Percy Jackson, Thalia and Jason Grace, Nico and Bianca Di Angelo are teen pop sensations with the three billionairs as their father and uncles. They're the three brothers named Zeus Atlas, Poseidon Ocenaus and Hades Iapetus Olympian. Zeus Atlas Olympian constanly tells Thalia and Jason's step mother, Hera, they are mistakes of his though behind these words he actually cares about them a lot. Unlike their brother, Poseidon Oceanus and Hades Iapetus Olympian will show their care to their children, Percy Jackson, and the twins Bianca and Nico Di Angelo.

So the fabulous 5, (the teen pop sensation) were having a tour around the United States of America going from Tenesse to Maine, stoping for concerts at Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, VT, NH and Maine. This tour should last around 2-3 weeks.

Now, enough chat about their background, let's moe on with the story o'kay?

~~~Third Person~~~

One day, the three Olympians stopped by the stars hotel to give them breaking news.

"NICO! WHERE DID YOU PUT THE COFFEE MACHINE! FOR ONCE AFTER USING PUT IT BACK WHERE IT WAS!" Bianca yelled from the kitchen area of their 3 storey suite. It was early in the morning, Jason and Bianca who were already up would like to brew some coffee. Today, the fabulous 5 were going to leave New York to continue their tour.

"J.J.! Heads up!" Nico cried to Jason as he threw the coffee maker from the second floor to the first. Jason caught it in one swift motion since before he became famous, he was the school basketball captain.

"Guys keep it down i'm trying to get some more sleep here!" Thalia yelled at the waken ones from the third floor. Just then the door bell rung and when Bianca open the door, three grown men shouted like children when they are allowed to play video games, " WAKE UP CHILDREN AND GET YOUR SLEEPY ASS DOWN HERE WE'VE GOT BREAKING NEWS!"

"SHUT UP PEOPLE! CAN I HAVE A QUIET MORNING FOR ONCE?!" Thalia, Percy and Nico whinned.

"NO YOU CAN'T!" Bianca, Jason and the three brothers chanted like to the school choir.

As soon the sleepy asses got down to the living area the three Olympians announced their so called "amazing" news.

"Your tour is CANCELLED!" The three grown-ups yelled and paused for dramatic effects but all they got were angry, annoyed, pissed, dangerous and shocked looks, " Your all going to school!" and then they started hopping around like toddlers.


"Why are you doing this to us?"Thalia

"What did we do wrong"Jason

"What do you want with us"Percy

"Are you Crazy?"Nico

"What is wrong with you?"Bianca

"Well your step mothers' Hera, Amphitrite, and Persephone decided that you really need more time as a normal teenager so therefore we signed you up at a private music school call Goode High. And you will fit just fine because A is there."

"Whos A?" asked Percy

"That's her short form. Thalia and Jason, A is your god aunt's favourite student. Any ideas? Thals you used to play with her all the time before she had o move to San Fransico, remember? The blondie?" Zeus said

Thalia thought for a while then exclaimed, " Daddy dear, do NOT call her a blondie!"

"Yaddy yaddy yadda you remember now suit yourself. Your books are here and you will start school on Monday. Any questions… Good now till next time!" They went out and some men in suits came in to put down 5 boxes labeled the teens names then when out slamming the door shut.