Crossing Paths

Kanji Tatsumi was casually walking around Inaba, bored as heck. "Argh, goddammit." He sighed. Then, from the corner of his eye he spotted a girl with short brown hair, wearing a cat-ear headband.

"Huh?" Kanji has never seen this girl before in Inaba. Curious, he went to the girl. "Hey, you new here?" He asked.

"Huh?" The girl turned around startled, and before Kanji could say anything she grabbed his arm and flipped him! She then pulled a long spear from seemingly out of nowhere and slashed downward at Kanji's face. He rolled out of the way just in time. Her spear's blade was golden with a dark black-purple aura around it and stranger still it had several eyes running down the ends of the blade!

"Whoa!" Kanji yelped.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" He quickly got up in utter shock and surprise. "Seriously, what the hell are you doing?!" He looked into her eyes and saw that they were a pure gold colour. Was she a Shadow?

"Wha?" He paused. "She's got... Gold eyes..." He stared dumbfounded. "WHAT? A Shadow?! This doesn't make sense!"

She continued to attack him with many precise stabs. Then, as Kanji dodged, she swept his feet and drop kicked him. "God she's strong" Kanji thought, the girl kept up her assault with no signs of stopping, Kanji began to worry.

'Need. To. Get. Away.' Kanji thought. 'She'll fricking kill me!'Though she didn't give Kanji that chance, she grabbed him by the collar as he tried to crawl away.

"Aargh!" Kanji yelped again.

"?" Anika blinked. She was on a stroll when she heard someone yelling. "Sounds like Kanji..." She followed the sound on his voice before seeing Kanji getting his ass kicked by an unknown girl. "OH MY GOD KANJI!"

Hearing Anika, the girl dropped Kanji and stared at her blankly with a malicious smirk. Anika's eyes widened at the girl's expression, and her gold eyes. "Oh crap!" She realized what she'd done. No sooner did Kanji scramble to Anika, they both started running. The golden eyed girl gave chase. Running after them with ridiculous speed; considering the size of her spear.

"She's so fast!" Anika yelped, running wildly. "Kanji, why did she attack you?!"

"I don't know!" Kanji yelled. "All I did was ask if she was new here and she fricking grabbed me and flipped me to ground! Is she a Shadow?!"

"But Shadows can't come here in the real world, can they?!" Anika yelled.

"I don't know! Don't ask me!" Kanji responded yelling. They didn't dare look behind themselves in fear of seeing how close she was, but they did so anyways. The girl was no longer behind them?

"Did we outrun her?" Kanji asked, still running.

"But she was right behind us..." Anika said. Then, from above they noticed a shadow, getting...larger. The looked up to see her coming down from above with her spear above her head. Her crazy eyes glowed brightly in the shade.

"WAAAH!" Both Kanji and Anika screamed in utter shock. As fast as they could, they moved out from the shadow and away from the girl.

"HOW DID SHE GET UP THERE?!" Anika screamed.

"I SAID I DON'T KNOW!" Kanji roared back.

She swung her spear around her waist, almost slashing Anika and Kanji on the side in the process. They continued running franticly.

"Holy crap!" Anika yelped. "Guess I'm lucky I have my blade with me..."

But can I hold her off? Anika wondered. Regardless, she pulled the handle of her blade out from its scabbard that she apparently decided to have with her on that day and pulled out her gun blade. The golden eyed girl smirked and readied her spear.

"This looks like fun." She smiled before charging right at Anika.

"Whoa! Anika, what the heck, man?!" Kanji gasped, seeing Anika with her gunblade and the girl charging right at her.

Anika let out a deep breath. She was shaking slightly. She focused at the girl.

Her voice isn't so echoey either... Is she really a Shadow? She spun around Anika, preparing a stab to her back.