Title: First Steps.

Summary: Sammy's learning to walk. (Epic) Brotherly fluff. One-shot.

Rating: K for pure fluff ^_^

Pairings: None really. Wincest brotherly fluff counts I think... :P

Author's Note: So, I saw something like this on Tumblr and I just had to write a little fanfic about it :) I hope you enjoy this; even if it's only short :) Also, if you're on Tumblr, my URL is castiels-little-devil so find me, talk to me, you know, etc :P And WARNING this is very cheesy and VERY fluffy, okay? Don't say I didn't warn you.

Kathy x


Two hands pushing up that small body dug into the rough carpet of their tiny motel room. Dean watched little eighteen month old Sammy as he pushed himself up, his older brother standing over him. Of course, Dean was no older than five, so he would probably fall down if he tried to catch Sammy, but at least Sammy would have a soft landing, even if he didn't.

Pastor Jim sat in the next room, sipping his coffee, his nose buried in his bible – again. But, Pastor Jim didn't care about something like this anyway. In fact, he was always reluctant to come and look after Sammy and Dean unless it was an emergency. But, their dad trusted him, and that meant Dean had to trust him as well, even if he didn't want to.

Slipping a hand into his brothers, Dean smiled. "It's okay, Sammy, I got you," he reassured his little brother. Sammy looked up at Dean, his big brown eyes showing nothing but trust. There was so much trust that Sammy had in Dean, and even though Dean was only five years old, he knew Sammy was his number one priority, and he always would be. "Come on, Sammy." Dean walked backwards just a little, beckoning Sammy to follow him.

Slowly, carefully, Sammy shuffled his foot alongside his other and took one step forward. Dean grinned widely, and went backwards just a little more, and Sammy went forwards, his eyes watching his own feet closely. Eventually, Sammy let go of his big brother's hand, and he kept shuffling along. Dean kept his arms outstretched, ready to catch Sammy, but he didn't need to.

Giggling and smiling, Sammy started to speed up, Dean always moving with him, but, he'd been going too fast, and Sammy fell, straight backwards. Dean caught Sammy, but, Dean wasn't that strong, and his knees buckled, and he fell too, Sammy landing on Dean's leg. Dean winced at the small pain in his hip, but he picked both himself and Sammy up, and checked Sammy to see if he was okay.

"Dean!" Sammy squealed, holding out his arms, clenching and unclenching his tiny fists repeatedly. Dean sighed and smiled down at Sammy, leaning down and hugging his little brother tightly. Dean always cherished moments like this, but he never knew why. Maybe he knew it was because monsters were real, and someday he would have to hunt them along with his dad and Sammy, and they might get hurt.

Many a time had his dad come back with cuts and bruises all over him, but Dean would always comfort him, because Sammy and his dad were all he had left now, and he would never let them get hurt if he could help it.

In fact, he'd made a promise, that if ever Sammy was hurt, Dean would do whatever he could possibly do to save his little brother, no matter the cost. The angels could fall from heaven, but Dean would still find the time to save Sammy, even if he was up against the Devil himself. Sammy was the only thing that would ever matter more than his own life.

It would be the Winchesters – the greatest hunters ever. The ones who looked out for each other, who would sacrifice themselves for each other in a heartbeat because they couldn't bear to see the other dead, but most important, they would be the brothers the world would always remember.

The Winchesters, always and forever.