Survival Of The Heart

Disclaimer: I do not own the Batman series. Batman and it's characters are owned by it's creator, Bob Kane. This takes place right at the end of No Man's Land. But this is what my ending would look like.

Chapter 1

Nightwing's POV

New Year's Eve.

It was a time to celebrate and enjoy good times. A time for one last party to close out the year in style. Nothing but balloons, party streamers, and drunken hooligans. Everyone in Gotham City, spite the earthquake, were all joyous about the new year.

But the sad truth is...





I wasn't celebrating. I wasn't drinking the night away. And I sure as hell wasn't ringing in the new year.

I felt very sick to my stomach. Like if I was gonna throw up. There was a pain that I couldn't even bear to witness. I know I've experienced it when I was a kid.

That kind of pain that I, Dick Grayson, was suffering the fact that I saw Huntress being nearly dead at the sight of the Joker. Seeing that painful sight tore my heart apart. It brought me to a time in my life that I was afraid to lose somebody else that was close to me.

My memory hit me way back to when I was 12. I was part of an acrobatic team called The Flying Graysons alongside my parents Jonathan and Mary. We traveled alongside Haly's Circus and we captivated the imaginations of every young boy and girl that was watching us. Of course, with my breathtaking flips and my death-defying leaps, I was the star of the show. I felt like nothing would slow the rest of me and my family down.

That was until one fateful night. After another tremendous performance...


My parents were murdered in front of everyone watching. The people ran out of the circus tent screaming and evacuating. It was perhaps the most scariest thing that could ever happen. It was like a bad dream, except that this was no dream. It was all real.

A mobster by the name of Tony Zucco shot them in cold blood without any intention whatsoever. I don't understand why he couldn't kill me instead. My parents didn't deserve to die in his hands. I didn't deserve to suffer like this. But fate played my cards and I couldn't have time to change destiny. I cried the entire time my parents were dead in their own blood.

But I was now in the present. I was scared to have someone die in my arms other than my long-deceased mom and dad.

This was Huntress. But she was just more than any Huntress.

This was Helena Bertinelli. She's been through pain and heartache than I already have. Helena was mostly withdrawn her whole life. She was kidnapped and raped at a young age by an agent of one of Gotham's most dangerous crime families. It would've been the Falcone's or anybody, but I'm not the one to keep up with the past, besides remembering my parents death. As if it wasn't enough, her entire family was gunned down at a wedding that she attended. Not a single flesh was standing.

She was left alone. Just like Bruce Wayne. And just like me.

Remembering her pain and heartache, she decided to turn her tragedies into light. This forced her to become more vigilant and more ferocious. With the training she received and a whole lot of crusading, she came back to Gotham City known as the Huntress.

Helena was always trying to get attention from Bruce. God help her that she was desperate. After all, Bruce doesn't quite take her methods of justice quite well. Helena didn't really give a damn what Bruce thought of his kind of justice as well. It was always shoot first and ask questions later.

Bruce never knew the meaning well concerning that his parents was shot and killed by a gun. Bruce didn't have to use guns for justice, and luckily, he never did. Helena managed to solve justice using her trusty crossbow. I'm not gonna lie, but those things hurt, just like what I'm now recently going through.

But Helena was never that harsh. She's was already willing to do the right thing, even if it meant putting her body on the line. She did her best to save the rest of the babies that was kidnapped by Joker in Christmas Eve. She was shot in the abdomen, nearly an inch closer to where Babs was shot. Unfortunately for the Joker, Helena stood her ground. There was no way one bullet from the Joker was gonna keep her down. Me and Batman respected that in her.

Joker didn't get the job done, but he wanted to. That gun was pointed right to Helena's head. Her abdomen was too damaged to even make her stand on her own two feet. Helena's life flashed between her eyes. With an evil smirk, Joker was willing to end it all.

But there was no way that it was happening.

Me and Batman arrived just in time to make the save. While Batman outlasted both Joker and Harley Quinn, I was the only one to check on Helena. I was holding her in my arms while the blood was trinkling down her nose. That was the most horrifying scene that I ever saw from her. I didn't know if I wanted to cry, but seeing her brutalized by a heartless and murderous clown made me tremble in fear.

That blood of hers were splurting from her stomach. I was afraid for her safety. My teeth was chattering with fear and my face was full of concern. But there was no way I would let Helena die in my arms like this. I was not gonna leave her behind with her life ending in a pool of blood. To me, it was a fight for life and death. I didn't know if Helena would make it out of this, but I wanted to pray. I wanted to pray that she would be okay.

The damage she suffered looked very serious and very threatening. And her chances of surviving wasn't very good.

I don't know if this was very good and all, but I wanted to try a good Nightwing/Huntress three-shot just for fun.

Now, I know this wasn't the ending, because that's why I've decided to save it for the last chapter. Until the next chapter, R&R.