I'm taking my second lot of steps into writing in The Avenger Fandom with this piece which is going to turn into a monster I can tell...haha the pun…anyways, as usual I found it as a prompt off the avengerkinkmeme (totally go have a look, it's got awesome fills and is a plot bunny breeding ground). So the prompt for this was as follows:

When Loki arrives he explains that he agreed to lead the Chitauri so he could get to Midgard and find his children: Jörmungandr, Fenrir, Hela, Vali, and Narfi...aka Steve, Clint, Natasha, Tony and Bruce (the Hulk is a manifestation of his natural shape shifting abilities). While they're trying to keep Thanos from coming through, Thor arrives, and they all (especially Clint, because it was THOR'S SWORD THROUGH HIS FACE) freak the heck out.

You will notice that I did change around two of the characters, but that was simply because it fit better and the OP was fine with it. It's currently a WIP and might take a bit to finish writing if I decide to broaden it to be a complete storyline so please bear with me.

Pt. 1

When he had been put on guard duty Clint wondered what he had done wrong to deserve it. He was pretty sure he had completed all his latest missions within the parameters; he had even kept the snarky comments on the Comms to a minimum, something which had earned a raised eyebrow from the stoic Coulson at least twice. Normally, Clint would have been a general pain in the senior agent's ass but the past few months he just hadn't been feeling it. Clint felt like there was something on the edge of his consciousness; a feeling telling him that something big was coming and to be prepared. Clint couldn't pin down what exactly the feeling was but ever since New Mexico the archer couldn't shake it off; it was always there, in the corner of his mind hidden in the shadows, waiting.

It was the second week Clint had been on babysitting duty when the Tesseract began to act up. Selvig and the other science nerds were all excited but Clint found himself up in his nest a majority of the time avoiding the little glowing square. The cube just made him edgy for some reason; it was like he could feel the power roiling around inside it. The archer had heard Selvig mention a doorway, a bridge of energy whilst talking with a co-worker about the cube a few days ago and ever since Clint had eyed the cube warily. Doors opened from both sides and it was like he could feel the shadowy power building on the other side waiting to burst through if he stared at the Tesseract for too long. Combined with the feeling, Clint was so damned twitchy he had sequestered himself up in his nest to avoid the predictable jokes.

Coulson had ordered an evacuation of the base an hour ago and SHIELD was currently clearing out everything it could as quickly as possible. Tearing his eyes away from the glowing blue cube, Clint looked down when he caught movement at the doors; Fury had arrived. The archer watched the black clad man walk over to Selvig and begin conversing with the scientist before he turned his eyes back to the cube. Something was coming and whatever it was, it was powerful and Clint was loathe to admit it…somewhat familiar.

"Agent Barton, report to me."

Clint's eyes flicked back to the two men before he pushed up from his crouched position next to the rail and over to the zip line. He grabbed the rope and then jumped of the edge of the platform and lowered himself down to the ground before walking quickly over to the director.

"I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on things." Fury growled as Clint came to a stop beside him.

The archer gave a shrug. "I see better from a distance." He answered absently as his eyes were drawn to the cube again.

"Are you seeing anything that might set this thing off?" Fury asked sarcastically.

"No one's come or gone. It's clean, no contacts, no ." Clint answered as he paced around the raised platform the scientists had set up a few weeks ago to ease some of his twitchiness. He shot the director a look before turning back to the cube. "If there was any tampering, sir, it wasn't on this end." He added quietly.

"At this end?" Fury queried giving the agent a sharp look.

Clint gave the other man a surprised look. "Yeah, the cube is a doorway to the other side of space, right? Doors open from both sides." He answered. Clint saw Fury's eye narrow in consideration but before the other man could open his mouth to speak the Tesseract began to react.

A loud whirling noise began to fill the air as the cube began to glow brighter and brighter. Small tendrils of energy began to flare out of the cube and as the energy began to rise, the tendrils grew until there was a whirling vortex of blue energy swirling around the Tesseract and its stand. Suddenly a blue beam of light flashed back toward the other side of the room where a circular wall of blue energy formed. Clint stared wide eyed at the sight alongside everyone else in the room. He knew, in a small part of his mind that he should be reacting in an appropriate manner to the situation; clearing the room of the civilians, trying to cut power to the Tesseract or something but the majority of his brain was screaming 'He's coming! Yes, Yes, Yes!'

