~~~Previously on THIS Percy Jackson FANFIC~~~

Anna your manners. Okay have fun.

Bye dad.

I cut the line and sighed.

"We heard that." Thals said, "I feel so sorry for you. That that bitch is still there.

"You should." i mumbled...

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~~~Thalia's POV~~~

"Ladies! Movie is picked!" Nico hopped in followed by Jason skipping in and Percy, being the only normal one, walking in. Typical brother and cousins... Q: facepalm!

"We've picked... Drum roll please!" Nico started drumming the drums," The Conjuring!" Jason announced. They were smiling like troll face whereas we, the girls remained emotionless. The conjuring was told and known to be a horror movie based on a true story. (AN: I didn't watch the movie as the cover looks really creepy) I looked at my sis and cuz and they both looked freaked out.

"Um... Can i not watch this movie?" Bee said.

"No sis... You'll watch it. You should cause i dunno, your bro is watching?" Emo boy said

"Fine is it PG? Eh? Whatever i don't care!"

"Hey but is Annie staying?" My brother said. OH NO he didn't call her that! Only i can!

I shouted at my brother, " Hey! I know she also your kinda god-sister. But you do not get the privilege to call her ANNIE!" I was on a roll but Annie cut in.

"Who said I GAVE YOU PERMISSION to call me Annie? Crap! I called myself Annie!" She mumbled the last part. She seems very hard facepalming herself mentally. We burst with laughter. Wait... Why is kelp head not responding? Or more like talking? He seems to be very quiet after he...he...he...picked uP ANNABETH! Wait and he was in a room with her...ooh... And now, he is looking at her daydreaming! Could they be? Nah... Perce knows better to not date a girl yet...But Annabeth is a GOOD girl... Would she break his heart like Calypso did? Ugh that name. Feels bad thinking about her... Wait but if he does lik... My thoughts were broken by... " EARTH TO THALIA! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU'VE BEEN STARING AT THE FLOOR SHAKING YOUR HEAD AS IF YOU WERE A MAD PERSON!" Gods... That blonde sure is loud!

"Nothing..."my relatives narrowed their eyes, eager to change the topic, " Hey...um let's start the movie! We have school tomorrow, won't wanna um...stay up too late...um..." That might not sound convincing but it did the trick.

~~~Percy's POV~~~

~~~11 o'clock ~~~

Crap! Pinecone face noticed. Shit! She must be suspecting something. Screw! She is onto something! Hey! group of 3! Kinda... When we were picking the movie, Jason noticed too. Damn those two siblings! Thankgod emo and bee are still clueless! Oh well! Ooh time for movie! Hmm... Hopefully the girls will be freaked out enough for us to blackmail them. I don't want to do this to Annabeth. Her beautiful hair, stormy eyes, button nose seems too perfect to be blackmailed about...hai...Wait! Am i daydreaming about her?

"Kelphead! Turn the volume up!" Sparky was yelling. He wriggled his eyebrows... I turned it up and all i hear is "its starting! Its starting!" From Bee. Oh well. The girls were taking up the bed couch. Btw it's a bed now...Jase took the valentine sofa. Emo boy is taking up the black massage chair and i took the floor sofa bed.

~~~Time skip~~~


The movie passed its half point and Bianca was now screaming like she was crazy, Thalia was playing with her phone while Annabeth... She made no sound. I wonder did she faint because the movie was too scary? Thalia had ear plugs on and this type of sunglass which lens could be pushed up so the sight in front of you can be blocked. We all got one for our birthday.

~~~3rd Person~~~

~~~Same time~~~

Nico and Jason was drooling on their pillows/cushions which is obvious they are asleep. Thalia decided to go up to her room. Bianca was still screaming and Annabeth, no reaction. Percy decided to go for a swim seeing that the movie was so boring.

~~~Percy's POV~~~

How is The Conjuring a horror movie? Seriously! It's so boring. Sparky and Emo both fell asleep, abandoning the plan to blackmail the girls... I changed into my swim trunks and dived into the pool. I wonder if anyone tried to swim at midnight? I swam for 30 minutes non-stop then went to take a shower. When i went back to the movie room to see everybody fast asleep. I looked around to find the remote and turned the movie and Television off. Bianca was covered in black because for her hair and beside her was an angel...Wow. Small nose on a flawless skin. Long eyelashes, golden curled hair. I don't remember inviting a princess to our house. Who could this be. ANNABETH! Gods she looks so pretty when she sleeps. Tempts me to just carry her back to my room and cuddle with her. Slap! How could you think like that? She is your cousin's god-sister. I must be lovestruck! I trudged up the stairs to my room and went back to the movie room to lay a blanket over her. Then went to sleep.

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