I apologize for disappearing. I can't believe I abandoned everyone for so many months. I do apologize, but it isn't without reason.

My mother died.

I know I previously wrote she was fine, but the infection came back. She had 2 toes removed trying to stop the spread. But it got into her blood. She was hallucinating, and I don't think she even knew I was there to visit. I wasn't there when she officially died though. Happened while I was asleep. It's been a bit of a very, terrible roller coaster.

Trying to get everything in order, plan the funeral, and dealing with my brothers, my aunt (her sister), and her husband. Who will get her house, and jewelry, and who will take care of her dogs, and so forth and so on. She of course didn't have a plan, so of course it was chaos. It's been hard.

Nothing like funerals to bring the ugly out of people. She wanted her jewelry to go to her grand daughters. There are 2 that are biologically hers and 2 that aren't. I was all for all 4 getting equal shares. Just dump it in a pile and have them take turns picking what they wanted, starting oldest to youngest (my daughter is the youngest of the 4, biological if that matters to you). But my aunt, her sister, felt she should get everything. Since they were sisters. But she would give some to the "real" granddaughters,But not the 2 that aren't biologically related. She felt blood is thicker than water garbage. With that logic, I argued that I as her only daughter should get the lot, considering I came out of her.

I didn't want it, I wanted to grant my mothers wish, but this horrid, selfish, witch fought. Even brought a lawyer into it. At the end, my mothers husband stepped up and basically said he technically owns everything since he was legally her husband. Even though they were separated. Her lawyer is threatening, but there isn't anything that can be done hopefully. Especially since there are several witnesses to say what my mom's wish was, including friends not involved.

He did the right thing and gave it to the grand-daughters. He liked my idea, so that's what we did. We'll see what happens now. I offered her the diamond ring that was my great-great grandmothers or something.(My daughter had chosen it, but she won't remember it.) As a peace offering,but she's being a royal pain in the ass.

Don't get me started on the house. I literally want nothing from her. We had a horrible relationship, that only in recent years had started getting decent, but I don't want her money, or jewelry , or car. Seriously nothing.

My older brother wants everything, but I feel my little brother deserves it. He's the one that really took care of her in the last weeks of her life. I was too far away to truly help much. And my older brother didn't help at all. He's got some archaic bullshit floating around in his head that since he's the oldest son, he has some kind of birth right to everything.

Even though it's been a few months, this mess just won't end.

And I got saddled with the majority of the funeral bills. Since I'm the only one financially responsible. I'm at the point where I just don't get involved anymore. I re-homed most of her dogs, donated most of her clothes, got the jewelry situation sorted out. I inherited her perfume, somehow. She had a lot of perfume. They're all used, so I doubt I can sell them, and some were stupid expensive. So I don't want to just throw them out either.

Anyway. They can fight over the house and everything else. Honestly not sure about the house. My little brother lived there and helped pay the bills. The husband didn't live there, but they were still married. But his name was never on the house. I told my mother over and over to make a Will.

Sorry for the long story, before the actual stuff you clicked here to see. I leave you now for the next chapter, and I hope that I will finish this story sooner rather than later. - And, Yes I do plan on covering the 2nd mission, and their return to the guild. So this story will continue, and hopefully sooner than before. The formating changed a bit when uploading a story, so forgive me if it looks all weird. As usual Not my characters.

Chapter 17

Be Mine

Lucy POV

Mr. Mogami didn't speak as he led me to his office. I could feel an angry aura emitting from him. I knew I was in trouble. And was incredibly afraid that I was about to fail my very first mission. I felt ashamed that I had allowed my personal issues to distract me from the mission. I was supposed to be protecting this mans daughter, not acting like a jealous harpy. Have I even spoken to her today? I'm the worst. Not only had I not been doing my mission, but I was flirting with her fiance. Her FIANCE! What the actual hell was I thinking?

Even if I did see Kyoko with Natsu, though now I'm doubting what I actually saw, Sho is still a taken man. Natsu was right to call me a homewrecker. I wasn't thinking is the problem. I just allowed my useless over the top emotions to lead me down this path of stupidity and regret. If I can, I will apologize most profusely to Kyoko for my slutty behavior. I truly had no intention of doing anything with Sho. I was just basking in the happy feelings of having my favorite idol lavishing attention on me. Just pretending for a little while, that dreams do come true. I'd be lying if I didn't confess that Sho was tempting. He has the voice made for sex. But now that I'm more calm, I see that I was definitely in the wrong. Even if he was flirting with me, was that anyway to treat someone I had called friend, just the night before? Shouldn't friends get the chance to explain the circumstance? Shouldn't I have put just an ounce more faith in the man I've called my best friend? The man I've secretly loved all this time? I'm such a dunce. Natsu hadn't deserved my harshness, and I don't deserve him.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn't realize we had arrived at Mr. Mogami's office. He unlocked the door and opened it. "Please sit, Ms. Heartfilia."His tone making me feel like a misbehaving 9 year old all over again.