Eventually the Tesseract seemed to reach its peak and with a flare of light, a wave of energy burst away from the glowing wall and flew toward them. Clint braced himself and lifted an arm to protect his face instinctively as the wave of energy passed over them harmlessly. When he lowered his arm he caught a figure kneeling on the platform where the wall of energy had been only moments before. A small group of SHIELD agents slowly began to approach the kneeling figure with their weapons pointed toward him. When the man slowly raised his head, Clint felt his breath catch in his throat without knowing exactly why. He had never seen the other before in his life that he could recall but there was something about that face, something so familiar that it ached.

"Sir, please put down the spear!" Fury called from beside him. Clint twitched ever so slightly and he glanced at the director from the corner of his eye before flicking back to the kneeling figure; he hadn't even noticed the elaborate spear shaped staff in the man's hand, so focussed was he on the other's face. Clint cursed his inattention as the man pushed to his feet and fired a blue bolt of energy in their direction. Acting instinctively, Clint shoved Fury out of the projectile's way and it bypassed them to hit the desk of computer equipment behind that exploded loudly. The SHIELD agents automatically opened fire but the stranger shrugged off the bullets and threw himself across the room, impaling one of the men with the staff and throwing daggers into the throats of a couple of others before Clint had even pushed himself into a kneeling position. Even though his mind was screaming to do the opposite, Clint sighted up his handgun and pulled the trigger on the stranger's head. To his astonishment and for some reason relief, the bullets ricochet off the dark haired man's skull. The man gave a grunt in surprise and sent a sharp look toward Clint. The archer felt something clench inside him at the expression and he threw himself to the side to avoid another blast of blue energy from the staff; the SHIELD agents behind him weren't so lucky.

Clint was pushing himself to his feet when he heard the fast approaching footsteps behind him, he twisted around raising his gun but the man grabbed his wrist tightly stopping it. Clint let out a grunt of pain at the tightness of the grip; he could feel the small bones in his wrist grinding together under the pressure. The dark haired man leaned in close and ran his narrowed eyes over Clint's face intently and the archer fought not to flinch back under their sharp gaze. The blue gaze held him frozen for several long seconds before a sad, wry smile formed on the man's face as he tilted his head to the side.

"You recognise me not." The man stated softly. There was a deep sadness in his tone that Clint felt mirrored in his core, of a connection broken, torn asunder and then buried. Clint swallowed roughly as the pale blue eyes caught his own and whatever he had been about to say died in his throat as he felt something strong and oh so familiar brush up against his mind. "Oh I see, how clever Allfather." The man continued quietly to himself. "But I have learnt much since I fell." Clint's eyes never left the other's as the man lifted the staff and pressed it against his chest. The archer felt a surge of power flow from the weapon and into his chest; Clint let out a choked gasp at the feeling. Instead of pain as he had been expecting it was as if a huge weight had been removed from his body and mind. The difference was so surprising that he dropped the handgun and his legs dropped out from underneath him. He would have dropped to the ground if the dark haired man; Loki, his mind supplied, hadn't caught him.

Loki, God of Mischief, Liesmith, Silver tongue…

"Father…" He breathed as he stared up at the pale face looking down at him.

Loki's icy gaze softened and Clint felt cold fingers brush against his cheek. "Jörmungandr." He responded in a voice thick with emotion. "I have come for you."

Clint, no…Jörmungandr gave Loki a watery smile before he gipped the God's sides and buried his face into his father's chest. He managed a couple of shaky breaths before a choked sob escaped as the rush of emotions and memories. His father had come for him; after so long, his father had done as he had promised and come for him.

"Hush, little one. I am here now." Loki stated softly as he brushed his fingers through Clint's short hair.

With his face buried into his father's chest as it was, Clint could still hear Fury moving around slowly. The metallic clicks from the director's direction sounded like the other had enclosed something into a protective suitcase; more than likely not the Tesseract. As a SHIELD agent, Clint shouldn't be hugging a hostile force like a child, but as it was the archer just didn't give a fuck what he should have been doing instead. Jörmungandr didn't care that Loki had killed half a dozen human agents nor that he had broken into a secure government compound. He only cared that his father had come for him as promised and freed him from Odin's magic.

