Hercule Appreciation day was not something that Gohan truly knew the scope of. When he was younger, he was secluded in the mountainous area in which he would have future jurisdiction over.

Whenever it came to the Hercule appreciation day there were other things on the mind of Gohan. What others saw as the day to recognize the man who supposedly saved the world from the monstrosity known as Cell, the teenage boy saw it as a day to live in self-pity at the fact that he killed his own father. It was the day he was he hated himself the most because he knew he was the reason his mother didn't have a husband and his little brother didn't have a father.

Today though would be different. Before, the seclusion didn't allow for the reminder of what had happened from outside sources. Gohan didn't have that luxury though as today was the first time that he wasn't going to be spending it at home with just his family.

Despite the situation, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever for Gohan to miss out on any schooling when you had a mother like Chi-Chi.

Not knowing what today would bring despite the fact he just wanted the day to end as soon as possible. He was told earlier in the week that today was a day that there was no school uniform even if everyone bar Gohan completely ignored it anyway.

Deciding that nothing really bad could happen with him not wearing his normal clothes, the saiyan child decided that he would get clothes that his second mother got him. As much as he loved his own mum, he knew that she didn't have the greatest fashion sense of what kids of his own age were wearing. Admittedly he wasn't any better but he did trust Bulma with his social life.

Coming down from getting ready in the morning, the familiar smell of having delicious food on plate ready for him to eat each morning filtered through to the saiyan. He was truly grateful that his mum did all of this for him because he knew that there would be no chance that he would be able to cook anywhere near as good as what she did.

The moment that the mother of two saw the uniform or rather lack thereof on her eldest son, Chi-Chi instantly opened her mouth. "Gohan, what about the clothes I laid out for you? Why are you wearing something different when you have your uniform to wear?"

"They told me that today is a day where there is not going to be any uniform code. Everyone else is going to be wearing casual clothes so I don't want to stand out." Gohan said, trying to justify it to his mother because he knew that she wouldn't like it.

Indeed she didn't, there was a frown on the face of Chi-Chi but surprisingly there was no comment on how she didn't like the idea. There was a bit of a surprise on the face of Gohan as he didn't expect the lack of response. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Gohan quickly started eating the food once it was placed on the table.

Just like usual, with so much food and so little time to eat, time was at a price so Gohan quickly ate what was in front of him before giving his mother a kiss on the cheek and ruffling his younger brother's hair before heading off to school.

Realising that he was going to be late, the black haired boy transformed into a super saiyan and increased his speed markedly. Thanks to this the journey which would have taken any other person 4 or so hours by car only took him 5 minutes.

Touching down on the roof of the school after making sure that no one was looking in his direction, Gohan walked into the hallways of Orange Star High.

The first person that he saw before he entered his home room was Erasa. It was safe to say that the girl was shocked at the sight of her friend wearing anything but the standard clothes that he always wore.

Standing in front of her was Gohan, wearing a white undershirt with a black one on top with a logo and writing saying "Group Therapy" on it. To top off the look, he had a pair of faded navy blue jeans and smart casual shoes.

"Wow what happened to you? I thought that you would never get out of the uniform!" The blonde haired girl said airily with a smile on her face allowing Gohan to see that she was just teasing him jokingly.

"Well ha haa today is a no uniform day right…?" Gohan replied.

"Well yeah… but I thought that you would still be wearing your uniform even so." The tongue poking out only further served to make the insult less serious. All she got in return was a blank look across the face of Gohan.

"Awww, sorry sweetie, didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Almost instantly, a small smile appeared on the face of Gohan. "It's okay Erasa, there's just a lot on my mind so I'm probably not going to be the most sociable of company for today."

Concerned when she heard this, Erasa asked what was wrong. "It's not something that I really want to discuss right at the moment Erasa, I hope that you can understand that."

"Sure thing Gohan but if you ever want someone to talk to you can come to me at any time you know that right?" The blonde haired girl said with a concerned look on her face.

"Thanks Erasa, that really means a lot to me." Before anything more could be said, the bell went off signifying that it was time to be in class. This to Gohan was something that he didn't want to happen just in case his mother found out. If she did, there would be hell to pay for. "Oh dang it! We gotta hurry" with that said, Gohan started jogging to his classroom

Laughing at the rather unusual wording that Gohan used when swear words were much more common for people his age; Erasa didn't want to get left behind so she started chasing after him.

The two eventually made it into their seats with Erasa slightly out of breath and Gohan having no signs whatsoever of him exercising. Strangely enough, Sharpner was already in his seat. Knowing what usually took place in their home room class, Gohan thought of nothing better to do than to simply place his head on his desk and fall asleep. Admittedly, he hadn't gotten any sleep last night because of what today was.

A few minutes during the speech of the teacher, there was an interruption with Videl walking into the room. "Sorry I'm late sir, there was something happening down at the precinct."

