Everything was prepared. He had decked himself out in the finest suit that he owned. It was a black pinstripe suit with a large red tie that was custom made for by the finest tailor that money could buy in Fire Mountain.

One thing that Chi-Chi had no qualms using the wealth that the monarchy had built over time was on making her kids look presentable. This combined with a black briefcase; Gohan looked the part of a consummate professional.

As he looked at himself in the mirror, Gohan couldn't help but admire himself. Gohan tugged on a bit of the fabric where the suit ended. Damn I look good.

With everything and having just put the final touches on his appearance, Gohan kissed his mother on the cheek, messed with the hair of his little brother and headed out the door for his first ever business meeting. Chi-Chi gave some rather surprising advice when Gohan admitted he was kind of nervous about the situation.

Fake confidence until you get comfortable enough in the situation until your natural confidence comes through. That was the message given to him by his mother and it was something that Gohan felt would help him a lot.

It took a grand total of ten minutes for Gohan to make it to the location where he would be discussing the details of the deal with Satanic Supplements.

When he walked into the building, Gohan immediately walked up to the secretary. "Hi there, I have a meeting with Rubby for 8am." Gohan stated to which the man nodded.

"Yes, if you can just wait here for a second, I will call her and let her know that you are here." Gohan simply nodded.

It only took two minutes for Gohan to meet the person who he had talked to over the phone. Rubby was a nice looking woman in her forties wearing a dress suit.

"Hi there Gohan although I have to admit you're not exactly what I expected." Rubby freely admitted when she held her hand out for a hand shake.

Gohan accepted this with a raised eyebrow. "What were you expecting Rubby?" The teenage saiyan questioned.

"Oh I just thought I would be meeting someone a little bit older that's all. It's nice to see that there are some real go getters though. I must say, you do have a good fashion sense. My son could learn a thing or two from you." Rubby said with a smile on her face.

Gohan took the compliment and smiled. He didn't want to say anything on the off chance that it offended her. He hoped this went well.


As he walked out of the building, there was a swagger in the step of one Gohan Son that had not previously been seen. The thing was that Gohan had every right to be though.

Thanks to fact that Hercule Satan lived in Satan City, the greater metropolitan area of Orange Star was the largest consumer of bodybuilding and Fitness supplements in the whole entire world. The only other place that came close was Central City with them having a much larger population.

Gohan was smiling all the way to the bank. Satanic supplements had ordered five of each flavour for each of the 20 brick and mortar stores that were in the region. This didn't even include the online store that they had!

Sure it was going to cost a lot of money to finance this but thanks to being paid before receiving the goods, Gohan was able to put in a request for the ingredients and pay for it.

Whether he liked it or not, Gohan had to quickly get used to dealing with much bigger numbers. A day ago he was dealing with 20 units of stock for a store, this new order was dealing with 4500. It was a major step up for the young entrepreneur.

Gohan idly wondered if saying that all of the work was done by family and a small group of friends helped him out in the bargaining process. He thought he saw the operations manager for Satan City that the flavours were designed by the best woman in the world, (his mother) her eyes lit up. It also helped that he had taste testers for the two people in the room and they in particular loved he peanut butter and chocolate flavour.

With the costs involved in this being 75k out of the 150k grand total, this left Gohan with a lot of money to play around with. Of course he knew that operating costs at the moment were very minimal. Soon he would be forced into getting a headquarters and the costs involved with renting a building and paying for all of the utilities would dig into the profits.

Gohan didn't care one bit about that though as he just got a major breakthrough. The indirect advertising that this would give him would be massive.

Decked out in a suit, Gohan put his aviator sunglasses on and headed to school. He had missed two periods and he knew that if he missed another one, his mother would be on his case and he didn't want that.

Walking into school during the recess break, Gohan smirked when he saw every single girl look at him. He knew that he was rather good looking and it certainly didn't hurt when people nearby validated that sentiment.

"So how did it go?" Sharpner questioned as he saw his friend. He, Erasa and Videl were sitting down at their usual spot eating food, talking about what had happened over the weekend.

All it took was a smirk that Gohan had picked up from hanging around Vegeta. Videl couldn't help but think that the sunglasses looked good on him. When you weighed in at 230 pounds and weighed in at six percent body fat, you made anything look good.

The three friends instantly knew that this meeting that Gohan had went well. He wouldn't be smirking if it didn't. Taking off the glasses Gohan had a smile on his face. "It went great. They ordered heaps of stock! Due to this, this Saturday night I want to celebrate!"

"Yay!" Erasa whooped as she was happy that her contribution had helped Gohan secure this deal. It meant that she had pretty much secured her position of employment for the foreseeable future. It wasn't as if Gohan was going to run out of money to the point where he couldn't pay his staff with getting a deal like this.