"You will not be taken from me again, this I promise." Loki whispered fiercely into Clint's hair as he squeezed his son closer for several seconds before slowly releasing him. Clint made a small noise in the back of his throat as Loki released him however he was relieved when the God only pulled back enough to turn his body around to face Fury who was slowly reaching for a discarded weapon on the floor. "Please don't." Loki called to the director as he stroked his hand in a calming manner across the top of Clint's head as it leant against his thigh.

Fury paused where he was standing and shot a narrow eyed look to Clint where he was kneeling docile-like on the ground next to the hostile. "What the hell did you do to my agent?"

Loki tilted his head slightly so that he could see Fury out of the corner of his eye while keeping Clint in the rest of his field of vision. "I simply broke the enchanted on him, dear Director." The God answered. "His mind and memory is now his own once more."

"Really? You expect me to believe that?" Fury demanded. "If anything it looks like you put an enchantment on my agent rather than released him from one."

Here Clint pulled back enough so that he could turn his head against Loki's chest to face his superior. "He's telling the truth, Sir." He stated just loud enough for the one eyed man to hear. "He released me from…from the All-Father's binding magic."

Fury's eye narrowed as he gazed at his subordinate still enclosed in the stranger's arms. The trio's eyes flickered over to the right as Selvig slowly climbed to his feet and approached slowly. "All-Father? As in Odin, father of Thor?"

Clint felt his newly released mind recoiled from the name uttered by the scientist, he was unaware his body had done the same until he felt Loki's grip tighten around his shoulders. He looked up to his father and found him glaring at the suddenly pale man. "So it seems you were one of the mortals my brother met when he was banished to this realm."

Selvig shifted nervously under the sharp eyed attention. "Brother…you are Loki? Thor's brother; the one who tried to kill him in New Mexico!" The announcement caused the predictable reactions form the SHIELD agents, who all repointed their weapons at the new arrival and looked toward Fury for orders.

Clint smiled softly at the pleased feeling when he heard it had been Loki who had tried to kill his uncle almost a year ago in the desert. "Good." He said softly as he nuzzled his face into Loki's hip.

"Good?" Fury queried. "As I recall, Agent Barton, in Coulson's report you were; and I quote, 'Rooting for this guy'."

Clint scowled and shot the Director a dirty look. "That was before I recalled him trying to kill me as a child with his war hammer!" he snapped back.

"Thor wouldn't attack a child!" Selvig retorted offended on behalf of the man he had meet in New Mexico a year ago.

"Clearly you don't know my brother as well as you thought you did, mortal." Loki interrupted smoothly before the Norwegian scientist could make any further comment in defence of the God. "Did Thor ever tell you why he was on Midgard? Did he tell you what he had done to warrant banishment and the All-Father to strip his powers from him?" Loki waited several seconds in which Selvig opened and shut his mouth silently. "He led an unprovoked attack on another realm resulting in the deaths of several hundred; Odin was most displeased that his brash actions resulted in war."

Selvig looked unconvinced of Loki's explanation and looked toward Fury hesitantly then back to Loki. "Thor said it was you the orchestrated the war; you led the Ice Giants into Asgard and were the puppet master behind the scenes. Your actions resulted in Thor being banished not his own."

Clint snorted whilst Loki tipped his head back and barked out a sharp laugh. "I admit it; I was behind Thor's banishment. I came to Midgard whilst he was in your custody," he said with a nod toward Fury. "And I told him that Odin was dead and that he would never be allowed back into Asgard. Of course that all changed when I discovered secrets only the King of Asgard could know." He added in an angry mutter. "It was prudent to get Thor back to Asgard as quickly as possible then."

"So what you are saying is that you are the good guy here?" Fury demanded sceptically.

Loki snapped his head in Fury's direction and narrowed his eyes angrily. "I am saying that you should hear both sides of the story before you make your decision."

"You killed half a dozen good men moments after your arrival!" Fury snapped. "I don't need to hear your side of the story."

"Killed, Director?" Loki replied easily. "I have not killed anyone." The god nodded his head in the direction of the other side of the room. Turning Fury looked over his shoulder and found the agents Loki had killed were slowly pushing to their feet unharmed and dazed. "Appearances can be deceptive." Loki added.

Fury pursed his lips as he turned back to study the self-proclaimed god before him. "What do you really want here?" he growled.

Loki smiled thinly and brushed a pale hand through Clint's hair once more. "I only want what was stolen from me, Director." He responded easily.

