My arm was washed and bandaged once Logan had snapped out of his terror. He shoved me into the living room and pointed silently towards the couch before returning to the kitchen. I settled myself down quickly and rest my head on my palms.

Why is this happening? I closed my eyes and sighed, rubbing my face gingerly before I looked up just as Logan returned by my side. I remained silent, watching him type away on his phone.

"Where'd the scratches come from?" the brunette whispered, his eyes averted from the screen illuminating his face. Logan looked worried, and a little in the state of disbelief.

I watched him silently for a moment, not exactly wanting to tell him my theory. Would he believe me if I told him the marks came from the dream I was having prior to his arrival? Knowing the brunette, he'd push my thoughts aside and proceed to crack his mind for some scientific reasoning proven by the laws of science.

I tried to make up little white lies that I could tell him to get him off my back, only to come up with none.

My thoughts went back to the realistic dream. The face the demon had copied. The uncanny similarity from its appearance to its voice. A short, sharp pain erupted through my arms when the thought of the demon-like creature's claws digging into my skin flashed in my head. Without meaning to, I shuddered in terror, a sight of the sharp teeth and dripping blood playing at the back of my eyelids. I must've paled dramatically as Logan's shaky fingers squeezed harshly on my wound, causing me to shout out in pain and surprise.

"I-I'm sorry!" The brunette cried out, gently patting the wound as though it would help numb the pain. When I looked up, the look on my best friend's face made me blurt out what I wanted to keep secret.

"A nightmare." I ignored his puzzled face and continued, rubbing my forehead roughly in frustration, "I was at this huge abandoned house in the middle of nowhere and there was this thing in there, calling out to me. It just- well, it gripped my arms so hard that I panicked and my powers just instinctively protected me. I didn't realise the wounds were there until you pointed out my arm."

"When did you start having these dreams?"

I gulped and looked down at my shuffling feet. Flashes of dream-James' face still lingered at the back of my mind. "This was the first." I groaned, "God, get it out of my head."

"Want to talk about it?" Logan was staring at me intensely, his voice hinted at his doubtfulness. I shook my head in response, uncertain on my trust on my own best friend, on myself. Logan's just hard to convince and I didn't want to spend time trying to get him to see things my way, especially since the root cause of the dream was questionable. I heard him huff. "Do you think this has something to do with your powers?"

I froze and reflected on the opinion. "Probably," I said, my eyebrows scrunched up and my fingers resting on my chin. "I don't know. A lot of things have been going on ever since the experiment results came to play."

"Talk to James," the genius calmly stated. One glance at me had him rethinking his words, his hands raised in feigned surrender. "Hey, don't glare at me. He should have more in-depth information on your powers than you could ever figure out yourself."

But he's cheating on me. You said so yourself, I thought as I frowned at the boy's idea. Then an even better, and egoistically acceptable, suggestion struck me. I could just go over and look for the folder containing the details of the different elements on my own. Let's be real, facing James now is like holding a ticking time bomb.

I'll end up hurting either one of us, physically or verbally.

When Logan cleared his throat to catch my attention, I leapt off the sofa and grabbed my shoes, momentarily scaring the younger teen. "I'm going to James' for a sec. You staying?"

"Thank God," he murmured, obviously forgotten that I could hear him. I watched my best friend shuffle around to grab his backpack and shoes before he paused, in the midst of tying his laces. With a sigh, Logan looked up at me with cautious brown eyes. "Don't start another storm while you're there, okay? Clear things up with him."

"No promises," I muttered, locking the door behind us before going separate ways. I prayed that James wasn't home, not wanting to face the boy after he ditched me and the despicable news I received. Events of the past few days filled my mind as I walked down the pavement leading to the Diamond household.

Ever since the revelation of my powers, James had been acting weird. From avoiding me, to helping me control my powers, to supposedly cheating on me. Is my boyfriend done with me? Am I that much of a hassle to be with? Has he found someone better?

And, despite knowing I have the choice of taking the first step, he still hasn't invited me to prom!

Maybe he's asking the blonde skank Logan saw him with, I thought sourly with a sigh. My heart was heavy with hurt, my tears threatening to spill. I ducked my head and stopped walking, slamming my fist against the wall – basically someone's fence – next to me.

It cracked under pressure, bits of rubble illuminated with blue lights going everywhere. I gasped and looked around, cradling my buzzy hand. Thankfully, the neighbourhood was empty. I scurried away to my boyfriend's house, all the while in shock on the strength I had produced.

I wasn't looking where I was running towards, which ended up with me colliding with a large, cinnamon-smelling body. I groaned at the scent, knowing well enough who to expect. When I locked eyes with a brown-eyed pretty boy, I rolled my eyes and wiped my wet palms on my jeans.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, my voice laced with a slight hint of distaste towards him. Shane glanced at me once before grabbing my hand, the one I had used to smash a hole through a brick wall. I struggled to free myself. "Hey! Let me go!"

"You're buzzing. Angry about something? James, maybe?" he smirked, his grip tightened. The pain shooting up my arm triggered an even stronger shiver. I could feel my eyes changing color, much to my dismay. Once the trickling on my head ceased, Shane was flung a good few meters away, grunting and cursing under his breath.

Suddenly, it felt like I had little to no control over what I was doing. My hands were outstretched, palms pointed at the injured teen, crackling of blue lights covering my fingers. It intensified with each flex of my arm and I found myself screaming internally, Stop! Stop! It's going to kill him!

Charging. It's charging. I can't – I can't stop it. The blood in my veins became ice cold, flowing at a higher speed as the lights became brighter, thicker. Shane looked afraid, almost petrified. "Die."

The voice was nothing like mine. Instead, it was cold and heartless, the falseness of its soothing, calming counterpart evident. I barely recognised it. Inside, I'm shaking like a leaf, desperate for the control of my body. Outside, I probably seem like a demonic teenager ready to kill his boyfriend's twin.

What the hell is going on? Why is this going on?

The lights began settling on my palms, creating a large blue circle of current and water combined. I struggled to move, to avoid the situation from worsening. Shane had frozen in place but the expression he had now was just smug.

"Do it," I heard him say. A smirk crawled involuntarily onto my lips. Don't! "Do it, Electrike."

Just like that, I felt the smirk slip and control slowly returning to my own hands. The blue lights vanished into my skin. The inner shivers became physical and I eventually collapsed to the floor, heaving and panting for breath. I squeezed the skin over my heart roughly when I realised.

I could've killed him. Just like how I could've killed James, on multiple occasions.

It made me sick when it dawned on me that, on the inside, I liked it. Whatever – Who ever – was controlling me, it's now within me. It's capable of causing destruction by using my physical being and I can't stop it. I won't be able to.

I'm weak against my own inner demon.

I caught a glimpse of Shane being shoved aside from the corner of my eye before I was scooped up into warm, welcoming arms. Murmurs of sweet and cooling words were whispered into my ears as the warmth combed through my hair.

I gripped his shirt and leaned into him. "It's okay, baby. He won't hurt you. Calm down," was part of the long string of sentences he was spewing. I tried to control my breathing, to allow my head to wrap around the new problem that had risen.

Without warning, I looked up at him, my boyfriend, whose face looks sullen and exhausted, and whispered, "I don't want this anymore."

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