The sun rose high above the Soul Society. Everyone was going about their daily business and having a good day. The Shinigami watched over this world protecting them for within the SSeireitai. They were broken up into thirteen guard squads that make up the Shinigami forces. It had been a year since Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Sosuke Azien in battle and lost his Shinigami powers. Everyone was grateful for his help with that incident but life had returned to normal.

One person was walked silently towards the barrack of squad 12. She wore a short form fitting kimono with a white nagajugan underneath. Wrapped around her waist was a white obi with a red cord fastened around her. She has piercing green eyes and silk like black hair that was tied in a braid.

This is Nemu Kurotsuchi, lieutenant of squad 12. She was on her way to see her father/creator Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the Captain of Squad 12. He had sent a hell butterfly to her ordering her to come to the lab as soon as possible.

She walked at a quick pass hoping to get there as soon as possible so not to incur her father's anger. As she walked she didn't noticed someone turn the corner and the pair rain into each other. Both fell hard to the ground and Nemu looked up to see who it was. She looked at saw that it was the lieutenant of squad 4, Isane Kotetsu.

Isane is a tall woman with gray eyes and silver hair with two small braids on her right side. She wore the standard Shinigami uniform and was slowly getting up off the floor.

"I'm sorry Nemu," Isane said in a hurried tone, as she helped Nemu to her feet. "Captain Unohana needs me as quickly as possible, and I wasn't watching where I was going."

Nemu nodded, "I understand, I too am in a hurry to see my captain." She replied in her emotionless tone.

Isane nodded and went on her way, "I see you later." She called and disappeared around a corner.

Nemu watched this and sighed, again heading towards her barracks and an angered Captain. "Time to go for the daily beating," she thought in a sad tone.


It was a beautiful day in Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in Leaves: a large village hidden in a large forest. It had been rebuilt and was a bright and sunny place. The village was experiencing an unprecedented time of peace, since the ending of the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

The war had ended three years ago, and it was all thanks to the combined efforts of the Shinobi Alliance, and a certain young man. Now the Alliance was slowly breaking down, and the world was returning to what it was before.

This was the current dilemma the Godaime Hokage, Tsuande Senju was facing. She looked at the stack of paperwork before her and cried inwardly, treaty to sign, missions to assiagn, and other task that need her signature.

"Why do I have to do this?" she thought to herself in a tired tone. She wanted to relax and enjoy her time as Hokage, drinking her Sake. She thought that with the end of the war she could slack off, but the paperwork had suddenly multiplied by three.

She let out another tired sigh as she set her pen down, stretching her arms high above her head. She looked toward her office door and saw that it was closed. This made her smile and she leaned toward a certain area of her desk.

"I might as well have a small break," she thought with glee as she opened a secret compartment in her desk, revealing five bottles of the most coveted Sake in Konohagakure. "Come to mama."

Suddenly a large orange blur burst through her window, spewing glass all around the office. The sudden intrusion made Tsunade drop her bottle of Sake and spill it on herself. Soon her Shinobi reflexes kicked in and she grabbed the nearest projectile, which was a book, and threw it at the intruder.

The book hit it target and sent the intruder flying into the wall. This wouldn't normally happen if someone else threw the book, but this was Tsunade Senju who was throwing the book. She was known for her monstrous strength and something as simple as a book could become a deadly weapon.

She watched as the intruder lay against the wall and wondered if they were conscious. Much to her relief and annoyance the intruder slowly began to stand.

The Intruder was a tall guy about 6'2 with long spiky blonde hair tied in a ponytail. He was wearing a black shirt with jonin vest over it. He had black pants with orange strips on it and wore a coat with orange flames at the bottom and the kanji for fox on the back. He had dark blue eyes with three whiskers like marks on his face making him look feral. This was Naruto Uzamaki, the hero of the War and Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

Naruto brushed some rubble off his shirt and looked toward Tsunade, "That wasn't nice Baa-chan," he complained, with a slight pout on his face, "and after I came all this way to come see you"

Tsunade threw another book at him and he barely dodged it, "Damn it brat," she growled, several vain popping out of her forhead, "How many times have I told you not to call me that!"