"I can't let you have the Tesseract." The black man growled back defensively.

Loki snorted and waved a hand dismissively. "Keep it, I care not for the trinket but know that there are others that seek it." He explained. "No, I want my children back." Here, Clint turned his head so that his face brushed Loki's hip as the god pulled him closer. The feelings of protection and love once more flowed through him at the hug; it was a feeling the archer had missed for years, no, centuries.

Fury's eyes flickered from Loki's face to the agent in his arms and back. "Children?" he asked sceptically.

Loki's smile in return was dark. "Yes, my children." He explained. "Surely you have heard the stories? We were worshiped as Gods on your world once; legends carry some grain of truth after all."

"You actually gave birth to an eight-legged horse?" Selvig demanded in shock.

Clint's shoulders shook as he chuckled quietly and he buried his face further into his father's stomach to hide his amusement. Loki shot his child a disgruntled look before returning his sharp eyes to the Norwegian scientist. "Sleipnir, whilst being the only one of his kind is not my son, no." he muttered in annoyance. "He was begotten by Svaðilfari and my mare; where the Vikings got the ridiculous notion I birthed him I do not know."

"And the other legends? The other monster children?" Selvig asked curiously.

Clint tensed, yanked himself out of his father's grip and pushed to is feet affronted. "I am not a monster!" he shouted outraged at the thought. "I have done nothing to earn that title and neither have my siblings apart from simply existing!"

Selvig jerked back at the anger and Fury's hand brought the pistol back up but he didn't fire. "Peace, Jörmungandr." Loki murmured to his son as he stepped forward and rested a calming hand on his son's trembling shoulder. He shot Selvig a nasty glare before speaking slowly. "You would best not mention such slander in my or my children's presence, mortal."

Clint gritted his jaw but made no further advance toward Selvig so Fury slowly lowered his weapon once more. "Jörmungandr?" he asked slowly.

"Yes." Clint growled through gritted teeth. "It is my name, my true name." he added to clarify.

"And the other…kids from the stories? Hel and Fen-something, the wolf?" Fury questioned shooting a look back to Loki.

"Hel and Fenrir; yes they are too my children. Born of Angrboða; my mistress." Loki answered.

"The Frost Giant?" Selvig asked. He shot the two men hesitant looks at the question. "Legends say she was a Frost Giant." He added hastily.

Clint's lips twisted in irritation whilst Loki rolled his eyes. "She was Aesir, I assure you; though not of the calibre to be worthy of a Prince of Asgard or so the All-Father thought. She 'died' unexpectedly shortly after the birth of our daughter; Odin cast them out of Asgard as abominations." Here Loki paused and there was a flicker of old pain in his eyes before he continued. "My wife; Sigyn, had borne me two sons, twins; Vali and Narfi."

"So you're saying two more of your kids are on Earth?' Fury questioned, shooting Clint an unnamed look as he asked.

Loki smiled wryly. "Not at all, Director; I am saying all my children are on Midgard."

"You just said Odin only cast out the mons-uh, the first three." Selvig pointed out, hastily correcting himself at the last minute. It didn't work considering the dark looks both men shot the bumbling scientist.

"He did." Loki affirmed. "However other Aesir did not take kindly to my other children even if they were born to a Prince of Asgard and a woman deemed to be of satisfying standing."

Fury shifted uncomfortably. "Is this the story where one of them is turned into a wolf and rips the other to pieces? Something about binding you to a rock with the intestines?" At the horrified looks thrown in his direction he shrugged unrepentant. "That one stuck with me." He explained.

"Small wonder." Clint muttered under his breath in a shock.

"The Norse had such imaginations." Loki answered in a strained tone. "Thor had never been fond of my other children," Loki chuckled darkly before continuing. "Vali and Narfi; though they had never met their siblings still defended them; this displeased my brother and many other Aesir greatly and resulted in many fights. One day it got out of hand; someone died and my sons fled for their lives. I did all I could to throw Thor and the others off their trail without incriminating myself; I bound their abilities and memories much as Odin had their siblings and hid them away on Midgard. There has been no chance to find them once more until recently."

"So what you are saying is that we have five of your kids hiding out here on Earth?" Fury asked with narrowed eyes.

"And I have come to claim them once more." Loki smiled benignly. "Before the Chitauri destroy this realm." He added as an afterthought.


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