Giving the girl who had interrupted him a rather long stare, the teacher sighed and nodded. "Very Well then, just get in your seat." As the black haired girl made her way over to where she sat, the teacher continued on from where he left off.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted… today is a special day for you. Us teachers have been holding a secret for a long time about today." The moment that he said this, all of the students except for Gohan were interested in what he had to say. Meanwhile for the demi saiyan, he was passed out on his table.

"For the first time in the history of Orange Star High, we will be having a guest presentation courtesy of none other than Hercule Satan!" The instant that this was heard, the students in the classroom started cheering loudly and jumping out of their seats. This racket, became loud enough that it woke up the demi saiyan who was sleeping.

"Whaaa….?" Gohan drowsily asked out loud to no one in particular when he woke up.

Being the type of person who couldn't contain her enthusiasm, Erasa was all too happy to inform the person sitting next to her of what was happening. "Hercule Satan is coming to give a speech at our school today!" the excitement was easily visible on the face of Erasa as she hoped that this meant that she didn't have to do any work.

With an incredibly large forced smile on his face, Gohan replied "Well isn't that just perfect…"

Not sensing the sarcasm that he was muttering, Erasa took this at face value. "I know! Can you believe it? I bet Videl is excited about it, seeing her pops at school haha." With that said, Erasa turned around and started talking with her best friend

She didn't notice the look that appeared on the face of Gohan as she had her back turned. The black haired girl however did and she was curious as to why a look of anger would be on his face. In the end, she lost her concentration on that and focused on the conversation she was having with her best friend.

Later on

There was only so much that one could take. Even the ever nice Gohan got annoyed by the fact that he had to listen constantly about the man who "saved" the world from Cell and how he was the greatest. This was of the man who constantly made unfounded accusations and hurled insults at his family and friends which he knew were untrue.

What came along with this was that the kids at his school had been brain washed into thinking that everything the man said was true. For the black haired boy, hearing people tarnish the names of people who he cared about, well it angered him.

The worst part of the day though hadn't even happened. Gohan knew that hearing the speech that Hercule was about to give would definitely not be something that he wanted to hear. There was no doubt in his mind that it was going to be everything but enjoyable.

This was indeed the case for the saiyan child as he had to endure the 30 minute long speech set which was then followed by question and answer time. Throughout this, Gohan was getting progressively angrier and angrier as time went on. It even got to the point where the demi saiyan slightly lost control over his energy to the point where there was a bit of wind surrounding him.

There was only one person who noticed the intense frown and the look of concentration on the face of Gohan. Before she could say something though, Gohan punched the floor which resulted in a sizeable dent.

Thankfully, for everyone's sake, including Gohan's social life, the demi saiyan managed to hold in the anger that he was feeling towards the man who had taken all of his glory. What happened next he definitely did not expect. "Okay kids, that's enough question time; me and the school have decided to hold a self-defence class which is mandatory.

The first class will be everyone in the same year as my daughter!" Almost instantly, the colour drained from the face of Gohan as he realised what this meant. He knew that it was going to involve some form of sparring. Given the current mood that he was in right now, he didn't want to do it at all costs because he couldn't trust whether or not he would be able to adequately hold back his strength so that he didn't hurt anyone.

Seeing everyone around him haven already gotten up with excitement at the prospect of getting a free lesson in martial arts from the world champion himself, Gohan sighed to himself, got up and followed the rest of the students to the gymnasium.

"Now kids, go and change into your sports uniforms in your lockers so that we can get started!" Hercule said loudly with an almost copyrightable level of enthusiasm.

Dawdling, the teenage saiyan eventually made his way to the men's locker room. Once he was inside, he purposefully tried to waste as much time as possible as he really didn't want to have to go through with this. By the time that he realised that if waited any longer, someone would come in, he quickly changed his jeans for some basketball shorts and headed out.

"So is that everyone coach?" the man with the afro questioned when he saw Gohan come out of the change rooms to which the man nodded. "Good, now that everyone is hear, we can begin with this lesson. First of all, since there no doubt is a lot of variation between skill levels, I will need to find out how good all of you are." When he said this, everyone nodded as they understood that not everyone would be equal, especially so when they had to contend with the champs daughter.

"Obviously, it would take too long to find out how good each of you are individually, so I am going to have to speed up the process. "If you have any form of martial arts experience, form a group to the right." Eventually, the group of one was now split up even two even groups which surprised Gohan. He didn't think that there would be that many people who took up martial arts training. What did surprise Gohan though was the fact that Erasa had not come over with him. He would have thought that since she was the self-proclaimed best friend of Hercule's daughter, she would have some basic self defence knowledge.