Naruto just smiled and started to count on his fingers. "Um…. I lost count after 200."

Tsunade looked at Naruto and tried not to jump over her desk and strangle him. She leaned back in her chair, her hair falling behind the chair. "So why are you here brat?" she asked in an angered tone.

Naruto laced his fingers together and put his hand behind his head, "Well I kinda bored and wondering if you had any missions I could take?"

Tsunade narrowed her eyes as she looked over at Naruto. She could feel that something was off; Naruto had never asked to go on missions. Since there were mostly only D and C ranked mission. So either he was really bored, out of money for ramen, or he wanted to get away from something or someone.

"What happened brat?" she asked in a commanding tone as she watched Naruto squirm.

"What are you taking about?" he replied in a worried tone, not looking Tsunade in the eyes. "I just want to go on missions for the village."

"Cut the crap," Tsunade stated in an angered tone, slamming her hands against the desk. "Why do you want to go on a mission?"

Naruto looked at Tsunade and was on his knees large cartoon like tears falling down his face, "Please Baa-chan you have to give me a mission," he cried as he looked around scared, "I need to get out of the village."

Tsunade just sighed as she watched the crying Naruto in front of her and shook her head. "What happened?" she asked as she tried not to let her anger get the better of her.

Naruto crawled up to her still crying, "I ruined Sakura-chan's date with the teme." He said in a scared voice as he looked around to see if Sakura was coming.

"That it?" she stated in an annoyed tone, "Just go apologize."

"This is Sakura-chan we are talking about!" Naruto shouted as he hid under Tsunade desk, "She going to kill me! This was her first date with Sasuke."

Tsunade grabbed Naruto from under her desk and threw him arcross the room and back into the wall, "Stop crying brat," she commanded as she looked at shook her head. "I should leave you to deal with you fate, but since I feeling generous I actually have a mission for you."


Nemu stepped into the lab, stood by the monitors, and watched as her father worked around a new machine he had made. The other member of the Science Division scurred around working on other project scattered around the room/

He turned and saw her standing there, a look of annoyance appeared on his face. "There you are you stupid girl." He said as walked over to her and slapped her across the face, "You are supposed to be here as soon as I call you is the clear."

"Yes father," she said looking at the ground, inwardly she was crying. She hated her father, and hated that he hurt her.

Mayuri looked at his daughter "Follow me," he stated as he exited the main lab area and headed down a low lit hallway to one of the more private labs. Nemu followed after her father and looked around the lab. It was filled with many different tables, some were empty, some were filled with papaers and others had hollows tied down to them.

Mayuri had walked past all of his other works and lead Nemu to a large screen like machine. It had wires flowing to a large power generator. Mayuri walked over to a control panel on the side of the machine and motioned for Nemu to join him.

"What is this?" she asked as she looked at the machine. This had been the object of Mayuri's attention as of late so it must be of something of great importance.

"This, my failed experiment is a window into a world that we have never seen." He said with pride as he ran his hand over the machine. "I have discovered a world unknown to us, think of all the things we will learn."

"Another world," Nemu stated as a hint of shock could be heard in her normally emotionless tone "Have you reported this to the head captain?"

"Why would I report this to that buffoon," Mayuri stated as it was an obvious answer and glared at Nemu.

Nemu thought for a moment before answering, "He could authorize an expedition to that world." She said with her head lowered in submissiveness.

Mayuri looked at her and slapped her across the face, "Why didn't you mention it earlier you stupid girl."

"Yes sir," she replied in her emotionless voice. She watched at Mayuri left the room leaving her alone on the floor.

-Later in captain meeting-

"So I feel it would be very informative if we sent a team to this world and see what they have to offer us," Mayuri stated to the entire captain hoping they would approve it. Many of the Captains wera bit skeptical of this discovery.

