Not being able to feel, I lay on the ground, covered in my own rusted red blood; as it starts to slowly form around me in a puddle. The world starts to slowly fade away from me, there is something I forgot to tell him.


I wait for my best friend, half way between his hive and from mine.

"s0llux?" I call out.

I wait anxiously for him, scared that something came up, and we couldn't go on our date. I give out a small, yet long sigh, I turn my back the direction of his hive, and slowly walked back to my own.

"s0llux, what's wr0ng?" I ask myself in a whisper.

I look towards my right, seeing stone, I knew that I was getting close to my hive, until I saw a shadow above me in the air, I freeze, turn my body around, looking up, where I saw my yellow blooded troll.

"s0llux!" I exclaim.

I smile then saw that something was wrong with him, he didn't look like himself.

"s0llux?" I ask.

His piisoniic powers were going out of control, his eyes started to switch from left to right, the colors changed, and he gave me this eerie look. He held something in his right hand.

"d0n't tell me y0u ate . . ."

I run to him, wanting to hug him to calm him down. But, I saw as I was pushed into the rocks with such hard force, something in his eyes, he was being mind controlled. The rocks shatter around me, some landed right onto me, cutting my arms, legs, head.


I lay there, not being able to feel anything, my world slowly fading into darkness. I knew that he didn't do this on purpose, not this. I look left side, at my curved horn, my own blood stains it. Groaning in pain, I continue to lay there.

"what ii2 thii2?" I hear Sollux's voice call out, "miind honey?! oh god, ii hope that ii diidnt do anythiing horriible."

Rust tears flows out of my left eye, the only one that was still perfect, not bleeding like the other one. I choke up a smile, knowing that this is the last time I will see him, unless I die right now.

"aa?" I hear his voice, again.

Footsteps slowly come to me.

"oh god, dont tell me that ii kiilled her!"

I see his hand brushing off the rocks.

"s . . . s0llux." I weakly announce.

I hear a small gasp as he picks up the stones off of me.


I smile. He shakes his head, gently picking me up into his arms.

"iim 2orry, aa!"

"i kn0w that y0u . . . didn't mean t0."

His yellow tears flow out of his eyes.

"i am happy, s0llux," I pause, coughing, "i g0t t0 see y0u 0ne last time."

"dammiit, dont clo2e your eyes!"

"we will always be t0gether, s0llux."

"aradiia . . ."

"i l0ve you, s0llux."

My eyes role to the back of my head, exhaling what could be my last breath.


"aradiia!" I shake her body, "come back, plea2e!"

I hold her limp body closer to me.


My tears roll down my cheek.

"ii am flu2hed for you too, aa."

I look at her opened eyes, I take my left hand, and slowly close them with my fingers.

"II AM A MON2TER!" I cry towards the sky.