He closed and locked the door behind me as I walked to the couch and had a seat. I looked down, staring at my knees. Without a word I heard him walk over to his mini bar and started preparing a drink. I gulped quietly. Nervousness making my stomach tie up in knots. I was startled when he placed a drink in front of me, re-actively looking up and meeting his eyes. I'm not sure what I saw there, but I immediately looked back down at the drink and quietly said, "Thank you."

I took a sip, and slightly grimaced at the harsh drink. It was alcoholic for sure. Whiskey? He sat in a chair near the couch. I heard the ice in his glass clink as he took a drink. "Would you like to explain that little 'show' you put on with your 'partner' in my back yard?"

Internally cringing at his emphasis on show and partner. "Mr. Mogami, I am incredibly sorry..." He didn't let me finish as he cut me off saying.

"'Just partners' You said, 'Not like that' you said. Exactly what kind of an idiot do you think I am?"

"I don't think..."

"Because that little display isn't how 'partners' tend to act. And make no mistake in thinking I haven't heard about your actions with my staff this morning either. They came running to me after your partner threatened them."

What could I say? He was right. I wasn't in the room when Natsu threatened them, but it wasn't hard for me to imagine either. I took another sip of the drink he had made, and held back my tears. I had brought shame to Fairy Tail.

"I don't care if you are a mage, and I do not care that your 'partner' is some Grand Magic Games celebrity. I will not allow such behavior in my house! I expect, and paid for, professionalism and for a specific job to be done. Fairy Tail is supposed to be the best guild." He sighed deeply, and said more calmly. "I hope, Ms. Heartfilia, that you understand the situation, and that there wont be anymore... issues."

"Yes, sir." I responded quietly.

"Now that, that unpleasantness is out of the way. Let us move on to more pleasant conversation." He looked at my mostly full glass, "Do you not like the drink? It's made with a very fine, Yamazaki 50 year old Single Malt Whiskey."

Why anyone would want to drink something that was 50 years old was beyond me. The change of conversation threw me off a bit though, but I wasn't going to complain. Anything to stop the tongue lashing I had been receiving. I already had enough guilt eating me up inside. I took another sip. I was correct with my guess of whiskey. "I don't drink often sir. I've never had a 50 year old whiskey before." Now shots and wine and beer, those are my idea of a good time. I hope he wasn't expecting some connoisseur. My dad limited me to wine.

We sat in silence for a little bit. He finished his drink. Stood up, and went back to the bar. "Shall I tell you a story?" He unexpectedly said. I wasn't really in a position to say 'No.' He had his drink in hand and was looking out the window.

"Yes please." Faking interest; even if what I really wanted was to leave the room, and go find Natsu. Taking a bigger sip, I started feeling a little... off. Maybe the alcohol volume is denser than I think?

"I married my first wife at just 18 years old. I truly loved her, even though we married young, we were happy. She got pregnant right away, but we were excited. We had both wanted a house full of children, since we were both only children. But...She died when Kyoko was quite young." He took a moment to clear his throat.

"When my daughter turned 10, I realized that a young girl needs a woman to guide her. So I started the search to find her a mother who would help her grow into a proper lady.

About that same time, one of my business associates put it out that he wished for his daughter to wed. I did some research, and not only was she from a very wealthy family, she had also received the best education from private tutors, and she too had lost her mother at a young age. I felt that would help her in guiding my growing daughter. That they would be able to understand each other. On top of all that, she was also a mage. So she would also be able to protect my child if need arose.

After seeing her picture, for my memory of the girl was quite outdated, I approached him for her hand. I was half infatuated already with not only her beauty, but all her attributes as well. I promised a lot more than I normally would have, but I felt she would have been well worth it.

However, days before the contracts were signed, Prince Sawarr of the Junelle made his bid. Expansion in the south, and a coveted title that cannot be purchased, no matter how much wealth one earns...There was nothing I could offer that could beat having grandchildren that would be royalty."