"So you're telling us there is another world we have no knowledge and you want to go and explore it, "said Toshiro Hitsugaya, captain of squad ten.

"Exactly," Mayuri stated with pride. "A new world to learn new things, maybe new powers."

"Are you out of your mind?" Hitsugaya said angerly, "we are still recovering from the war and you want us to waste precious man power to visit a world that might be hostel to us."

"But wouldn't it be a good idea for use to learn about this world, they may have a way to help strengthen our forces?" said Retsu Unohana, Captain of squad four, her usual smile across her beautiful face .

"I say we just leave them be," Captain Soi-Fon, leader of Squad 2, stated in a cold tone, "If we intereact with that world it could turn ugly."

Captain Yamamoto was silent throughout the entire discussion, he tapped his cane on the ground to get everyone attention in the room. "I believe it is in the best interest of the Soul Soceity if we do send someone to explore this new world." He commanded.

Mayuri smiled and was about to speak when he was cut off by the head captain, "But we will be sending only a pair there as not to waste any forces. They must be at least lieutenants."

"I will send Nemu," Mayuri stated as if it was the easy thing to do. "She knows what we need to get and she can get it quickly."

Many of the other captains were nervous about sending their lieutenants to this new world and Mayuri knew if no one steps up they would go.

"I will send Isane," Captain Unohana said finally much to the surprise of the other captains.

"Retsu are you sure that is wise?" asked Jushiro Ukitake, Captain of Squad 13.

"Yes it is best to have a healer in the group in case thing turn hostel," Unohana stated and everyone nodded in agreement.

"So it is settled then," Captain Yamamoto said, "Lieutenants Isane Kotetsu and Nemu Kurotsuchi will travel to this new world and gather Intel on its inhabitants and hallow activity. Dismissed!"


Naruto looked at the mission scroll and sighed, it was a simple bandit raid mission. He was heading to a town on the edge of the land of fire near the border of the land of winds. They were having trouble with a large group of bandits stealing their food and taking their women as slaves. Naruto knew it was just a c-rank but he wished she had at least a b-ranked, but then again beggars can't be choosers.

As he approached the village, he heard someone scream. He picked up the pass and raced towards the village. As it came into view, he saw the bandits were raiding. He quickly pulled out a three-pronged kunai and threw it into the middle of the village. As soon as the Kunai landed, he disappeared in a yellow flash.

A bandit was having the time of his life, they were raiding the village again and he was about to get the one girl he had his eye on since they had gotten there. As he was about to have his fun he watched as a strange looking kunai fell out of the sky and hit the ground. He looked at it for a moment when suddenly a yellow flash appeared and he felt a blade of cold steel go into his body.

The young girl looked up and saw a tall man with long spike blonde hair standing over her. He put his fingers to his mouth telling he to stay quiet and the pointed towards one of the house so she could hide. She smiled and him and nodded quickly running to the house.

Naruto watched and made sure she was at the house before disappearing in a yellow flash. Soon the cries of dying bandits filled the air as Naruto hunted the m down and slayed them without mercy. Soon only one bandit left, he looked all around for the attacker but saw nothing.

"Show yourself," he shouted his legs trembling.

He soon heard a laugh filled the air, "I am everywhere," the voice said causing the bandit to shack with fear.

"I….I'm not scared of you." He stammered only to hear the laugh again.

"You will be." It said and he felt a blade against his neck, "So know what you can tell me about the other bandits." Naruto said to him.


Nemu and Isane stood next to each other with their things packed. They were waiting on Mayuri to open a portal to this new world and they both were nervous. They wondered what was on the other side and what type of people or things lived there.

"So Nemu are you ready for this," Isane asked with a nervous smile. She never expected for Captain Unohana to send her on this mission.

"I am," she said flatly not wanting to look weak in front of her father, "I will explore as order."

"Yeah," Isane said and turned to watch Mayuri work. He moved around the machine and was tinkering with some of the wiring.

