A/N: I just thought of this while reading the diary of Anne Frank. So I asked myself, why not turn one of my fanfic ideas into a diary style?

This is my attempt to it.


September 19

Dear Diary,

Hello there.

My name is Hermione Jean Granger. I'm a sixth year from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (it's a great school of magic). The only close friends I ever had in my entire life is Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, where in my opinion there's no better guys to hang around with.

Speaking of, since it's my birthday today, Ron gave me a perfume as a gift. How many times should I tell him that I don't like wearing perfumes? So I have no other choice but to keep it in my closet back at home and use it when I would really need it. Perfume smell makes my nose wrinkle, then I would sneeze all day.

My parents gave me a nice silver watch to replace my old one. I loved it.

Harry, however, gave me this diary.

I have no idea how come that green-eyed boy thought of giving me a 'girly' thing. When I asked him why a diary, his only answer was, "I know you're dying to share girl stuff since you've met us, don't you, 'mione?"

He was saying the truth. They were both boys. The closest girl friend I ever had was Ginny, and you wouldn't think that as close enough. So after a few playful hits on his arm, I headed upstairs and locked myself in my four poster bed to start writing.

Today, on the other hand, I have no thoughts or opinions to share with. Just a nice introduction.

PS: Today is one of my best birthday ever. I still couldn't believe how fast time has flown

Till next time,


Dear Diary,

Getting back to Hogwarts feels right. I get to meet the usual people and admire the view.

Anyway, Harry came in to the Great Hall all bloodied and bruised. I was so worried about him that I had to hit Ron with a book several times when he's all worried about his stomach, not his best friend.

Harry told us that it was Malfoy who made it. Shock erupted in me. I never expected Malfoy to be crueler than the common insult he always do. What has gone to him?

I'm really glad he was safely recovered before the train even go back to London. Or else I couldn't imagine Hogwarts without Harry.

Worried, Hermione xx

Dear Diary,

While on History with Professor Binns, I thought, "Why not give you a nice name?"

I thought Lily would do. I got the idea, of course, from Harry's mum. It's a nice name, and the cover of the diary, which was green, reminds me of Harry's eyes- Lily's eyes. And since you're a girl, I thought Lily fits it.

See you later Lily,


Dear Lily,

Ron is starting to get annoying.

He keeps on complaining about how he cannot be better at Quidditch. I just think he's jealous of Harry's skills. I thought it's not fair to compare yourself to others. Meanwhile, Harry was the new Quidditch captain, and he's having tryouts today.

I watched from the stands to see how Ron would do. Cormac McLaggen, a boy who had a great pride of himself and a trollish face, was trying to catch my eye from far below. Some feeling of despise filled me. I found out he was trying out for the same position as Ron. Thinking better, I confunded McLaggen so that Ron could get the Keeper position. It worked.

After the Quidditch tryouts, Harry was asking me if I did it, and I said yes, and I forced him not to tell that secret to Ron or else he could think worse things about himself again.

Good thing it went well,


Dear Lily,

I'm worried about Harry.

That Potion book of his is making him go mad. There are spells which I don't know is etched on the different pages of the worn out book. I told him it might be dangerous, but he didn't listen.

Plus, the book is teaching him to cheat. Instead of doing the printed instructions, he was following the Prince's instructions. Cheating is the most absurd and terrifying thing to do ever. It's against the rules. I'm sure of it.

I need to make him swear he would buy a new one.

Love, Hermione

Dear Lily,

Did I ever mention that Harry couldn't get more better looking?

Yes Lily, ever since third year, on our Time Turner journey, I had discovered my feelings for him. And now, at our sixth year, he was growing more handsome and manly. I need to stop myself from sighing when I saw him this morning in a good light- his emerald eyes glinting and his jet black hair rustling.

I fell in love with the green-eyed man, and knew he was never going to love him back.

It broke my heart when he had a crush on Cho Chang in fourth year. But he told me that I was not ugly during our fifth year. Not ugly, but not pretty either. This sixth year, I was hoping some chance on him. As I can see, he was eyeing no one recently.

Well, we could just hope, we may never know

Love, Hermione