I wasn't sure where he was going with this story. I get that he was talking about me. Which was weirding me out a little. What did he expect me to say? And is it just me, or is it getting freakin hot in here? I wiped my brow, and took another gulp of the drink in front of me. At least it's cold, even if it is gross.

"I was overjoyed when I heard through the grapevine that she had rejected the Prince. Her father at the same time, had made some incredibly foolish mistakes, and almost over night lost his fortune. I created and started putting into motion a plan to court her directly. As the final details were made, and I prepared to go to Fiore, she disappeared. Her and half of her guild vanished. Presumed dead.

In my disappointment, and semi-heartbreak, I married another woman, who came from a good family. My daughter still needed a mother after all. And I still had a desire for more children...Probably the worst mistake I have ever made, for both myself and my daughter.

I'm in the middle of a divorce and she is on trial for embezzlement. I'll be honest, I didn't...spend as much time with my daughter as I should have. Perhaps I would have realized the psychological abuse sooner. It's probably a good thing we didn't have any children together."

Oh God, what on Earthland does expect me to say? Honestly it was getting harder and harder to focus. I was feeling weird, like really weird. My heart was racing, and I started to feel dizzy. It was too hard to think.

"Let us fast forward 9 years. The girl who I thought long dead, has appeared right before me, and I do not want to squander another minute." He came over and sat right next to me and put a hand on my knee. "I'm sure you know who I'm talking about."

I wanted to shove his hand off of me, but my hands weren't working. I tried telling him that I wasn't feeling good, to stop touching me, but my mouth wasn't working the way I wanted it to either. Go away, I wanted to say. I was so dizzy, and confused, my vision was blurring a little.

"Everything will be fine. Don't fight it." He whispered in my ear, putting the other arm around my shoulders, pulling me towards him; his hand leaving my knee and started creeping up my thigh. I wasn't sure what to do or what was even going on, my brain wasn't working. But I was feeling scared. What is happening?! His face was too close and getting closer. He was centimeters away, and I could barely move!

Suddenly, a loud banging on the door and yell of "Hey LUCY, I need to talk to you! LUCY, I know you're in there!" Natsu. I was so happy and relieved right now.

Mr. Mogami stopped coming towards me and paused where he was. Then slowly pulled away from me, and let go of me. He got up and opened the door.

When I saw him, I yelled out, "Natsu!" Happily. Yay! He's saving me again, in all his shirtless glory.

Natsu POV

I followed her scent. Started at the court yard, and traced her back to the closed door in front of me. I turned the knob to let myself in. She wasn't running away from me this time. Even if I have to sit on her, she was gonna listen to what I had to say.

But it was locked. So I knocked, and said "Hey Lucy! I need to talk to you." I paused listening "Lucy, I know you're in there." Thank you nose, I knew she was in there... hopefully she wasn't ignoring me anymore. The door still didn't open, so I was about to knock again, when the boss dude opened up the door. Oh, she was in his office.

"Hey Mr. uh, Mowgoli, I need to talk to Lucy."

"Mogami...How did you know she was in here?" He sounded kind of nervously, annoyed. That's a weird combo. Whatever, not my business. Do the job and get the heck outta here.

"I can smell her." Taking a big whiff to emphasize. He looked at me in disgust and disbelief. "It's part of my magic." Doesn't bother me if he believes me or not.

I stepped past him and saw her, sitting on the couch. She squinted at me, with a very definite pause. Then she smiled all goofy at me. "Natsuuuuuuu!" I looked over and saw her waving at me. Awe shit.

I turned to Mr. Mogami, "Did you give her alcohol?"

He looked at me, then simply said. "Yes, I did."

"She can't handle the stuff at all. I'm gonna go put her to bed, before she causes trouble. Hopefully she'll be fine for tomorrow." She tried getting up, but fell back down. I shook my head, and went to her. She looked up at me, and raised her arms up, like a child wanting to be carried. So I bent down and picked her up bridal style.

"Thank you, Natsu."She whispered into my ear. She was still wearing that short ass skirt. Not that I minded touching her bare skin.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Mogami. We will see you in the morning." I ignored the angry glare he shot my way, And started to head back to our room. There goes my plans for the evening. It's fine, I'll wait till she's sober.

As I was walking away, Mr Mogami said, "I expect you to be properly dressed tomorrow Mr. Dragneel." I looked down and sure enough, I had forgotten to put a shirt back on in my haste to find Lucy. "The rest of the decorations are arriving tomorrow, and so are some of the guests. I hope you are civilized enough and capable of such small of a task, as dressing yourself." He said hatefully, and slammed his door closed.