"I hope this is a safe journey," Isane thought to herself as she looked at the machine, not really trusting it.

Mayuri was standing in front of the viewing machine before turning towards the two girls. "We are almost ready." He stated and then handed them two modified lieutenants' badges. "These will be your homing signals in case something goes wrong. Just put some reiestu into them and we will home in on your positions." Both girls nodded and he continued. "You need to first find a settlement and observe the people, next find out if they have any type of powers at all, and lastly see if there is any hallow activity there."

"Yes Captain," the said in unison and Mayuri smiled as he head to the control panel of the machine

"Now let's get this show on the road." He stated and pressed a button that started the machine. Soon a loud sound filled the room and a Senkimon that had black white doors opened up for them. "I wish you good researching." He said as he watched the girls enter the door.

The trip through the senkimon was different to say at least. Once they stepped through, they found themselves surrounded by trees. Nemu looked around and saw the sun bearing down on them. Isane looked and saw many animals she already knew of running aound.

"Let's get moving." Nemu said and started to walk. Isane followed and soon they found a road. It was dirt but seemed to be well maintained.

"Well this is convenient." Isane said and Nemu nodded as they looked around for any signs of life. They walked down the road when they saw a small village come into view. It was a very simple layout, one main road that traveled through town and small house in the side streets.

Isane walked a bit further ahead than Nemu and saw that some of the villagers were looking at her. IT seemed to be many of the male villagers.

"Is it just me or do they see us?" Isane said to her companion a bit uncomfortable at all the stares they were receiving.

"Nemu saw that villagers looking at them, "Its seems that way," she replied in a slightly curious tone. "Let test this hypothesis."

They walked towards one of the street venders and waited to see if the vendor could see them.

"He looked at them with a smile and said, "What can I get you this fine day ladies."

"You can see us?" Nemu asked and the vendor looked at them as if they were crazy.

"Of course who won't notice two pretty lasses," he said with a confused look on his face but he didn't let that deter him. He quickly grabbed Isane hand and pulled her towards the stall. "Let me show my fine items."

Isane looked at Nemu and whispered, "He can touch me."

Nemu nodded and turned towards the vendor, "I'm sorry but we have to go." She said and pulled Isane away. As they walked they noticed that they bummed into everyone they passed.

"What's going on." Isane said as they walked out of town, a bit worried at the new development.

Nemu thought for a moment before she said, "It seems we are like the living in this world."

"So we are like the living in this world." Isane said with a look of surprise on her face.

"It's seemed that way." Nemu said as she wrote it down in her notebook.

"So what do we do." Isane said in a worried tone as she looked around.

"We just have to adjust our way of doing things." Nemu said as they walked down the road.

"How do we do that?" Isane said with confusion. "We know nothing about this world?"

"We act like everyone else." Nemu stated and walked down the road. Isane nodded and they continued on their way. As night set in they made camp in a clearing in the forest. As they set up camp, they noticed it was too quiet.

"This is creepy," Isane said looking around the forest, it was different from the forest back home and it didn't sit well with her.

Nemu looked around and agreed, "Yes it is." She said, "Maybe it because there is a lot of hollow activity at night."

"I don't think so." Isane said, "I don't feel any hollows near at all, I just feel as if someone watching us."

"We will have to very this." Nemu said and got up. "I shall scout around and see what I can find."

"I don't think that is a good idea." Isane said as she felt a presence in the trees/.

"It's fine I won't be gone long." Nemu stated and walked into the trees.

As Nemu walked around she tried to feel a hollow reiestu but she could feel it at all. She did feel a weird sort of energy but she couldn't get a handle on it. She stopped and extended her senses only to be grabbed from behind.

Nemu quickly reacted and grabbed the person behind her and flipped them over her shoulder. She got a good look at the attacker. He was a very plain looking man with a metal headband on his forehead.

"Who are you," Nemu demanded as she held her hand against her attackers neck.

