the Demeter cabin, asking that the Dionysus cabin please stop taking their grapes." A few snickers could be heard from the Dionysus cabin, and I watched as Winona Bell, the Head Counselor for the Demeter cabin, gave them a death glare. "We also have a request from the Hermes cabin, asking campers to please be respectful of the caduceus outside their cabin and for others to please stop using it to kill centipedes." That request earned a few laughs, and even Chiron smiled as he waited for it to quiet down again. "Now, onto our bigger things, as many of you know, every year we send five campers to the Roman counterpart of our gods, Camp Jupiter, and they send five campers over here, in an effort to improve relations between us. Now, first off, let us thank our camp director Percy Jackson, and the Camp Jupiter director, Jason Grace, for continuing to make strides four our two kinds of demigods to get along."

There was a round of whoops and cheers as my dad, Percy Jackson, stood briefly. The blonde man next to him gave a small wave, and I realized that he must be Jason Grace. I had heard so much of him, from both my parents and other campers, but had never put two and two together before. Chiron motioned for us to settle down, and it took everyone a few moments to do so. "Now, we will now be taking applicants for the five campers who will spend August at Camp Jupiter. Sign-Ups will be posted tomorrow, along with the list of basic requirements for those who wish to sign-up. We will stop taking signatures on the 20th of July, and we will announce those campers who will be going to Camp Jupiter on the 25th." Chiron paused for a small second. "Thank you, and you are dismissed."

All at once, everyone stood and began to make their way from the Mess down back towards the cabins. Even though I had barely eaten anything, I wasn't feeling hungry anymore.

Kerry stood, waiting for me by one of the far pillars as I quickly cleaned my plate off. I was ready to join her, until someone caught my arm. I looked to see my father standing over me, his eyes curious and a small smile on his lips. "Rie, are you planning on signing up?" He asked. It took me a few moments to register what he was asking me. I quickly shook my head. I loved my parents, but I didn't have the best relationship with them. My life was here, at Camp Half-Blood. It always had been. I had been born here and raised here. Leaving was...outside of my limits.

He released my arm, and I could see he was disappointed in my answer. My father was always waiting for me to do something extraordinary, he wanted me to be adventurous and dangerous and maybe even a little reckless. That just wasn't me. That was my father, the legend, the hero, Percy Jackson. "I really think you should consider going. Your mother and I would-" I cut him off right there.

"No, Dad, honestly, I'm fine here, ok? I'll be going now, see you." I quickly turned and walked away. I knew he was still standing behind me, and I could feel his disappointment with me. I was just never going to be able to be the daughter he wanted, the daughter he deserved. Times were peaceful now. We had quests still, but they were small and they went to actual demigods, not me. There was nothing special or godly about me. I was just Rie, the granddaughter of Poseidon and Athena. Not the daughter of either Poseidon or Athena. The difference was huge.

Kerry gave me a concerned look as I met up with her. She and I had been best friends ever since she had first come to camp. She understood me better than anyone else here. She knew not to push. "Do you want to go play something? We have time to kill before any sort of training." Kerry suggested. Even though there was no immediate threat anymore, and there hadn't been for many years, there were still monsters like hellhounds out and about, and a demigod had to keep their skills sharp. Sword practice was one of the ways we did that.

"No, playing anything is no fun with you," I joked. Kerry's mother was Nike, the goddess of victory. Because of that, all her children were super competitive, and they usually won anything they set their minds to. They were absolute monsters to play against during Capture the Flag. You hoped you were on the same team as them simply to avoid any serious injury.

Kerry smiled back. She was used to me complaining about her winning everything, and I was a sore loser to begin with. Having your best friend be the daughter of Nike isn't exactly something most people have to deal with. "Fine, fine," She conceded. "Hey, look, some of the unclaims are getting into a fight!" Kerry pointed down to a small cabin set a little further away from the rest of them, and what she said was true.

In the old days, when my father had first been a camper, all unclaimed children lived in the Hermes cabin. After my father started really directing the cabin, the Hermes kids pitched a fit about it, so my father built a separate cabin, away from the others, for children to live in until they were claimed. They were called unclaims, and they were generally really nice kids. They never stayed there for very long after my father had done a little tweaking with the way the gods handled things, and they were just a part of the camp.

As we approached the fight, a small crowd had gathered at this point. Fights didn't happen a lot here, unless they happened in the Arena, in which case they were quite common and dealt with by the use of swords.

