"Y-Yeah... Kinda..." Anika said weakly. She managed to stand up as the rest of the group followed. "What happened?"

"Well, the Being responsible for the Grand Prix appeared and took your form and attacked us. You collapsed before it happened while the Being mimicked your Shadow." Naoto explained. Upon hearing that last sentence; Anika sweated.

"R-Really...?" She said with unease.

"Don't worry, the thing barely put up a good fight." Gabby and Hunter said in a slightly disappointed tone.

Anika just groaned. "Ugh..." She didn't like her Shadow at all. Kanji scratched his head while Naoto adjusted her hat.

"Anyways, it's in the Velvet Room now. It seems to know something about all of the strange things that have happened lately." Hunter explained.

"...Like how Shadows are entering the real world?" Anika asked. The group nodded.

"We may be able to understand this situation a bit better after we obtain some information." Naoto said.

"Cuz it's just kinda weird with all this stuff going on." Kanji agreed.

"Of course we won't learn anything new until the 'Being' talks." Gabby said, "That is unless we find someone else with information regarding this."

"Yeah, but who?" Anika wondered. Kanji shrugged.

"Who knows?" Gabby shrugged.

"Hm." Anika sighed, fixing her glasses.

The group decided to quit dwelling on things they didn't know; Anika, Hunter, and Gabby left for Gabby's room at the Amagi inn, and Kanji and Naoto went back to their homes.

"How long did you plan on staying here in Inaba?" Anika asked Gabby as they walked towards the Amagi Inn.

"Not sure, I was thinking a week at most...but clearly that wasn't what happened." Gabby responded scratching her head.

"Yeah, I guess." Anika sighed. "The investigation had more than we could have expected."

"You can say that again, I thought we were done with paranormal events after the Dark Hour." Hunter sighed.

"I would have thought so too, after the whole TV and fog incident." Anika replied. "But that didn't seem to be the case for me either."

"Oh would you look at that, we're here." Hunter said, both Anika and Gabby were pleasantly shocked at the statement.

"Time sure flies." Gabby smiled.

"That or the fact that you were walking really fast, and we had to keep up the pace." Hunter said.

"Well, it isn't like you'd have any problem." Gabby frowned.

"What about Anika? She's not used to walking as fast as we normally do, look she's out of breath practically." Hunter pointed to Anika who had just realized how exhausted she was from the walk.

Anika panted slightly after realizing, her legs aching a bit. "I... didn't notice..." She managed to say.

Gabby pouted, "Let's get to my room so Anika can rest then."

"O-kay." Anika replied.

As they made their way into the inn they were greeted by a young lady with long black hair dressed in a kimono, "Welcome to the Amagi inn, how may I help you?" she asked.

"I have a room here, for Gabby Con please." Gabby responded.

"Oh, then, please come in." She noticed Hunter and Anika. "Will you have guests for the night?" She asked. She smiled at Anika. She simply waved back.

"I suppose so!" Gabby said smiling at the kimono girl who gave her the keys to her room.

"Alright. I will go prepare extra beds and kimonos for you two." She smiled.

"Thanks Yukiko." Anika said.

They walked to Gabby's room where Yukiko set up the new beds and kimonos and when she was done, left to continue looking after the inn. Gabby promptly flopped onto her own bed, smiling cattishly in her comfort.

"So, are you enjoying your stay at the Amagi Inn?" Anika asked, smiling.

"The beds are so comfy..." Gabby replied covering herself in sheets before sitting up to face her.

Anika smiled. "Yeah, it's really nice. I'm surprised how well the family's managed to maintain this place for so long."

"Well, they've kept good maintenance on it that's for sure." Hunter said, gliding her hand on the wall of the room then checking it for dusk. "It's really smooth, barely any nicks or cracks in them."

"Yeah, the Amagi Inn has been here in Inaba for quite a while." Anika said. "Their hot springs are quite lovely too."

"Really? That sounds so nice!" Gabby smiled at Hunter who agreed.

"If we weren't so busy I'd be up to bathing in them at some point." Hunter sighed.

"Yeah. That would be nice." Anika said, lying on her stomach looking at them.

"I wonder how useful that 'Being' will actually be to us..." Gabby pondered, "All it said was really cryptic stuff to try to mess with us."

"I doubt it'll say much until it's been freed." Anika said. "If it's working with someone, it'll probably meet him or her afterwards to report."

"Then why don't we let it go later and stalk it in secret?" Hunter suggested, "I think there's a good chance that what you're thinking is true, I mean it basically said earlier that it wasn't the mastermind behind this, so it must be working for someone."

"Yeah. At the very least, it's the best possibility of getting to the bottom of this outside Shadow business. How the Being got out from the TV world, I dunno." Anika said.

"Probably the mastermind's doing, well we should run this by everyone else tomorrow." Gabby said, flopping backwards into her bed again.

Anika nodded. She laid her head on her side while her arms were crossed over her pillow. "Well, then we should rest."

A silence filled the room and Anika realized that both Hunter and Gabby had fallen asleep; she chuckled lightly before laying down in her bed. Anika sighed, obviously not able to think of anything else to do. She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.