Her attackers just smiled, "You will know soon enough." He stated with a knowing tone. Not fearing Nemu.

Suddenly Nemu felt anther presence behind her but reacted too late when she was suddenly hit hard at the base of her neck. She fell slowly to the ground as her eyes slowly closed her original attacker smiling at her.

Isane noticed that Nemu spiritual pressure suddenly dipped and quickly stood up and pulled out her Zanpakuto and waited stood with her guard up. As she listens she felt a tremor from underneath and tried to get away only to have a pair of hands grab her and pull her under.


Naruto jumped from tree to tree heading towards the bandits camp. The bandit he had captures and silenced told him that a group of missing-nin form Kumo led it. They were c-ranked missing nin and Naruto sighed. He was hoping for a least someone who would give him a decent fight.

As he spotted the camp he formed a cross shaped hand seal and said, "Kage Bushin no justu." Soon five clones stood next to him and he ordered them to scout the perimeter and find if they had any prisoner.

He waited for his clone to dispel and he soon got all the memories and knew they had a cage of women near the west side of camp and that the missing-nin had brought in two more. They were taken to a tent in the middle of camp. He knew he had to save them before anything bad happened.

"Let's do this." He said and faded into the night.


Isane started to wake up and felt a cold draft against her skin. As she opened her eyes she noticed that she was almost naked. She was only in her bra and panties and she was tied to a pole. Next to her was Nemu in her black panties and bra. They were in a large tent that seemed to have furs covering the floor, with weapons scatter all around the tent.

She looked around and saw that their things were in a pile in the corner. The flap suddenly opened to reveal two mean with strange things on their foreheads. To her it looked like a pair of clouds but there was a line through it.

"Looks like one is awake." One of the men said. He was about average height and had short green hair.

"Who are you?" Isane said as she tried to get out of her bonds.

"I am your new master," the shorter man said with a smile. "Now be a good girl and it won't hurt much."

Isane tried to undo her bonds but they were too tight. "I am going to die here."

Suddenly the sound of people dying filled the air. A bandit ran in and said, "Were under attack." He said and ran back outside.

The two man looked at each other and the taller one said, "Go check it out." his partner nodded and headed out.

The other one looked at Isane, said, "Where were we.", and walked towards her, as she tried to get away in fear.


Naruto was taking out the bandits as quickly as possible. He created over fifty clones and had them attack the camp at once. He had a group of clones free the girls from the cages and lead them to safety. As he took out bandits left and right he felt the memories of one of his clones enter his mind. One of the missing-nin was out and ready to fight. Naruto headed towards the middle of the camp and landed in front of the man.

"So you're the one who attacking out camp." The nin said with anger as he glared at Naruto.

"Yep that me." Naruto said with a smile.

"Fine I just kill you and go back to having my fun." The nin said and went through a few handsign, "Doton: Mud Dragon Justu" A large dragon came from the ground and head towards Naruto.

Naruto dodge to the side and went through his own set of hand sign, "Fuuton: Air Bullets." He sent five large balls of compressed air at his target.

The missing-nin eyes widen and he flash a set of hand signs Doton:Earth wall, A wall of earth came up from the group and blocked the wind. Naruto ran towards him and went up the wall.

He jumped off the top and a ball of blue energy formed in his hand, Resengan. Naruto thrust his and forward and caught his target in the head. As Naruto landed nothing was left of the missing-nin.

"One down and one to go," Naruto said and headed towards the tent where the two girls were being held.


Isane watched in fear as the man came towards her. She tried to get away but she was trapped. As he was about to grab her, when a blade suddenly burs through his heart. Isane watched in horror as the man dropped to the ground dead and turned to see who did it

Standing in front of her was a tall man with long blonde hair and he was wearing a headband like the others but it had a different symbol.

"Are you ok," he said and reached for her causing Isane to move away. He noticed this and stopped. "I am not going to hurt you." He said and put his and up.

