"Stop staring at me, James," I sighed for the umpteenth time, sinking further into the green beanbag in his room. I hugged my knees, looking up at my lover from behind my blue fringe.

James was frowning, leaning against his closed bedroom door with his arms crossed as he studied my new appearance with confused hazel eyes. He's been doing this for the past hour or so when we should be out getting dinner.

You know what he did instead? Order takeout from a random restaurant.

"James," I called out, my voice cracking slightly.

"Why you, Kendall?" The pretty boy mumbled as he kneeled in front of me, treading his fingers through my blue-streaked hair. "How?"

"I don't know," I replied softly, nibbling on my bottom lip as I casted my gaze to the wooden floor. Was the combination causing all of this? I did kind of not tell James about what had happened in the basement.

But, then again, nothing happened afterwards. Why are the effects showing themselves now?

For once in my whole life, I'm scared. And uncertain. What the hell is going on here?

I played around with my tingling fingers nervously, tapping the tips together. Should I tell him? Should I spill the beans that I was strapped to a table and, probably, was given the exact same elements as Allie?

I continued tapping my fingertips together, ignorant of the slightly harder shivers coming from them. Both James and I flew backwards when a jolt of current flew out, causing us to land roughly on the floor. The brunette clutched his stomach, of which I had accidentally attacked, rolling around with a grunt.

"Holy shit, baby! I'm so sorry!" I rambled, scurrying over to comfort my boyfriend. I was about to brush his hair off his face when I hastily pulled my hand back, fearing that I may cause another injury instead.

The hazel-eyed teenager cringed as he sat up, an arm wrapped around his stomach. James lifted up his shirt, lightly tracing the reddened mark on his skin before turning to me. He was about to speak when the shrill of the doorbell rang, causing me to flinch at the loudness.

I seem to be doing that a lot lately. My eyes lingered on the floor before I moved away, avoiding my boyfriend's grasp when he reached out to me.

"I-I'll go get it," I muttered, running out of the room as though I caught fire. The doorbell rang again, causing me to lose my footing as I bounced down the stairs. I landed on the floor with a loud thud, silently cursing the impatient little fuck.

If it's not food, I'm eating this person for dinner.

Whoever it was began ringing the bell furiously, causing me to throw the front door open, my eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

A teenage girl froze, eyes wide with shock. In her hands were a few bags of food, of which I snatched with a huff. I looked around and spotted the few bucks James had left, for the food, I assume.

I shoved the cash into her palm and spat, voice laced with venom, "Keep the change."

My tone of voice, almost antagonizing, caused her to cower as she muttered out a soft goodbye. The delivery girl backed up slowly, violet eyes fixed on me before she made a mad dash for her motorbike. I slammed the door shut, immediately regretting it when the noise echoed loudly.

I sank to the floor, sighing as I threaded my fingers through my hair. What's wrong with my hearing? It feels like it increased tenfold.

The soft footsteps coming down the stairs made my head snap upwards, scaring James half to death. The brunette hurried towards me when he noticed the strange look on my face, a shocked expression written clearly on his.

"What's wrong, baby?" he whispered, tugging me into a tight bear hug, despite the fact that I was pushing him away. The pretty boy's strength made him rooted to the ground; all my efforts were worthless. James idly rested his chin on the top of my head, pretending that I wasn't using my lack-thereof muscles to free myself. "Don't you like my embrace anymore, Blondie?"

I froze, the pain in his voice as clear as day. Tension hung onto us as I tried to compose myself, nervously clutching the front of my lover's shirt. I closed my eyes and leaned into James' body, relishing in the sudden warmth he was emitting.

"I'm scared," I mumbled, burying my nose deeper into the vanilla-scented neck. My palms were sweating as I imagined hurting my boyfriend, be it by accident or otherwise. How would I live with that guilt?

James began humming a tune, pressing aimless kisses into my hair. I knew he was waiting for a further explanation, so I took in a deep breath, a half-assed attempt to get myself to spill the truth.

"I'm just scared," I repeated, causing him to stop his actions just so he could listen to me. "What if- What if I hurt you? What if something happens and I just end up murdering you?"

My lips were in a tight, straight line as I pulled away swiftly, my statement freezing James for a fraction of a second. Just as I escaped our tangled up limbs, I was shoved to the floor, a larger body hovering above mine. A quick streak of brown caught my eyes before they fluttered close, a pair of moist lips moulding with mine.

I could feel the tips of my fingers tingling again, digging deeper into James' slightly colder chest. I nipped at his bottom lip out of habit before reconnecting them sweetly. As our tongues twirled together, I felt a strong wave coursing through my veins, causing me to shudder.

James moaned against my lips, taking my shaking form as pleasure. His hands crept under my shirt, fingers ghosting against my skin as they pushed the fabric upwards.

"James," I panted, trying to move away from his heated kisses. He barely acknowledged my efforts, continuously leaning down to connect our lips. My breathing was laboured, making me light-headed from the lack of air. "James! Mmm- Get off!"

The brunette used more force to push me down, keeping our lips locked effortlessly. My face was scrunched up, hands shaking from the strength I was using. James' tongue intertwined with mine, sucking harshly as his fingers tweaked my nipple.

A moan ripped from my throat, my body somehow ignoring my lover's sudden urge to suffocate me to focus on the pleasure. The brunette grinded his hips against mine, his own breathing coming out in pants. A different type of shock ran through my veins, going straight down to my south regions.

Apparently, my dick wasn't the only thing that decided to spring out. The tingling in my finger seeped out of the tips, slowly at first. I was oblivious to this, sliding my hands up to grip my boyfriend's broad shoulders.

His cold tongue was mapping out my sweet spots as his hands went to unzip our jeans, the tent in our boxers rubbing against one another sensually. The pleasure slowly built up, causing the sensation in my hands to become stronger. I was about to give into my boyfriend's urges and grind against him when I felt it.

The feel of electric currents shot out of the tips of my long fingers, shocking both of us.

James fell to my side, cringing and gasping for air before he looked at me, red eyes brighter than blood.

"We need to work on that electricity, Blondie," he chuckled nervously, carefully kissing my forehead. I was silent as James got up to move away from me, his dick still straining against the zipper of his skinnies. He turned to me, eyes a calming shade of hazel, before he jerked his head towards our food. "Let's eat."

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