Two kids were beginning to throw punches at each other, each of them looking pretty upset over something. "How is it my fault, Lukas? Seriously, you're upset over nothing!" One kid pleaded as he ducked a pretty solid right hook. By this time, Chiron, who was still up by the Mess, had caught sight of what was going on, and was making his way over to the small crowd.

The one kid who was throwing most of the punches looked like he had tears in his eyes, and whatever this fight was about, I didn't care. I honestly felt bad for both boys. They both looked fairly little, and I wondered why campers so young were here. They couldn't be over the age of eight. That was pretty young for campers here.

Chiron circled us a few times, and the fighting instantly stopped. He made his way as the circle parted toward the boys, and grabbed each of them by their shirt collars, holding them apart from each other. The boys hung there, limp, looking rather miffed about the whole situation. "Lukas, Mitchell, I expect that the two of you explain to me what if going on right now." I was surprised Chiron hadn't brought the boys into the Big House to work out the situation, and was dealing with it now, right in front of us. Perhaps he was just too fed up to deal with it like that? That was rare for Chiron, though.

"Mitch is upset because I was claimed and he wasn't!" Lukas spat out. He looked absolutely furious with the other boy, Mitchell.

"Mitchell, is this true? Were you upset because Lukas was claimed today?" Mitchell gave a small nod. I was surprised to find out that was the reason for the fighting, though I attributed it to the boys age. They were both just so young to be here.

"It's not fair! He'll go off to join his new brothers and sisters and he won't be my friend anymore, and I won't have any brothers and sisters to play with!" Mitchell sounded like a young toddler when he spoke. Chiron lowered both the boys back on the ground, however he wasn't done with them yet.

"Is there anyone here from Lukas' new cabin who was taking him there before the fight started?" Chiron asked, his eyes scanning the circle. Bethanie Quills, a daughter of Hephaestus, stepped forward. So Lukas had been claimed by Hephaestus, then.

"I was, Chiron. I was about to take the kid out of the cabin until Mitchell came outta nowhere." Chiron nodded.

"Beth, please escort Lukas to his new cabin." Bethanie nodded and waited for Lukas to join her, hurriedly heading towards to Hephaestus cabin. It was pretty clear that she had wanted to get out of there. "Alright, Mitchell, I expect you at the Big House in five minutes. The rest of you, scatter." We all obeyed and began to go our own ways. Kerry and I shared a look. In most cases, Lukas being claimed wouldn't have been a problem. But since Mitchell and Lukas were so young, Mitchell couldn't understand that it meant that he could still be friends with Lukas, it would just be a little different.

It shocked me how similar Mitchell and I were. I would never know what it would be like to be claimed by my godly parent. I knew who my parents were, there was no need for me to be claimed. Kerry's parentage had already been known when she first arrived at camp, the Satyr who had escorted her to camp had explained how he had known. Sure enough, Nike officially claimed Kerry the moment she stepped inside the camp's borders. It was different for everyone, but it would never happen to me. I wasn't really sure how to feel about that.

As Kerry and I made out ways toward the beach, right behind my cabin, we began talking about the possibility of going to Camp Jupiter. "I'd like to go," Kerry said eagerly. This didn't surprise me. Kerry loved to travel, she loved seeing new places and learning new things. Sadly for her, she didn't get many opportunities to. Sometimes, she would go back home to try and live with her family and go to school, but she always ended up coming back to camp. There were always problems at home, and Kerry used camp as her escape from that. She rarely got to go anywhere. Camp Jupiter was a dream for her.

"I think I'll stay here," I said meekly.

"Oh, Rie, you've got to go! I want you to see it with me! C'mon, Rie, you've spent more time here than almost anybody else. You've never left Camp Half-Blood. There's a freaking city right next to camp and you've never even been. Doesn't that make you fee even a little bit sad?" I shook my head, though the way she had worded it, it did make me think a bit. I wasn't stupid. I knew about New York City and other places like that. I had to same education as those who did go to schools in the mortal world, I wasn't hurting here. But I wondered if the reason I was always so apathetic was because I had never left. Could that be the reason? It seemed impossible...yet...yet so likely, too.

"Hey, who is that?" Kerry stopped me in my tracks and pointed towards the shore. A small figure sat there, curled up.

"My guess is as good as yours," I said.

"Well, let's go check it out!"

To be continued...