Survival Of The Heart

Disclaimer: I do not own the Batman series. Batman and it's characters are owned by it's creator, Bob Kane. This takes place right at the end of No Man's Land. But this is what my ending would look like.

Chapter 2

Nightwing's POV

Being cold as hell itself, I managed to carry Helena to a nearby medical tent across town. There were thousands of tents all around Gotham City, concerning what happened due to the violent earthquake.

I managed to make it through three miles of snow before the medical team found me carrying her. They managed to take Helena off my hands and put her on a stretcher so that they could tend to her the best as they could.

I was actually crying and scared for her. I tried to hold back the tears, but it wasn't doing me any good. The tears on my face went down like a leaking faucet.

As soon as I was checking up on her alongside the doctors, Alfred approached me with a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Master Dick, we got her now." Alfred spoke to me while I turned to him.

I tried to be confident as I was, but I was still crying inside.

"Alfred... please don't let Helena die! Don't take her away like this..." My voice broke.

"Master Dick, calm down. I promise you that well attend to her the best we can." Alfred replied, still comforting me. But I wasn't being comforted by anyone. There was no way I was gonna lose Helena the same way I lost my parents a decade ago.

"She didn't deserve to be in this mess!" I exclaimed while I raised my voice, "Joker didn't deserve to do what he was about to do to her!"

"I know you really care deep down for her, but you need to trust us. If you're gonna keep pressuring us to save her, then there's nothing we can do to bring her back." He said with a stern voice. It was stern, but it was yet compassionate.

"Please..." I sobbed. I nearly lost my voice trying to keep control of my tears.

"Dick..." Alfred sighed, "Just trust us. We'll look after her..."

After noticing that my tears were getting me nowhere, I decided to calm down.

"Okay. Just don't lose her..." I said with a sudden whisper.

After Alfred nodded sadly, I managed to walk out of the tent with a straight face. Luckily, there was a chair next to the tent where I could sit at and at least think of what I've should've done. Either way, tomorrow was gonna be a long night. Yet surprisingly, there also happened to be a lit barrel so that I could keep myself warm in the process.

The tears I fell managed to dry off from the heat. I was still sniffling, but I had to stick to what Alfred said. I hoped in my heart that Helena would be alright, but I still had a bad feeling about this. What if she dies on me? What on earth would happen to me if someone close to me like Bruce, Babs, Alfred or Tim all died out on me?

It was simple... I would be alone. I always become scared of being alone, but it's my job of serving justice out on the streets of Bludhaven and in Gotham. I was destined to protect, no matter how young, old, big or small the problem became.

Maybe I had to quit worrying. After all, carrying Helena in my arms stressed me out. I didn't know how heavy she was for a slim woman. So I decided to rest my eyes a little and hope that everything turns out well. However, little rest turned out to be sleep.

I felt something occur from my sleep. It was like something from a dream. I soon realized that I was dreaming...




I was dreaming of the moment that me and Huntress had a year back when we were hunting down a mob boss by the name of Pasquale. He broke the law for killing an undercover cop that was dressed like a prostitute.

We had to climb up a huge tower with one of her ropes. Basically, me and Helena were doing a little briefing to find out if we found some evidence in the murder case. It was one of those 'private' briefings that involve only two people and when no one else was around. Unfortunately for Helena, she had little trouble trying to reach the ledge. Noticing this, I decided to lend her a hand.

"Need a hand?"

"Oh, you're a catch." She spoke in a sarcastic tone, "Never mind, I got it myself."

To tell you the truth, she couldn't reach. So I guess I decided to help her out anyway.

"Hey, I told you I already got this!" Helena exclaimed out of frustration.

"Hey, like it or not, you needed my help." I chuckled a bit, "But it may not matter anyway, because I'll have to ask you to turn around and head back down."

"Nice try, but I ain't leavin' anywhere. You find anything yet?" Helena said while she separated from me a bit, only to dust off.

"I managed to find one of Malfatti's so-called 'associates' working in front of Gotham City Police Department's holding tank. I'm not certain that Frankie Black's actually safe here." I shook my head in failure, "Is there anything you've found so far?"

After few minutes of thinking, Helena shook his head negatively.

"It's very inconclusive. There was no physical evidence of Frankie whatsoever." Helena said, while her head transitioned to a nod, "But I did manage to get something out of interest. I found out that the woman that was murdered wasn't a prostitute, but an undercover cop instead."

