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As I lie on the damp grass, listening intently to the slowing beating of my heart, a wave of nauseousness was whirling in my head. Mouthfuls of fresh air was widening my lips open and close in a fast rhythm. My vision was zooming and out, like an adjustable telescope eye. For the first time in ages, I recognized how beautiful the sky was.

I was too worried these past days and months to even look at the beauty of nature, even if it was already in front of me, with my mind wandering around in thoughts of problems.

The dim sky wounded with the Dark Mark was terrifying to see. Although it reminds me of a great artwork in gray and white. Very slowly, it vanished as clouds drift back to their own direction. Finally, it was replaced by more pretty blinking stars and shades of indigo and light purple.


It was too splendid to die underneath this. For me, it feels like the coated heavens was the final shroud for my last breath.

I didn't know how I muster to release a tear nor frown. I suddenly wondered, how would Heaven look like?

Will it be the same with the stories I've heard?

But no worries, no matter how it will look like, I only know one thing, and that is I am going to be able to meet my parents again...

"Parents... meet my parents..." I murmured in a slow flow.

The sounds around me were beginning to fade. The words I thought I hear were clearly unrecognized by my ears, then it turns into a vibration, then was gone...

Not noticing, my eyelids were slowly travelling down to connect with the lower part...

"Hermione- you idiot."

His voice snapped, among the rushing wind, the swishing of the grass, the echoes of shouted spells. the sobs. It jerked my eyes for a moment. Because it was Harry, I never fail to hear clearly what he says.

I clutched his hand with mine. How I muster that energy, I didn't know. But the sight of him was enough for me to have more strength to utter the words, "I love you, Harry. Not as a brother, but more than that."

I inserted my fingers through the gaps, entwining it.

His green eyes were like emeralds underwater when he spoke, "I love you too, Hermione. Ever since- please don't go- stay alive, please don't leave me-"

I frowned. He loves me? After all this time of him following Ginny like a lovesick puppy? Of him, making me hope that he likes me the same way as I did by giving the diary? Of him that I love so much even he was ignoring me?

I didn't want to hear it anymore. I was feeling sick of it. Tired and limp. I looked at those eyes of him and try to make him understand, to make him say that he was telling the truth. But it was all too late...

Everything was being sucked out of scene: the stars, the sky, Luna, Ginny, Ron- and lastly, Harry's crestfallen face.

Then I knew he was saying the truth, with his expression that I can all so well study like an open book and memorized like a script of my life. His eyes is what I last saw before everything blacked out. And I died with my eyes half open.

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Harry was supposedly dead. Although he was revived back to life, after meeting Dumbledore at the Kings Cross Station. The Wizarding World has been saved, Voldemort is gone. But Harry felt there's still missing... which was Hermione. He doesn't not know how to live life without her. So he decided to revive Hermione from the dead. But would she still be the same clever girl? Or a new Dark Lord waiting to arise and replace Voldemort's throne? The sequel to Breakaway.

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