What bug crawled up his butt? With a shrug, I turned around, and Lucy nuzzled my neck, but there is no way in hell I'm going through that again. She's going straight to bed. I was also feeling a little annoyed. Here I was all hyped up and ready to go, but Nooo, can't do anything now that she probably won't remember anything in the morning; again.

"Natsu, I feel...funny" She slurred at me, interrupting my thoughts.

"That's because your drunk."


I could smell the whiskey on her breath. Not the good Fire Whiskey that Mira makes me. It smelled a little funny actually, but I don't drink rich people stuff. "It's all over your breath weirdo." I'm pretty sure she growled at me, but didn't say anything anymore.

It wasn't late, but it was evening by this point. Can't say it was the most productive day, but I learned some things that I'm quite grateful for. Tomorrow, tomorrow things are going to be settled between us. In my haste, I had left the door to our room open, luckily, so it was easy to get in. After kicking it closed behind me, I walked straight over and placed her on the bed.

As I tried to back away, she grabbed my arm. "Don't go." She begged. She gave me a pout. How could I refuse?

"Where would I go without you?" I told her softly. I crawled in next the her, and she turned into me. And I held her. It was nice... Till she started feeling up my chest. I sighed. Of course. I tried to ignore her, which apparently wasn't the reaction she was looking for because she then pinched my nipple; hard. "Shit! Stop that." I jerked away a little. Wishing for once that I was wearing a shirt.

"I like your chest."She slurred.

"I like yours too, now go to sleep." She continued stroking my chest, and then her hand started going lower. I could smell her arousal, which wasn't helping my situation any. I grabbed her hand and moved it away from the jewels, "Lucy, you need to stop." I said in the best no nonsense tone I could manage, which was probably more like a squeak. Instead of listening,she caught me by surprise, and in a burst of unexpected strength pushed me onto my back and straddled me. I was trying really hard not to be turned on this time, blue balls once in a lifetime is more than enough, but the evidence of my desire was getting too noticeable to ignore. Pain in the ass woman.

"Make me" She said, as she slowly started grinding against me. No, this is not happening. So I flipped us over, trying to ignore the position I just put us in.

"Lucy, stop trying to rape me." I said half joking. Trying to diffuse the building tension. Instead, she pushed her hips up against mine. Hissing a little. "If you don't stop, I'm gonna tie you up." My threat didn't work in the least, it actually seemed to encourage her!

She grabbed my face and kissed me. I made a small attempt to pull away, "Luce..." was all I managed. Before she grabbed me again, and continued. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to kissing her back, really kissing her back. Allowing myself to settle between her legs as I got lost in the moment, until I needed air, and managed to stop myself from continuing on.

Instead of going back and kissing those wonderful, soft, perfect lips and before she could catch her breath, I took off my scarf, grabbed her hands and tied them to the headboard, and quickly got off of her. And damn, if that wasn't sexy as hell. She was at my mercy. Shaking my head, I took a minute to make sure they weren't too tight, but not loose enough for her to escape. She looked at me all expectant like. I look forward to when she's sober.

"I warned you, now go to sleep." I panted. Seeing her like that though, was hot. She pouted at me.

"But Natsuuuu!" She whined at me. I covered her mouth, and she licked my hand, slowly. Sending shudders down my spine. She is so lucky it's me and not some other creep.

"Listen, we can do this tomorrow, okay?" I said as patiently as I could, my voice shaking a little, slowly taking my hand away from her mouth. So much for no hard on. More like I'm about to get a hole in my pants.


"Yes, tomorrow. But only if you go to sleep. Now close your eyes." I said gently, taking my hand and closing her eyes to encourage her to go the hell to sleep. My hand shook a little from holding back.

"Okay" she said closing her eyes. "against the wall."she said with a sigh.

"What was that Luce?"I asked her gently

"Fuck me against the wall." She said as she fell asleep.

Damn my dragon ears! Why the hell did I have to hear that?! The imagery invaded my mind like a fucking army. I hopped off the bed as quietly as I could to not disturb her, but quickly as well so I wouldn't be tempted to make that a reality. I swear to God and all that is Holy, that this woman was going to be the death of me. I stepped away from her, backed up to the wall, but seeing her tied up on the bed with my scarf, was almost too much.

The painful hard on pushed at my constricting pants. Without thinking too much about my actions, I pulled out my dick and started rubbing. I watched Lucy as she slept and imagined what I wanted to be doing to her right now. What she wanted me to do to her. That she had practically begged for me to do to her. Her tied up on the bed, completely helpless.

