It isn't a secret that Guy doesn't like the dark. He's told Eep as much when they first met. Eep could respect that, she didn't like the dark much either.

It was like a suffocating blanket when her and her family were forced to stay in their old cave for long periods of time. Days would go by. Light would filter through the cracks but there wasn't enough. They would raise their hands to the light as if they could catch the light and keep it for later, fruitless as that was.

Eep had her family though, Guy didn't.

Alone in the dark was much worse.

It was terrifying and left you hopeless.

He had Belt of course but the little sloth wasn't a big fan of the dark either. When fire was discovered and wielded it was like they had their own sun to watch over them when the night came.

It was even better now though because they had fire but now they also had Eep and family too.

When the fire would die and the dark cover them Guy was better about it because Eep would take his hand in hers. She'd squeeze it tight because she was there still. Guy would turn toward her, hand still held, and smile even though she couldn't see it. Maybe she could because he'd hear her giggle.

"You're supposed to be asleep over there! Don't make me separate you!"


"But Ugga!"

That made them burst out to laugh a little more.

It wasn't so dark with the Croods around.



Eep didn't say anything for a bit. "I love you."

That always makes Guy's heart flutter. "I love you too."

He heard Belt gurgle beside him. "I love you too, Belt."

"We love you a lot Belt," Eep added.

The sloth made a satisfied noise.

Eep's hand still held his.

Warm and safe just like the sun but unlike the sun she shined no matter what. Bright and Strong.

"You make everything better," he whispered.

It was no secret but he still felt like telling her.

"And so do you," she whispered back before yawning. "Now sleep."

She pulled him into her arms.

"Okay," he said bemused before wrapping his arms around her, getting comfortable.