Hearing this interesting news from her, I felt impressed.

"Wow, I'm impressed. I kinda wish I was more surprised, though." I smiled to her.

"Heh, you should be..." She chuckled.

After a few minutes of silence between us, I managed to speak with wonderment.

"Hey, Huntress... I hope you don't mind, but if it's okay if I can ask you a question?" I said while rubbing my neck.

"Sure. You may." She said with a very smart smile forming through her lips.

"I may?" I replied with my eyes popping through my head in surprise, "You some kind of teacher or anything?"

"Luckily for you, I do happen to be a teacher. The reason I happen to be one is to stop you from acting like you were born in a freaky circus tent, which isn't very surprising to say the least." She chuckled and snagged.

"Wow, I must be one hell of a psychic..." I chuckled back, "So... you won't mind telling me your name, huh?"

Noticing that she heard me loud and clear, Helena turned her cheek the other way. She wasn't mad, truth be told. But it was certain that she was in fact, blushing.

"Well... I sorta assumed that you already knew. Maybe if you cared, you would've figured it out." Helena said while trying to keep her focus on me.

I couldn't stop listening to her words. I never knew how sincere she sounded, even if she acted like she was unpredictable. I was begging to hear more from her.

"Look... it's not the point." I spoke with ease. "I've thought about what you said to me earlier."

Knowing that Helena tried to keep her stare away from me, I took my hands and cupped them around her cheeks.

Strangely, I saw Helena blush again. Blushing at the way my touch was affecting her. I had a very soft touch when it came to women. And Helena was definitely no exception.

"You're right about us sticking together." I said with my voice being so sincere as it was, "I know I've been working quite alone for a while, and sometimes it's... fine and whatnot."

My voice started to lose itself looking at her. She had such precious eyes. Precious and yet so dark, that you could look past them with the pain and loneliness they've been feeling. Excellently, her long dark hair started whipping in the minor wind, which made her the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Well, it was nowhere closer to Babs, but I felt something inside her. Like two lonely worlds connected with one.

"I know I've gotten good at it, but..." I said, trying to form one sentence coming through my lips, "Sometimes, it's gets very..."

"It gets very lonely, huh...?" Helena spoke with a murmur.

"Yeah, it does..." I whispered.

We both gazed at each other like we were two lonely souls looking for a reason to live. We tried to separate, but it was all hopeless. Me and Helena were hypnotized with each other. I was nearly losing my breath and so was hers.

And in an instant, me and Helena pressed our lips into one another. I felt the warm feeling of her lips straight down my spine. When I wrapped my arms around her tenderly, she felt her blush brighten up. In the process, she held on to my chest in full control. I let my urges get the best of me, but strangely, I actually liked it. I felt a hint of grape surge through her sweet lips.

But something unexpected occurred. I wasn't feeling anything from Helena. No lips, no body... no anything. I knew that this wasn't good.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Helena had disappeared through a grain of crystals. I was shocked, stunned and speechless. The only three words I ever thought of.

"No... this... this can't happen..." I said to myself while picking up the sandy crystallic remains of her, "You can't leave like this..."

I felt tears go through my face, and yet I wasn't even crying. I wanted Helena back with me, not disappear from my arms. As I was moments away from crying anyway, I heard a voice speak to me from out of nowhere.


I couldn't believe what my ears heard. The voice I heard turned out to be a man's voice. Was it coming out of my conscience?

The answer was a definite. As I closed my eyes and begged for all of this to come back to normal...

...I opened my eyes back up.

"Master Dick." A voice said to me with his hand on my shoulder. I then realized that I was back at the tent. I guess that my little moment of Helena was nothing more than a dream, let alone a flashback combined into a nightmare. I turned to the figure that woke me up.

"Wha-?" I said to the figure, which happened to be my butler and Bruce's, Alfred.

"You're awake. I'm glad to see that." Alfred said, smiling grimly.

"Is Helena okay? Please tell me she's okay!" I said, shaking and holding Alfred's shoulders uncontrollably.

As much as I wanted to hear the good news, I expected the worst to happen, knowing that I saw the guilty expression that was forming in Alfred's face.

"Master Dick, the damage and wound to her ribcage was brutal. We managed to get the bullet out of her, but the blood loss could be too much for her. I don't quite know how to say this, but..."

I clenched on to his shoulders, while my thoughts of 'Please don't die' scattered into my brain. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping this would've all been a dream.

"Helena's in a coma."

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