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"Huh." I wake up with a gasp, hearing a faint thud come from downstairs. It takes a second for me to become fully aware, any trace of grogginess completely gone. My dad's at a music convention in Orlando, which means no one should be in my house except me… It's times like these when I question why I don't keep a baseball bat in my room. Baseball batless, I grab a guitar. Having 911 dialed, I tread lightly down the stairs, peek around the corner and come face to face with a shaggy mop of blond hair and a goofy smile.

"Austin!" I yell in surprise and relief, dropping my guitar.

"Ally!" Austin exclaims, throwing his arms around me. He reeks of alcohol and well- a hint of sadness, although that's covered up by his happy buzz.

"What are you doing here? You scared the crap out of me!" I swat his chest.

"You know Ally-gator, I really don't remember!" he slurs. "All that matters is that I'm here, right? Let's go do something!" he grabs my arm and begins to drag me towards the door.

"Austin," I sigh, "It's three in the morning. Everything is closed, everyone is sleeping." I lead him to the couch.

"Sleeping?" he gets a faraway look on his face. "Oh yeah, now I remember why I came here." his tone becomes sad. "I caught Rachel sleeping with some guy."

Ahh, of course it's something that serious. Austin never drinks unless he's depressed. I can't believe Rachel, his girlfriend of three months, cheated on him though. She seemed like such a nice girl.

"Aw, Austin sweetheart, I'm sorry." I smooth back his hair as he lays his head in my lap. "If she's that type of girl then she obviously doesn't deserve a guy as sweet and caring as you." I try to comfort him.

"I really liked her though." he whines pitifully, wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his head in my stomach.

"Shh, I know." I coo. "I guess she just wasn't the one you know?" I rub his back soothingly.

"I wanted her to be." he whispers.

"Austin sweetheart, look at me." he removes his face from my stomach. "One day you will find a girl that will take your breath away. She'll be kind and beautiful, her laugh will hypnotize you, and her smile will remind you of springtime. Trust me, you'll know when you meet the one." I smile down at him. "But until then," I boop his nose, "you have me."

He gives me a sad smirk. "You realize all of those things remind me of you right?"

"Ha, that's just the alcohol talking." I laugh, brushing his bangs off his forehead. "You won't remember any of this in the morning.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." he smiles sadly.

Everything is quiet for awhile, but it's a comfortable silence.

"Hey Ally?" Austin yawns.

"Yes?" I look down at him.

"I'm tired." he scrunches his nose.

"Well then let's go to bed." I help him sit up. "You know you're going to have an awful hangover in the morning." he leans on me for support as we walk up the stairs.

"Yeah, I know." he mumbles. "You'll make me pancakes, right?" he gives me a hopeful glance.

"Yeah Austin, I'll make you pancakes." I squeeze his waist.

We walk through the threshold of my room. I crawl into bed and wait for Austin. I watch as he clumsily pulls his shirt and pants off before crawling into bed. I pull the comforter up and roll on my side.

"Hey Ally?" Austin's voice travels through the dark. "Will you sing to me?"

"Of course." I begin to sing The Butterfly Song. "-spread my colorful wings. Even though I'm small and frail, I can do most anything." I finish quietly.

"Thank you." he whispers, burying his head in my neck. I then realize he'd been crying as my neck begins to feel damp. I ssshh him, as I rub small circles on his lower back.

"It's okay. Let it out, sweetheart." I hold back tears of my own as I feel his body rack with a sob. "Let it out."

"I'm sorry." he breathes. "I'm sorry."

"Shh. You have nothing to be sorry about, okay?" my voice cracks along with my heart. "Just go to sleep baby, go to sleep."

It's eight o'clock when I wake up, a mop of blond hair in my face and a warm body wrapped around me. "I better go make Austin some breakfast." I murmur to myself, unwrapping Austin's limbs from me. I silently walk downstairs and begin to prepare breakfast as quietly as possible, laying out a glass of water and some Advil just in case.

At eight thirty, Austin walks downstairs, his eyes red and puffy. "G'morning Ally." he immediately gives me a hug, tucking his face into my shoulder.

"Good morning Austin." I reply quietly, smiling sadly knowing his heart still hurts. "I made pancakes." I whisper into his hair.

"You did." he peeks from out of my shoulder.

"I figured you'd have smelled them by now." I tease, rubbing his back. "There's blueberry, chocolate chip, and plain, because I didn't know what you were in the mood for."

"Will you marry me?" he asks, his voice slightly muffled from my shoulder.

"What?" I laugh, confused.

"Because if you were my wife," he lifts his face from my neck, "we'd live together, and if we lived together you could make me pancakes everyday." he grins.

"Oh, so you're just planning on using me for my pancake making skills is that it?" I giggle.

"Pretty much." he nods, poking me in the side. "But it doesn't hurt that you're pretty too." he smiles.

"Just eat your pancakes and shut up." I roll my eyes good naturedly. "Do you need any Advil." I hold up the water and medicine.

"Yes please." he replies, mouth full of food.

"I swear you eat like a five year old." I slide into the seat next to him.

He rolls his eyes, scarfing down the last of his pancakes. "Nuh-uh. I at least eat like a seven year old." he protests.

"Oh please-" I'm cut off by Austin's ringtone.

He checks his caller I.D. "It's Rachel." he looks at me nervously. "Will you answer it?" he thrusts it towards me.

"What do you expect me to say!" I exclaim.

"I don't know! Just say something." he answers the call and holds the phone up to my ear.

"Hi Rachel. Who is this? Oh, I'm Ally, Austin's best friend. Listen, seeing as you crushed Austin's heart I think it'd be best for you to no longer try and contact Austin. No this is not all one big misunderstanding, you cheated on my best friend. Please don't call him again." and with that I hung up.

"Thank you Ally." Austin launches himself at me and wraps me in a hug.

"Anytime. No one hurts my best friend and gets away with it." I reply sincerely.

"You mean a lot to me Ally and I'm really lucky to have you as a best friend." Austin mumbles into my skin.

"You mean a lot to me too Austin." I smile against his neck. " I love you, ya know?"

"I love you too Ally, I love you too." he murmurs.

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