Not fazed by this whatsoever because he knew just how popular the sport was in his home town, Hercule continued on from where he left off. "If you have more than two years of training under your belt, make another group." It was this that thinned out most of the people and separated those who took it seriously and those who did not.

Surprised at the fact that Gohan was in this group of people that had stuck with them up until this point, Sharpner muttered something his way. "Oi brains, I didn't know you did martial arts." As this was said, Videl was keenly listening in because she too did not know this about the new kid.

"Well you never asked" came the quick reply from Gohan which surprised both of them because admittedly, they didn't think that he was capable of quick witted responses.

"Alrighty then, those who have had four years experience, please make another group." Yet again Sharpner and Videl were surprised as Gohan joined them in said group. This group had been thinned out quite substantially though as there were only six people and Videl was the only female in the group.

"Okay… Seven years experience." By this point, everyone knew what was happening and they didn't have to be told anything more. All of the kids in the room were shocked because they thought that only Videl would be by herself. They were mistaken as Gohan joined her.

"I bet he is just lying so that he can get closer to the champ. He looks like such a wimp anyway!" One of the kids shouted which caused an uproar of laughter. Everyone joined in including Videl which surprised Gohan because he didn't think that she was that shallow.

There was a frown on the face of Gohan and he had both of his hands clenched tightly as annoyance was flowing through him.

As he looked at the boy who said he had seven years of martial arts experience, Hercule couldn't help but agree with what the kid had shouted out. There didn't look to be an ounce of muscle on the brat standing next to his daughter. Knowing that it would be bad for his image if he verbally agreed, Hercule played the fence sitter role. "Well I'll be the judge of that."

"Okay all you brats, were going to have some sparring for more than four years experience to see what sought of level they are at." The moment that he heard this, there was dread on the face of Gohan. As Hercule said this, Gohan could easily feel the man's gaze on him. He could tell that this was a challenge to see whether or not he was lying.

Seeing the dread on the face of Gohan, the world champion thought that the boy standing next to his daughter was lying and was about to be sprung. Hating liars and tricksters with the upmost passion, Hercule decided to make an example out of the cheater. What Hercule didn't know was that this dread was for an entirely different reason. With all the pent up anger, Gohan knew for a fact that he wouldn't be able to properly control his strength. He really didn't want to make a commotion by accidentally hurting someone.

As if in a daze, the first fight between sharpner and some other kid went off without a hitch. In the end it was an even fight but the blonde haired boy unfortunately got put into a choke hold and tapped out before he passed out. He was fuming at the fact that he lost but showed respect by shaking the hand of his opponent.

It was then that the opponents for the second fight were announced and Gohan didn't like it one bit. Whilst he could handle fighting up against someone with an alright personality, finding out that he would be up against the champ's daughter in the next fight.

There was no chance that he was going to be able to get out of this situation without people thinking that he was a complete pussy. If he tried, Videl would just take this as a personal insult and would never let him live it down.

"With that spar out of the way, it's now time for my little princess to go up against the stick figure!" Hercule said loudly which got the class to start laughing at the expense of Gohan. This only further served to anger the already irritable Gohan who had a look of barely controlled anger on his face.

Stepping into the makeshift right, Gohan simply stood there with his hands by his sides. "Hahaha! I bet this is going to be an utter humiliation for brains because he is such a nerd.

Seeing this as her chance to get information out of the boy in front of her who she thought was the gold fighter's alter ego, Videl lapped up the opportunity presented to her. "Come one fight me Gohan!" When this got no response, the girl was utterly infuriated, no one ignored her and got away with it.

"Fight me you damn coward! I bet you're just one of those people who lie about their skill level to impress people or make friends!"

Like the time when the limit broke against Cell albeit on a severely lower scale, the switch had been flipped and Gohan just didn't care anymore. Taking off both of his shirts, the crowds were in for a shock at the sight of Gohan topless.

"Holy crap! Gohan's ripped!" Erasa shouted out as she could not believe her eyes were processing. With the amount that he ate there should be no chance in hell that he would be able to have such little body fat percentage. He wasn't anywhere near as big as Hercule, but he was definitely easy on the eyes.

Sharpner too was definitely startled when he saw the amount of muscle that Gohan was packing. In a totally non homo way, he was impressed. Although Gohan didn't have as much muscle as what he did, he knew how hard it was to maintain a figure like that.

"Start this fight already you pathetic piece of shit." Gohan angrily called out to Hercule. The look on the man's face when he heard this was startled before it quickly changed to fury as no one was allowed to insult him in such a way.

"Come on Videl show this little pipsqueak what it means to be a Satan!" this was something that the man's daughter was all too happy to do as she had heard her enemy insult the man she idolized.

With adrenaline and anger flowing through her veins, Videl charged forward. What surprised her and everyone watching the fight was that Gohan too had started charging forward.