Isane looked at him and slowly nodded, he came toward her and untied her bonds. As her arms fell from the pole she pulled them close to her body. She was so scared, if he handed come that man would have had his way with her.

She shiverd and started to cry only to find something wrapped around her shoulders. She looked up and saw that the man had taken off his jacket and put it around her. He left her, went over to Nemu, and untied her from her bonds. Since she was still unconscious, he held her gently in his arms. Isane slowly stood up and walked towards him.

"Thank you." She said as he set down Nemu slowly.

"It's not a problem," he said with a smile, "Just doing my job." He looked at her and smiled.

"Lets get out of here." He said and picked up Nemu in his arms and head out of the tent. Isane nodded and started to follow only to stop and head over to grab their Zanpakuto. She didn't noticed that she left the modified badges in the tent.


Nemu slowly opened her eyes and looked around. She noticed that she was in a bed and that she was not fully clothed. She sat up and held the blanket to her and looked around to see where she was. The door opened and she tensed only to see Isane walk through with a bowl of food in her hand. She was wearing a black t-shirt that seem to hug her form, with a pair of white capree pants.

"Oh good your awake." She said with a smile

"Where are we." Nemu said looking around the room. It was a simple room with two beds and a small dresser.

"We are currently in an inn." Isane said as she set down the bowl of food on the night stand. "We wear attack two night ago and you been out cold."

"Then how are we here" Nemu asked afraid of the answer.

"I will be the one to answer that," said a voice by the door and Nemu turned to see a blonde hair man standing by the door. "Naruto Uzamaki at your service."

"What happened," Nemu asked and Isane proceed to explain what had happened. Nemu listened as was extreme grateful for what Naruto had done for them. She turned to Isane and said, "Where are our things."

"I was only able to grab our Zanpakuto," Isane said with a hint of sadness in her voice, "I couldn't get the badges."

Nemu looked at Isane with what looked like shock. They were stuck, without those badges they couldn't get home. Naruto noticed this and saw that they were in trouble.

"Hey its ok you guys can come with me to Konoha." He said with a smile

"Konoha," Nemu said with a questioning look.

"Yeah it's my home," he said, "I think we can help you try and get home."

Nemu knew that if they wanted to get home that they need someone help.

"Fine ok," Nemu said.

"Great," Naruto said with a smile. "Well I leave you two alone, if you need me I be in the next room."

"Do you think we can trust him," Nemu said looking at her partner.

Isane looked at Nemu and said, "He saved us when he could have had our way with us, but he didn't. So I think we should trust him." She watched as Isane looked toward the door.

"Fine we will trust him for now." Nemu said and proceed to eat the food on the table. "Also can you help me find some clothes?


Naruto, Nemu, and Isane walked up the road and soon they saw the large gates of Konoha. Nemu and Isane looked at the gates in awe; they have never seen anything like it. As the approached the gates the noticed that many people were staring at them.

"Why are the staring?" Nemu said to Isane who just shrugged.

Soon they were stopped at the front gate and saw the two gate guards coming towards them, "Welcome to Konoha," said one of the gate guard when he saw Naruto,"Hey Naruto how you been."

"Hey Izumo," Naruto said with a smile. "I"ve been well, just got done with a mission."

'Nice," Izumo said with a smile and looked at Nemu and Isane. "And who are these two lovely ladies."

Isane blushed and Nemu looked at Izumo with confusion, Naruto smiled and said, "This is Nemu and Isane, I helped out while on my mission. I am taking them to see the Tsunade Baa-chan to see if we can help them get home."

"That our Naruto," said Izumo and patted him on the back. He pulled out a clipboard and had them write down their names. After everything was said and done Izumo smiled, "Enjoy your stay in Konoha."

Naruto started to walk and waved by to Izumo with the girls following close behind. Isane looked around the village in awe. It was huge; she looked up and saw five faces coming out of the side of the cliff.

"I wonder who they are?" she thought to herself as they walked.

