"From Your LovingSempai"
Kasamatsu . X .Kise

The day was spent with Kasamatsu's team singing an off-pitched happy birthday, and every classmate that he never knew he had greeting him as well.

The afternoon training just ended and everyone else gathered their bags to leave the gym. He had already promised to treat the team out on dinner on Saturday, so he better start saving now.

Just as he was going to join them leave, he saw the blond fixing his bag by the benches. And suddenly, an urge to accomplish today's mission resurfaced and he excused himself, telling the group to wait by the gate, as he approached the blond.

"Hey Kise," He started, mind already whirling for the right words to say.


"I was wondering about what you said this morning... About what kind of exercise I was talking about."

Kasamatsu watched Kise stare at him with wide, expecting eyes, and he couldn't help but laugh mentally and praise himself for his cunning front.

"Maybe we should take that exercise... In my room tonight,"

There. He said it. And it took all of his willpower not to breakdown and blush.

"E-eh..." Kise continued to stare, until it hit him so hard, he stumbled back, blushing like there was no tomorrow as censored thoughts filled his mind, "EH?!"

Mission accomplished.

Kasamatsu could only stare in awe as the blond continued to sputter words and squeeks as he waved his hands frantically.

All the while, blushing beet red.

"SE-SEMPAI!" Kise wailed, eyes tearing up, making it glossier, and much more attracive than how the brunette expected it to be.

He smiled at his ace, grabbed his hand and pulled him up. The feeling of the joke dissipated, and all that was left now was that yearning feeling of having his Kise beside him tonight.

"If you be a good boy, I might consider training you... If you know what I mean,"

And with that, Kise's mind practically exploded and all he could do was lean on his kind Sempai's shoulders.



Author's note:

Hehehe. There's Kasamatsu's side of the story! Hope you enjoyed!
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