"Us four and a few others are going to be going out to Nightmare nightclub and the drinks tab is on me!" Gohan said with enthusiasm as he wanted to celebrate his first major coup for the Oozaru Company.

Sharpner didn't know how much this deal supposedly was but if Gohan was willing to front a bar tab for a night, who was he to complain. He was all for supporting and congratulating his friend for a job well done. The fact that there was free booze was only an added benefit.

Videl looked forward to the night on the town. Now that everyone in the group was over the age of eighteen, they could go to clubs legally, the thought of going out to a bar sounded great after what happened at her birthday party. If anything went wrong, it wouldn't be up to her to deal with the mess it created.


Not satisfied with what he had just achieved, Gohan set out to make even more dough. With the supplements going well for now, Gohan decided to change his attention to the clothing line.

He now had more than enough money to get that t-shirt printer that he had wanted to get earlier but couldn't due to a tightness in the funds department. "Hey, Videl." Gohan called out as he jogged up to the girl.

They had finished their final class for the day and were planning on going home early. Videl turned around with a curious expression on her face as she waited for Gohan to catch up to her.

"Could you help me with something please Videl." Gohan questioned.

"Uh, sure what is it that you need help with?" The black haired girl replied. There was a look of apprehension and curiosity on her face. She hoped that it wasn't anything major that Gohan needed some help with. She had some homework that she desperately needed to catch up on.

"Well I need to get measurements for clothes that I am making. I know finding good fitting clothes can be an issue for men so I assumed the same for women." Gohan said with a smile.

If doing this meant that she might be able to get some clothes that fit well, Videl thought to herself that she might as well do it.

"Alright." Videl said and Gohan smiled. She trusted her friend Gohan to not to do anything inappropriate when he was taking her measurements. He was thankful for Videl to become comfortable with him that she would let him do this.

They flew in her jet copter as Gohan still didn't have a form of transport that he used outside of flying. He still very much wanted to keep the status quo. When he looked back on it, Gohan had been a little surprised at the fact that his friends had stuck to their words and not treated him any differently now that he had told them that he was a prince.

He did think that they would change their interactions with him even if they said that they wouldn't. Gohan guessed that there was still a lot that he had to learn when it came to friendships.

Not a single maid questioned Videl when she came home that day with a boy. Since Hercule was not really at home much due to constant travelling to promote whatever it was that he had signed up to be the ambassador of, Videl was the authority of the mansion. They did not want to incur her wrath.

The duo quickly found themselves inside Videl's bedroom and Gohan had to admit he was surprised. He hadn't been into Videl's personal bedroom before but when he saw it he had expected different. He would have thought that with the personality of Videl, she would have a room of colours that weren't stereotypically "girl" colours.

Instead he was visually assaulted by pink and purple as Videl very much had a girly bedroom. She shot him a look to which he shrugged off. "Can we get this over and done with? I've got homework that I need to do and not all of us can be some kind of super genius like you…" Videl grumbled under her breath.

A frown appeared on the face of Gohan. "What were you doing when you were doing when you were 5 years old? Oh that's right, you were having fun playing with your friends. What was I doing? I was forced to study the Pythagorean Theorem by my mother. Sorry that I come across as smart because I didn't get to have a childhood like you." He didn't care one bit if it came across as bitter when he talked.

Videl was shocked when she heard this. Of course she knew about the stereotype that people of Fire Mountain took their studies seriously but she had never thought that much about it. She didn't know what to say in response to that. She couldn't imagine what that must have been like growing up. "Oh… well you don't have to be such a dick about it." Videl said as she placed her hands on her hips.

Gohan scoffed. "Despite the fact that I have a few things going for me at the moment, I am just like every other person out there in the world. I am not perfect. In fact, I am probably the furthest person from being perfect that you could think of." It was one of those moments where the saiyan child remembered just how much of a different upbringing he had compared to others.

Videl chose not to respond to this because she knew the personality of Gohan. She had absolutely no idea how he could think that he had a shit childhood considering the fact that he was a prince and he was insanely smart, Videl struggled to think of the downsides.

Ignoring this, with a tape measure, Gohan placed it around the left ankle of Videl. After he got the measurement that he wanted, Gohan slowly moved up the leg. Videl wasn't nervous at all when Gohan placed his hands below her kneecap despite the fact that he was touching her skin directly.

She had shaved her legs the night before so they were incredibly smooth and this was something that Gohan couldn't help but notice. Videl's thigh tensed as she was not used to the feeling of having a boy's hands on her legs.

This was something that she was not used to. For all of the confidence that the black girl had, Videl still had a lot of insecurities about herself mainly stemming around her appearance. As far as she was concerned when it came to attractiveness was the fact that she wasn't fat. Oh and drunk Gohan seemed to like her hair.

