Hello everyone, this is alchemist19. I want to thank you all for the terrific support and encouragement for all the stories I have written. I really am grateful for all that you have done, my it be reviews, or just reading and enjoying it.

Everyone has been such a encouragement and helping me improve my writing. I have changed a lot since I first started writing my own stories With Shinigami at Mohara, Lieutenants Love Ninja, Love of the League, and all other stories that I have written. You are all amazing and wonderful people who have made me a better writer then I have ever could have been by myself.

Now for some bad new, First I am a Mormon, and I have decided to serve as a Missionary for two years. So I will be unable to update any stories at that time so all my stories will be on hiatus. I am very sorry for all those who wanted to read more of my stories, but I feel that this is what I need to do.

For those who want, You guys can use the basic premise of my stories to make your own, or even write what you want to happen during the story. I would love to see where you would take the stories. Again I want to thank you all for everything you done for me and for reading my stories.