Holly woke up soon. She didn't know if she was the only one awake yet, but she also didn't want to find out.

Anyway, she couldn't if she wanted to.

Fowl had told her to stay put...stupid magic rule. This was all his fault, everything. He ruined her life. Now the question was: would he kill her?

If he wanted to kill her, he wouldn't have given her the drink, right? Only then that brought up another question: what did he want with her? That cold heartless maniac only wanted the ransom, and he wasn't getting it.

Before she could contemplate the matter further, the door to her cell opened and Artemis stepped in, a dead look on his face.

"Well, your stupid plan worked, Fowl."

"That 'stupid plan' is the only reason you're still alive."

"Rather be dead," she muttered, looking at the concrete floor.

"That can be arranged," he growled.

Holly's head snapped up, her breath quickening. She knew she shouldn't test him, but it was either a prisoner or dead. And the People already thought she was the latter. But before she could say anything that would boil his temper, he cleared his throat.

"As you are here, and still alive at the moment, you will be able to go about the manor as you please. But you will not leave the manor, nor will you go near the doors or windows. You will not try to contact the People, and most importantly you will not destroy anything or harm anyone. Understood?"

Holly nodded. She could feel her magic getting the orders down in her head.

"Good. And so you are aware, if you do find a way to get through your magic and break any of those rules, I will kill you. Or Butler will, for that matter."

Holly nodded, wondering why he was giving her any freedom. Little freedom, but freedom nonetheless.

But before she could think of anything else, Artemis left the cell, slamming the door behind him.

"Hey!" Holly exclaimed, jumping up, pounding her hand on the door fruitlessly.

Artemis was beyond hearing her, he was already up the stairs, heading straight to the kitchen, where he knew Butler was.

"Mother." he stated, once he got there.

The bodyguard looked up at the boy and then at the food he was preparing, "Yes, this is for your mother."

Artemis shook his head. "No, that's not what I meant. She can heal mother."

Butler looked up again. "You think so?"

Artemis scowled at the grammatical errors of that sentence, but continued nonetheless, "yes, it's a psychological wound. If Captain Short-well, ex captain-can use her magic to heal mother, she would be fine the next minute."

"I doubt that Captain Short-Holly-is willingly going to use her magic, and you cannot force her to use it."

Artemis brought his attention to something then. "She won't, most likely, but I can be...persuasive at times."

Butler turned around to see what Artemis was looking at and dropped his jaw. He then got in the middle of Artemis and what the young boy was looking at so contently. The knife block on the counter.

"No, Artemis. I was okay with you you kidnaping her, holding her for ransom, and giving her the choice to live or not. But you WILL NOT torture that elf."

Artemis narrowed his eyes. "And why not? Why shouldn't I? Mother could be back within the hour."

"No, Artemis. Why don't you try to get her to trust you?"

"And why would she have reason to trust me?"

"You did save her life."

"That's not going to count in her mind."

"Then she doesn't, yet. But why don't you you try being nice to her for once?"


"And why not?"

"Because earning her trust like that could take months!"

"Well, then you better get started, shouldn't you, now go!"

Artemis looked up again, opening his mouth to argue, but then Butler caught his eye and he thought better of it, cause when a Butler got that glint in their eye, then you knew better than to argue.

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