Ripping her shirt down the middle and exposing those huge tits. Grabbing one tightly, while sucking the other. I'd rip off her panties, spread her legs wide and fully bury myself in her. Plowing into her over and over. There would be no mercy. Fucking her faster and harder. I would make her scream my name. Lifting her hips up, I'd go even deeper. Driving her crazy as I relentlessly screwed her. She would have to take anything and everything I did to her.

I came with her name on my lips, all over the wood floor. And fell to my knees. I was panting so hard. Something had to change, because I was going insane.

The next morning Lucy woke up groggily. Her head hurt. She squinted her eyes open and looked around the room. She was in their assigned room they had been given, but couldn't for the life of her remember how she had gotten there. Memory loss, twice in one week, is probably bad for my brain.

She had a hair in her face, but when she tried to wipe it away, her arms wouldn't move. She looked upwards and saw her arms tied to the bed, with Natsu's scarf. She was attempting to process this information, when she heard a rustle on the bed.

She turned her head towards the sound, and saw Natsu, on the other side of the bed with a stack of pillows between them. She looked at the pillows, and thought to herself "That's new." Usually he's all over her.

Now normally she would be freaking out and screaming by this point, but for once she was able to to process her surroundings with a sort of detachment. She was tied up, which is kind of kinky. She'd read more than one story depicting such an act. She could only assume it had been Natsu, since A. it was his scarf and B, he was the only other one in the room. She was still fully dressed, so she also assumed that they hadn't had sex, which she was perhaps mildly disappointed, but honestly more confused.

She wiggled her her fingers, which were feeling a little numb, but not dangerously so. "At least he didn't cut off the circulation." She mumbled. In the mist of trying to make sense of life, she heard Natsu stirring. She looked over at him expectantly. When he opened his eyes, she asked him, "Why am I tied up?" As she became more awake, her annoyance levels rose.

He rose his head, looked over at her with a squinted eye. Then put his head back down, and said, "You kept trying to rape me." and re-closed his eyes.

Her head heated to the point where steam came out of her ears. Well that wasn't an answer she was expecting. "I...see..." After about a minute of silence, she tried twisting and turning her arms. Nope stuck. Despite it being a scarf, it didn't have much stretch to it. "Will you please untie me now?" She was beyond mortified at the situation sh found herself in. Instead, he moved the pillows, and just snuggled next to her. "What are you doing?"

"I think I like you tied up. Can't hit me." She could hear the laughter in his voice.

"Don't make me kick you." Instead of being threatened he just wrapped his legs around hers. Her blush hadn't fully receded from his previous words. But having him so fully pressed against her body, brought it back. Him being all pressed up against her, made other parts of her body heat up as well. "Natsu", the warning evident in her voice.

He lifted his head with a smirk and looked at her. "You know you caused me all sorts of problems last night."

"Sorry, now untie me."

"Oh, I don't know," He said in a sing song voice, "You made me promise to do all sorts of things, before you finally calmed down and went to sleep." Innuendo dripping in his tone. "You should know better than to get drunk while on a mission." He shifted to his side, propped on his elbow, though kept her legs firmly locked.

"Natsu, I'm not playing." When did I get drunk? She wondered. Things were fuzzy. I'd never drink on a mission.

"Hmmm, now lets see. What did you make me promise you again?... Oh right." He bent down real close and whispered in her ear, "You said you wanted me to fuck you against the wall." He pulled back with a sadistic smirk. A predatory gleam in his eyes.

...!...! Her brain had short circuited for few seconds. She opened and closed her mouth several times, but no words could escape. She couldn't have possibly. She desperately wanted to run away, and hide in embarrassment.

"Now, Celestial mages keep their promises right? I'm sure you want people to keep their promises to you." He traced the neckline of her dress gently. He could hear her heart racing. It's amazing how much more relaxed you can be, when you know some of the internal thoughts of the other person. "You know, an even nicer thing about you being tied up? You can't run away."

He brushed her hair from her face. "But before that, I think we need to discuss a few things, then maybe I'll untie you." She turned her head away from him. Breathing harder than she would have liked. He watched her chest rise and fall for a few moments before saying, "Now, I want to know exactly why you were so mad at me yesterday."

She pressed her lips together, and started wiggling, trying to free herself. She didn't want to talk about it. But she really couldn't free her hands. "I'm sorry I was such a bitch yesterday, now please let me go." She was able to remember early yesterday. And she really didn't want to relive it. She especially didn't want to discuss it. Could things be any worse? She thought to herself.