She didn't have the curvy hips that other girls had. Her breasts were lucky if they fit into an A cup and it even got to a point where she had been mistakenly called a boy.

This dislike that she had for her appearance was the main reason as to why Videl wore such big shirts. She wanted to cover up what she didn't want people to see. Sure, the fact that it helped her out a great deal when it came to range of movement when fighting was great but you could get clothes that did the same job which were tight fitting.

She only got attention from the opposite sex because of who her father was. There was a part of Videl that wanted to get men asking her out with rude and vulgar comments about her appearance. Turning down the men would be a massive boost to her confidence.

"I'm surprised that you manage to generate such force when kicking with such tiny legs." Gohan absentmindedly commented. He didn't see the frown on the face of Videl.

Said woman didn't like the comment from Gohan as she perceived it to be an insult to being weak. "What! Are you calling me weak!?" Videl said with anger lacing her voice.

Gohan casually looked up without fear despite the menacing look he was getting from Videl. "No, the opposite… I'm surprised how strong you are considering you have very little amounts of muscle on your body."

Videl got defensive. "Yeah well sorry that my gender is only hot when you are a twig and that muscle is gross." Videl replied as she struggled greatly with two different ideals. She wanted to look good and get a boyfriend but she also wanted to be good at martial arts. The black haired girl had come to terms with the fact that she would never be able to have the best of both worlds.

"Which blind daft cunt told you that!?" Gohan said forgetting about what he was previously doing and stared at Videl. This was something that he felt extremely against. He never dropped the C-bomb when he was around women so the fact that he said it just went to show how annoyed he was.

"The TV, media and the whole damn freaking society tell me that! I don't exactly see you saying no when some anorexic skank comes up to you." Videl responded in a heated tone.

"Hey now… that's different." Gohan said and immediately, Videl raised an eyebrow and stared at him. "That's just me wanting to have sex not that I particularly find them attractive. You don't see me going up to them do you?"

Videl conceded this point because he did have a point. Once word got out around school of how much muscle Gohan was packing, he wasn't exactly short of options. "Alright then, what do you find attractive?" The black haired girl questioned as she wanted to know what the most eligible bachelor at Orange Star High thought was attractive, not because she wanted Gohan for herself even though he was quite attractive… she was just curious.

"I find girls who have hobbies similar to mine attractive."

Videl frowned. That was a cop out answer if she had ever heard one. The fact that she and Gohan both shared a passion for fitness went over her head. "No… I mean just about looks, not personality." Had she had a crush on Gohan, Videl would have never been able to ask these questions. She would have blushed, stuttered and beat around the bush. Since she felt security with her friend, Videl had all the confidence in the world.

"Alright then, I like muscly girls; it shows they have similar hobbies and interests to me and we will have things in common to talk about. Girls are retarded when they get it stuck in their heads that lifting weights will make them look like the SHE-HULK. You only get that way by taking steroids and lifting heavy weights for multiple years. Here, have a look at this. This is what I find attractive." Gohan said and found a picture on the internet and showed it to Videl.

As she was looking at the photo, Videl found a physique that she would like to look like.


With the new information, Gohan went back home and pulled a box out from the bottom of his cupboard. Inside this was something that he had not touched in a good part of a decade.

It was the saiyan armour that Bulma had created for their time during the hyperbolic time chamber. Since Bulma had never done anything to monetize the product, Gohan felt that he had free reign to study the material used. Gohan was under no illusion that Bulma had managed to recreate the same stuff used in the original saiyan armour.


Having just finished her break, Bulma decided that there was some new toy that she wanted. When you had the resources that she had available to her… there was hardly anyone that could say no to the most powerful woman in the world.

Ever since she had found out that Gohan was interested in the world martial arts tournament, the mother found a renewed interest in something that she had long dismissed ever since Goku won the title.

Being the ideas person that she was, Bulma already had several ideas in which she felt that could make the tournament much better than what the previous people had done.

Of course, this was still a business purchase so some things weren't going to be returning but things like the punching bag were definitely going to go if she got her way which she always did.

All it took was one phone call to set up a meeting and fifteen minutes in said meeting for the 2 billion dollar purchase for the WMAT in its entirety. Sure she over paid but she couldn't care one bit as it wasn't as if money was an issue.

The sole reason behind all of this was because Bulma had already figured out what Gohan was going to do to promote himself. He was going to win the world martial arts tournament and use that as a way to promote himself on a global scale. The free advertisement which needed no capital to begin with would easily generate millions and millions of dollars going by the commercial success that Hercule had gotten from winning the title.

In terms of growth there was nothing that Gohan could do that could come close to rivalling this. This was the reason why Bulma was buying the rights to the tournament. She wanted to give money to the people that she cared about and because of their respective prides, this was the only way for the blue haired woman to help out her eldest godson.

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