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"You're what?!" is screamed from the doorway by none other than David.

I whip my head around, mouth open, eyes wide. Oh my good grannies, David could not have shown up at a more inopportune time.

I stand completely still, my face masked in shock. My eyes flicker between Austin and David for a solid minute before I finally find my voice. "I'm nothing!" squeaks past my lips. My voice is tinny, rushed. "Oh my goodness! David, you have to understand! You-you just walked in at the wrong time and-and I'm not pregnant! Okay?!" I pause, letting out a huff. I rake my fingers through my hair, lowering my voice. "I'm still a virgin and I'm definitely not pregnant." I raise my eyes towards David's face, meekly peeking at him.

"Woah, wait." Austin pipes up from the corner of my bed. "How come he knew you're a virgin and I didn't. I'm your best friend. Isn't that best friend stuff?" Austin's hand is directed at his chest, an offended look on his face.

I touch my hand to my forehead, sighing. "Look Austin, now isn't the time for this conversation. We'll talk when I get back from my date with David. Okay?" My eyes flutter closed. I can already feel a headache setting in.

"You promise?" he sticks out his pinky, his face completely serious.

"I promise." I wrap my pinky around his. "Now could David and I have a minute alone please?" I give him a pointed look.

With a small nod and hesitant glance, he exit's the room.

As soon as Austin's left, I swing the door shut and lean against it. I take a few measured breaths before fully facing David. "I'm sorry about all of this. I should really be careful what analogies I use around him." I laugh timidly, eyes focused on a spot on the wall behind David's head. We stand in silence for a moment. I tap my fingers in a steady rhythm against the door.

David finally answers. "Are you sure he's twenty-three? He seems more like a giant man-child to me." he smiles smugly, a small snort following his insult.

"Hey! That giant man-child happens to be my best friend and I'd appreciate it if you didn't insult him." my stance becomes defensive, arms crossed legs spread shoulder width. Yes, Austin may be childish sometimes, but it's just his nature. It's who he is, and I happen to love him for it.

I sigh deeply, once again running my fingers through my hair. "Go ahead down stairs. I'm going to say goodbye to Austin and then I'll join you." I'm still addressing the wall, not in the mood to be civil with David.

With a grunt he leaves the room.

I grab a jacket and slip on my heels before making my way to Austin's room. I knock on the door once, softly, before entering. To my surprise Austin's not playing video games, or watching T.V., or practicing guitar. He's just laying there, eyes trained on glow in the dark stars identical to mine. His breaths are deep. His chest expands and contracts steadily. I disturb the contemplative look on his face with a slight cough. "I just wanted to say goodbye before I left." my voice is quiet, shaking every few syllables.

He turns his head a fraction, his lips turned up into a half-hearted smirk. "Bye." he returns, before turning his face back towards the ceiling.

I stand a moment, just looking at him. His features are no longer soft like they were when I first met him. All signs of childhood are gone. He's gotten broader, taller, his voice is deeper. It upsets me that I'm just noticing these changes now. I've been so busy remembering the old Austin that I haven't taken time to get to know the new one. The more mature one.

Austin's quiet voice interrupts me from my reverie. "Having fun staring at the giant man-child?" his voice is bitter. He spits out his words.

"You and I both know I didn't call you that, so don't be angry with me for it. There are a lot of things you could potentially be angry with me about, but that isn't one of them." I scowl, a new found fury bubbling up in my chest. I turn around preparing to leave before I say something I regret.

A whispered, "I love you," stops me in my tracks.

I sigh, closing my eyes. I let out an, "I love you too," before continuing down the stairs.

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, I'm greeted with the sight of David tapping his foot impatiently. "Finally." he groans. "Are you ready to go?"

I flash a tight lipped smile before grounding out a perky, "of course." I have a feeling this will be my last date with David.

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