"I didn't ask for an apology, I want to know the reason." He said sternly. Then his faced softened, "You really... hurt me yesterday." He said quietly. He turned his head away, swallowing his emotions down.

She stopped struggling at that. Guilt hitting her right in the gut. "Natsu, I am so sorry I hurt you. I wasn't thinking about your feelings at all."

"So what did I do? I promise I won't do it again." Turning back to face her quickly, he said earnestly.

"Nothing, it was all me." He just looked at her, she was able to read it easily enough. It said "bullshit". She saw the look in his eye, that said he wasn't budging till he got what he wanted. She sighed loudly and closed her eyes.

"I was jealous okay?" She forced out, slightly louder than a whisper.

"And why were you suddenly so filled with jealousy?" He hadn't been with anyone but her. If anyone should be jealous, it should be him! She was the one that was flirting with the staff, and that Sho shit, and giving them attention, while treating him meanly. He vaguely remember her saying something about him and Kyoko, but he hadn't even talked to her till after Lucy had told him to go away.

"Lucy, I'm not sure what you think you saw with Kyoko, but I didn't do anything with her. Honestly, I swear on my life, on our guild, that we didn't do anything that should make you jealous of her."

"The scratches." She mumbled.

"What scratches?" What the hell, I get scratches all the time.

"Behind your shoulder." She whispered. She was red in the face.

Natsu got up and walked over to the mirror, and turned, and saw the scratches. And sighed at the utter ridiculousness he has had to endure. She was jealous of herself. "Let me guess, the mystery woman that I really want, and have been using you to just practice with. She made them."

He face-palmed. He walked back to the bed, and laid down next to her. He cupped her face tenderly and turned her face so she would look at him, "Lucy, you made those scratches." He saw her confusion, and she opened her mouth to voice it, but he cut her off, "The night we went to the club, you got very drunk. And You were...lets say forceful"

Now it was his turn to blush and look away. It's a lot more embarrassing to talk about it, then to experience it. He looked away, "Things got a little intense."

Hesitantly she asked, "What did we do?" Her voice was a little hoarse. He could almost hear the emotional overload.

"Not as much as I wanted, that's for damn sure... But I probably should have stopped a little sooner." He looked at her, "You are a very horny drunk." He told her bluntly. Watching her face turn the hilarious shade of tomato, he enjoyed so much. "It's why I tied you up last night. I didn't trust myself to stop again."

She looked like she was about to cry. So he leaned over and gave her lips a very gentle kiss. Catching her by surprise. He looked her in the eyes and told her gently, "Lucy, I love you. Not just as my nakama, not just my best friend, or partner."

His heart was beating so hard in his chest. He looked away as he reached up and finally untied her hands. "I'm sorry if my actions hurt you, that's kind of the opposite thing I was trying to accomplish." She wrapped her arms around his neck and started crying.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Natsu." She wept into his neck.

He wrapped his arms around her, and let her cry. She let go of his neck, and buried her face into his chest. He rubbed her back in comfort. When she had calmed down, he kissed the top of her head.

"So, are you going to give me an answer to my confession? " He was pretty sure he knew the answer, but she hadn't responded, so he was getting nervous and doubts started creeping in. What if she had changed her mind because of yesterday? He heard her softly chuckle, then she said,

"I love you too, Natsu."

"Please be mine?" He asked into her hair. And the absolute joy he felt when she nodded her head in agreement. He held her tighter in happiness. FINALLY! He was so done with all the teenage angst. No more misunderstandings.

He pushed her back a little, and looked down at her. "I'm going to kiss you senseless now." She only had time to raise her eyebrows in surprise before he proceeded to do just that. It was different from their other kisses. With a clear head for once, he could truly appreciate how her mouth felt. How she tasted as their tongues danced. The way her breathing sped up as it became more intense. The way her body molded to his, as he held her.

He pulled away to breath, both of them quickly panting. He put his forehead to hers and smiled. As much as he wanted to just lay there all day with her in his arms, they were still on a mission. Oh well, the wedding was tomorrow. Then just the two of them. He waited this long, he could continue doing so.

He nuzzled her nose with his. "Now Lucy, I want you to stay away from Sho." He heard the the indignation, but decided to nip it in the bud. "Don't even start. Look how jealous you acted over some scratches, how do you think I felt when you were all pressed up against him dancing?"

She looked down in shame. "He doesn't have platonic intentions towards you. At least make sure I'm around as well. So, you will spend the day with the bride, and I'll spend it with the asshole."

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