Harry James Potter, the most unusual boy you would find on Privet Drive, not that his guardians haven't tried, lay curled up on his bed, bloody.

He has just finished his forth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly for you see, Harry Potter is a wizard. But even in the Wizarding world, he is unusual. The Boy Who Lived. The only person to have survived the killing curse when he was one year old.

'What would people think of the Boy Who Lived now?' thought Harry, he had somehow made his uncle angry, possibly him crying out in the middle of the night, but wouldn't you if you witnessed the death of a friend and saw the person who is after you come back, and got a beaten for his troubles. His uncle hasn't beaten him since he was ten.

Sighing and mentally preparing himself for a night of nightmares, Harry closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Far away from the room is which the most famous boy in the Wizarding world slept, in a graveyard in Godrics Hallow, James Potter woke up with a deep gasp.

Where was he? Where was Lily? Where was Harry?

Was he wearing his glasses?

James raised a hand to his face and felt for his glasses, he was wearing them, so why was it so dark? He raised his hand above him and felt wood. He banged against the wood until he gave up and began to pool at the decaying wood with his hands. Wood cut his hands but he just kept pulling at the wood until he was covered in dirt. e quickly wiped his face and took a deep breath and pulled himself out the wooden box, his hands bloody and the wood digging into his clothes as he climbed.

When he began to think he would run out breath, his hand felt air and he grabbed whatever was nearest and pulled his head out and saw what he was clinging too, ignoring the fear pouring in his belly, his body emerged. He rolled over and took deep breaths.

James looked around, it was morning, the sun just appearing over the trees so he could see well.

Here Lies James Harold Potter

Startled, James took rolled over a bit more until he was someone else grave.

Here Lies Lily Rose Evans Potter

"Lily" whispered James, his voice croaky from misuse and he lowered his head when he felt something grab his leg.

And he screamed until he saw the pale skin that belongs to his wife and he grabbed the hand and began pulling and soon enough, Lily Potter emerged from her grave.