They drove to the train station in silence. That's a lie. Sirius was attempting to sing to some really bad muggle music. Eventually, James and Remus joined in.

They arrived at the train station, and piled the trunks onto trolleys and wheeled them to the wall that leads to the station.

Thus began the march of awkward stares and whispers.

A boy got the guts to walk away from his grandmother to go and talk to his friends.

"Hiya guys" smiled Nevillie.

"Hey Neville, how as your summer?" asked Hermione.

"It was alright, but I hear you had a more exciting holiday" smirked Neville.

"Yeah, you could say it was pretty eventful" said Harry. James snorted. Neville faced the elder Potter.

"Hello, Mr Potter, my name is Neville Longbottom" said Neville.

"Just James, I knew your parents, Remus told us what happened, I could tell you some stories if you want" said James. Neville's face brightened.

"I'll probably be able to tell you better stories as Alice was my best friend" said Lily, with a smile.

"Really? My mum was your best friend" said Neville, they kept walking.

"Yeah, Alice is Harry's godmother and I'm yours" said Lily.

"Hear that Neville, we're god brothers" smirked Harry.

"Yeah, listen, I'm meeting with Seamus and the others so I'll see you at Hogwarts" said Neville. Everyone nodded and everyone else went back to their business.

"Come on, let's get you all onto the train" said Molly, taking the lead and pushing Ginny's cart ahead of them.

With a quick goodbye hugs and kisses most of them were all on the train.

"You'll be needing this back" said James and he handed his son the map.

"Thanks Dad" said Harry.

"And I thought you might want this" said Lily, holding out a book.

"What's this?" asked Harry, taking the book.

"It's photographs. Of when we were both kids, teenagers, and married. We know you have one that Hagrid made but we wanted you to have more" said Lily. James handing Harry another photo album, but this one was empty.

"This is for you to put photo's in" smiled James, ruffled his son's hair and got him onto the train.

"Bye, Mum and Dad" said Harry before vanishing from view.

"New beginnings?" asked Lily, looking at James.

"New beginnings, and a hell of a lot of fun" agreed James as they watched the train move away.

It was time for a new start. It was time for new beginnings.

The End