Nemu watched as people with the same headband as Naruto ran around the village. It seem that everyone who wore it was part of some group, and this group seemed to be fairly large. She also saw many of them would wave or stop and say hi to Naruto, meaning he was respected. Soon a large tower came into sight causing Nemu curiosity to peak.

"Let's go see Baa-chan," Naruto said and lead them up to the top of the tower. As the approach a large set of doors a girl with short black hair, wearing a blue blackish blue kimono looked up to see them walking towards her.

She got up and walked over to Naruto giving him a large hug, "I missed you." She said with a smile

"Me too Shizune onee-chan," Naruto said, 'but I only been gone a week."

"That's true but it still too quiet without you here." She said with a laugh.

Naruto just laughed and gave her a big smile. Shizune smiled back at him and then noticed Isane and Nemu standing behind him, "Naruto who are the two women behind you?"

"This is Nemu and Isane," Naruto said introducing the pair, "I helped them on my misson and I brought them to talk to Baa-chan to see if we can help them get home."

"That is so you Naruto," Shizune said with a smile. "Be nice she having a bad day."

"Got it," he said and headed toward the doors. He opened the door and shouted, "HI BAA-CHAN!"

Tsunade jumped out of her chair and looked at her godson. "NARUTO!" she said and punched him across the room. Isane and Nemu watched in awe as Naruto flew through a wall and landed on the ground hard. "Don't startle me like that."

Naruto slowly got up and walked over, "Sorry Baa-chan," he said with a smile.

Tsunade smile and then noticed the girls, "Naruto why are their two girls with you." She said looking at her son. "If you got them pregnant you're responsible for your action."

Isane blushed and Nemu looked at Tsunade as if she was crazy, "No that is not what going on." She said to Tsunade. "Naruto offered to bring us here and see if you could help us get home."

"Oh he did,"Tsunade said shaking her head. She turned to Naruto, "So how did you meet them?"

Naruto proceed to give his mission report and Tsunade listened intently. She looked at her son and said, "We can see what we can do but in the meantime they are your responsibility while they are in the village is that understood."

"Yes Baa-chan," He said with a smile.

"That's a good boy," she said and looked at Nemu and Isane, "Welcome to Konoha, I am Tsunade Senju, Godiame Hokage."

"I am Isane Kotetsu," Isane said with a small bow

"Nemu Kurotsuchi," Nemu said mirroring her friend.

"It is nice to meet you," Tsunade replied. "So where are you two from?"

Isane started to get nervous wondering what they were going to tell her but Nemu stepped up and said, "We come from across the sea, we are here to see what your culture is like and how we can find ways to help each other."

Tsunade eyes narrowed, she felt something was off with their story but knew she could prove anything. In addition, it seemed that they were completely honest about want to learn about them. She decided to have Naruto with them at all time, also to have a few Anbu follow them as well. She smiled and said, "Welcome to Konohagakure."

"Thank you for having us," Isane said with a smile.

Tsunade smiled and said, "While you are in our village you are to stay with Naruto at all time, is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am, "They said in unison not wanting to anger the only help they were receiving.

Tsunade looked at Naruto and said, "Take care of them." She watched as her saluted in understanding.

"Yes ma'am," he said with a smile and they headed out of her office.

"I have a feeling life is going to get a lot more interesting, "She said to herself and reached for a bottle of Sake.


Mayuri stood by his machine and waited for Nemu to check in. They were supposed to check in after the first day to report their progress but it had been more than three days. At first, he thought it was Nemu being her usually stupid self but he knew she wouldn't be this late.

"Activate their homing bacons," he ordered one of the researchers and waited for them to do their work. After a few minutes one of the researchers waved to Mayuri.

"Sir we can't find their signals," he said if a frantic tone as he reviewed the monitored.

"What do you mean we can't find their signals," Mayuri shouted and looked at the screen. The scan stated that their signals were not found.

"This can't be good." Mayuri said.


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