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Beacon Hills was a nice place. It was a small American town filled with plenty of green, trees, and open spaces. It was a nice change from the smog that constantly hung over and around Tokyo. It reminded her of the Shrine she grew up on, near the city but not in it, surrounded by nature to keep intact the tranquility that shrines were known for. Why, you may be asking yourself, is a girl from Tokyo, Japan, comparing her homeland to Beacon Hills, California? Because Beacon Hills was the new home of one Higurashi Kagome.

Back in Japan Kagome had been bored and depressed. Both of these states of mind were brought on by the same events, the events that spiraled around the magical well that was located on the Shrine Grounds. She was bored because she was sure that nothing in the present time could ever rival the adventures that she had in the past. Sure they were dangerous and life-threatening adventures, but Kagome – soon after her first feudal trip down the well - had come to terms with the fact that she was an adrenaline junkie. While she didn't enjoy the almost dying parts by any means, she did love the rush, pride, and safety that accompanied besting an enemy either solo or with the help of her friends.

While she hadn't always been the best fighter (she'd actually been quite crappy, clumsy, accident and kidnap prone, and weak) she eventually brought it to her group's attention that she desperately needed to be taught to fight, or at the very least defend herself. Of course Inuyasha refused to hear her plea or to help because, 1) he was a stubborn little puppy, 2) he didn't think she needed to learn these things even though – in his words – she was the "wench" that was weakest in the group.

No matter. Her logic got through to both Miroku and Sango who were both happy to help, and happy that she was taking the initiative to learn. While Kaede was already helping Kagome learn how to use her miko powers to help and heal, create barriers and other passively defensive techniques, Miroku taught her how to use them offensively, turning her miko-ki into a weapon in more ways than channeling it through an arrow. He of course taught her how to wield a weapon like the staff, he didn't want to at first, a staff being a monk's, and therefore man's, weapon, but Kagome, being a progressive woman from the twenty-first century was having none of that. He soon conceded.

He taught her how to channel her miko-ki through her muscles, making her hits much more powerful. She applied this technique to general movement and found that she could also use it to run faster and tire less during exercise. She kept these techniques to herself, the element of surprise was always the best weapon one can have against the enemy.

Sango gave her a crash course in the ways of a demon slayer. One on one close combat was her forte. Unbeknownst to them, every night as they sparred, there was one extra pair of eyes watching the going ons. This extra pair of eyes became Kagome next sensei after she outgrew Sango, which took a long, painful time.

He taught Kagome the art of the sword. Now, no one would think that the Great Daiyoukai of the Western Lands would stoop to train a lowly ningen onna anything. But Lord Sessshomaru was a tactician by nature. He saw the widespread destruction that filthy spider hanyou had already caused. He realized that even though that weak being would be no match for himself when it came to fighting honorably, with power acquired from yourself by hard, grueling work, that hanyou was not honorable. And it would take more than himself, Sesshomaru, to end his miserable life. And the only other being that had enough power to fight alongside Sesshomaru was the miko. Her power just needed to be cultivated. And that he did, all the way up until the Final Battle.

And speaking of the Final Battle brings us to the reason that Kagome was depressed. The battle was depressing enough, the specifics aren't important at this time, good triumphed over evil in the end. There were losses on both sides as expected. After the Shikon was restored to its former, completed, glory, a wish was made. The Shikon was returned to the body of its chosen protector, albeit a lot more permanently than before, and the day ended with a battle weary Higurashi Kagome on the side of the well in her time, said well permanently sealed.

The horrors of the final battle eternally etched onto our warrior's heart made it hard for her to function her first few days after the sealing of the well. She slowly got better, brighter, moving back to the girl she was before she was pulled down the well on her 15th birthday. But she could never be that girl again. She was now a woman, nearly two years older, five-hundred years wiser, and no longer naïve in any respect. After a few months, she was no longer completely depressed, but she still felt empty and cold. No longer absent from school because of her missions to the Feudal Era, she caught up, and then excelled. Well, in everything but math. She was average in that. You can't win every battle.

She decided she needed a drastic change. Mrs. Higurashi agreed. She always knew the time travelling would change her daughter, but she hoped it wouldn't have been such a bitter or painful change. Kagome decided to finish school, just not in Japan. First using her miko-ki on a globe, she expanded it to see which continent called out to her. North America, okay, a map of that. And on and on until she had a map of Northern California hanging on a wall in her room and a dart in her right hand. Closing her eyes, and then covering them with her left hand for good measure, so as not to skew the results, Kagome imbued the dart with her now blue spiritual energy, and threw it at the wall that held the map. Hit the mark that's meant for me. She chanted internally. Opening her eyes after the dart had left her fingers, Kagome watched in awe as blue flames leapt from where the dart landed, devouring the paper several inches outward from where the dart landed. The flames finished, and surprisingly, they hadn't created any smoke. Kagome approached the remains of the map on her wall, where the dart struck there was still a small circular piece of map maybe an inch in diameter, she removed the dart from the wall, and the small piece of paper fluttered to her carpet. She picked it up, and looked to see where her future would start. Hmmm. Beacon Hills it is then.

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