Thinking that this was a bluff, Videl continued on her charge and at what she thought was the last possible moment, launched a vicious right hook in the direction of Gohan.

Unfortunately for her, despite the fact that Gohan had not trained once during the seven year gap between Cell and him attending school, she was still moving at a snail's pace as far as he was concerned. Ducking underneath the incoming attack, Gohan got closer to the girl than what she was comfortable with and launched a volatile uppercut punch to the ribs. The instant that the hit connected, both Gohan and Videl heard a slight break noise.

With momentum from the punch carrying her, Videl found herself moving through the air not on her own accord before landing hard on the ground.

After witnessing what had just happened, Hercule was absolutely furious! Who is this damn kid think he is, hurting my little princess! I'll show him a thing or two! "This fight is…"

Before Hercule could finish calling the match over, he was interrupted. "D-don't daddy!" Videl said as she struggled to get up off of the ground due to the pain that she was in. "I can beat him! He's just some no good liar!" The pride was flowing through the veins of the woman

Hearing that specific word once more refuelled the anger inside of Gohan. with a bland look on his face, Gohan started bouncing on the balls of his feet. Couple that with the fact that both of his hands by his sides, the saiyan child showed a complete lack of respect to his opponent. This was done on purpose for everyone to see.

Sharpner, who had moved over to Erasa by now just so that he could comment on the fight because he knew that Erasa knew absolutely nothing about fighting, started describing what was happening. "He's humiliating her!" the blonde haired boy said with anger as he didn't like any one doing that to his friends.

"What? How can you tell that by just looking at them? There's no way that Gohan would do that!"

"Just look at the way he has his hands by his sides. It's a fighter's way of telling their opponent that they are not even worthy of him putting up his hands to defend an incoming attack. Either the nerd thinks he is god's gift to fighting or that Videl is s beneath him that she could land fifty punches on him and not one of them would do a single thing. My guess is that it's both."

Surprised at the ability to gain all that information just from looking at someone's posture, Erasa decided to simply watch and see what would happen next. There was no doubt in the mind of the blonde haired girl would not take too kindly to someone thinking so little of her fighting abilities when she had put so much time into them.

Indeed she didn't as when she saw this, she screamed in feminine fury. In her mind Gohan was saying that he was better than her because he was a boy and she was a girl. What she didn't know was that Gohan was looking down at her because of who she was as a person, not which gender category she fell under.

With pain in her ribs from earlier, Videl stood up straight off of the ground and launched herself at Gohan. Said boy didn't even bother putting his arms up as he easily dodged strike after strike moving only the slightest amount absolutely necessary.

It was completely infuriating for Videl that she couldn't land a single hit on Gohan when he wasn't even using his arms. How the hell can't I land a hit on him? How is he so damned good! All it took was one slight extension with Videl throwing a slower than normal. This was enough for Gohan to capitalize on the mistake.

As Videl launched her punch with her right hand, Gohan twisted the left side of his body forward and pulling back with his right side of his body with the punch of Videl barely missing. The extension though caused her to lose her footing and lean forward slightly. This slight misstep was enough for Gohan to decide in a split second what attack to do next.

Twisting his hips to generate the momentum and force required, Gohan lent back on his left foot and extended his right leg out and locked it so there were no bends. This allowed for maximum power to be generated and leading with his heel.

With too little time to react, the heel of Gohan connected straight along the jawbone of and followed through forcing the neck of the girl to switch directions immediately. The power that Gohan made through the momentum of his attack was enough to send Videl flying, so far in fact that she flew two before solidly connecting with the ground.

The whole onlooking crowd was silent with shock and awe as they could not believe what they had just witnessed. This was most paramount with Hercule as he could not believe that his daughter, his little darling princess had been so systematically destroyed. In a fit of rage Hercule completely lost it and charged at Gohan.

"Dynamic kick!" Mr Satan announced as he jumped towards Gohan. In almost an exact replica of what had just happened seconds ago, the teenage boy performed the exact same technique albeit with more power and speed.

"Holy fuck! That shit's insane!" Sharpner in utter shock yelled out as he could not believe what he was witnessing.

Calmly walking over to the man who had just attempted to blindside him, Gohan could tell from the fairly large amount of blood already pooling out of Hercule's mouth as well as the odd shape of his jaw, the man who had stolen his credit had a rather severe broken jaw. In all honesty, he saw this as poetic justice.

To add insult into the injury and make a statement, the teenage saiyan coughed up a massive loogie and spat it right on the broken jaw of Mr Satan. With everything that he wanted to convey having been done, Gohan turned in the opposite direction and without a word, walked back over to where his stuff was.

As this was happening, the entire year rushed over so that they could have a look at what had just occurred up close and personal.

With everything that he needed for school in his locker room and him having put on his t-shirts and shoes Gohan gave a look around to make sure no one was watching and vanished almost at the speed of light.