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'HI'- Thinking or Thoughts

"HI"- Speaking or Talking

Chapter 4: New Friend, New Goal


"B-but Father''re bleeding."


A large sound was then heard throughout the building of the orphanage at night in the rainstorm, it was a roar of a menacing beast that was untamed and vicious. Blake was only a small boy that was only at the age of seven, he was running away from a rogue devil that was attacking the church and orphanage. Unfortunately for Blake, the only other people alive in the church was Sister Alice and Father Alexander, the children, the nuns, and the other priest were all killed and slaughtered with corpses mutilated or devoured by the rogue devil.

Father Alexander earlier was fighting the demon but took a large stab wound in his stomach but was able to blind it with a holy light and only distracted it long enough to escape with Blake and Sister Alice. They were running from the top floor of the orphanage and descended down onto the first floor and was close to the entrance until Father Alexander collapsed onto the ground due to heavy blood loss. Blake tried to stay back and help Father Alexander but Alexander directed Alice to take him away to the church and hide there where the beast will most likely never come close to.

"But Father Alexander, the church is nearby, I can carry you to it and-"


Suddenly a beast appeared from the shadows of the stairwell with its eyes glowing crimson red. This beast was a rogue devil, transformed into a chimera with its body of a lion, a large demonic goat head that was sticking on its back, large wings of black and eternal darkness, and its tail with its end shaped as a snake's head. The beast slowly walking towards his prey with its bloody, maw smacking its lips together to consume the new prey. Blake onlystood still in fear and despair as he saw the large beast before him, Father Alexander and Sister Alice also watched and stood in terror as the beast walked slowly towards them but Father Alexander snapped out of the fear and began to stand up.


The beast then pounced on Father Alexander and was about to eat him until Alexander pulled out his sword from his priest clothing and stabbed the beast in its chest and sending it back some distance while roaring in pain. Alexander then stood up but still staggering with the amount of blood he lost but still held his ground with his sword.


Sister Alice then began to cry in tears but followed the words of Father Alexander and grabbed Blake while running out of the orphanage and ran for the church which was at least one hundred yards away from the orphanage.

Sister Alice didn't look back but Blake saw the orphanage doors closed but as they were closing he saw Alexander giving him a smile and uttering some words but was now too far to hear them. Blake was consumed in fear, sadness, and despair. He never knew why this was happening to them in the first place, why must they suffer, what did they do to deserve such horrible and nightmarish punishment? Blake only cried and made tears as Sister Alice carried him while she was running in the rain with thunder crackling every now and then but she kept the words of Alexander in her mind.

After running a long distance in the rain, Sister Alice managed to reach the church and went inside while carrying Blake who was shivering from the rain and cold and also from the fear. Sister Alice looked deep down into his eyes and saw nothing but fear and despair, she then hugged Blake tightly and made a small smile.

"It will be alright Blake, Father Alexander's sacrifice will not be in vain as long as you are alive. He will not truly be dead for we have the very essence of him within our hearts and memories, remember that Blake."

Blake then made a small nod with his head but still had tears running down his face but he was then patted on the head by Sister Alice who had a smile on her face that gave Blake a little more hope.

"Blake I need you to hide until help arrives okay?"

Blake then went over to a nearby room inside the church and hid behind the door while Sister Alice went to the back of the main room of the church and saw a small statue of Jesus made of stone. She then pulled the statue down and suddenly the church bells started to ring loudly. The church doors were then destroyed and the rogue demon from the orphanage stood outside in the rain and its mouth was dripping with blood.

Alice stood in terror as the beast laid his dreadful eyes upon her and then started to move in closer to her and closer. Alice then looked at the door that had a small crack and saw that Blake was watching her in terror but soon the beast noticed the small creak and then charged at the door but then Alice got in the beasts way and was then clawed and ripped apart. her head was cut cleaned off and flew in the air with a smile while looking at Blake, she did her duty as a nun and did all she could to protect Blake and only prayed to god that Blake will be safe.

Blake was then overwhelmed with many deep emotions of depression, confusion, shock, despair, and hatred. Blake walked over while having tears to Sister Alice that was only left in bloody chunks and pieces. He then sat down on both of his knees and held the hand of the once compassionate and kind Sister Alice that he had grew up with in the orphanage. Alice was one of the only two people he could really talked to and share with his feelings and problems with during his whole entire life in the orphanage and was one of the people he cared truly deep down inside his heart and soul but now she was gone like Father Alexander. Alexander was also one of the only two people that Blake could trust his secrets, feelings, and problems with in the orphanage but not only that though, Father Alexander was also the first person who actually took him inside the even though the orphanage and church couldn't afford to.

Now Father Alexander and Sister Alice were gone and everyone else that Blake cared for at the orphanage and church. Blake only wept in sorrow and tears and held the hand of his dear friend and even family member. Blake then knew that he would end up as the same as everyone and only prayed to god that he will meet them in heaven.

"Is that really it?"


Blake then tried to stop crying and find out where the voice was but no matter where he looked in the church, he couldn't find the voice and so then still continued to await his death by the hands of the rogue devil. Blake closed his eyes and awaited for death to come to him so he could meet everyone else in heaven but after what felt like a minute passed, he opened his eyes to still see everything there and even the demon was gone. Blake then stood up to find out where he was and most importantly, why he was there.

"No matter where you turn around to look kid, you still won't be able to find me."

"Who-Whose there? Is it the devil or m-monster?" Blake said while shaking in fear and horror.

"Devil? No. Monster? Wrong. I've been stuck with you ever since you were born kid."

"Ever since I was born? Who-Who are you? Show yourself!"

"Oh, now the kid wants to act tough. Well, considering for what you seen and what you're going through with right now, I guess I can give you respect for it, even if you are putting up a front."

Blake then coward even more in fear and started shaking. Who was this mysterious voice and what did it want with him? The amount of questions and thoughts that went through his head only made him more confused in each minute.

"Look kid, I don't have enough time to talk or answer any important questions for you right now, time is running short. All I need you to know is that I am your sacred gear and that I will help you along the way in your life and this will be the only time we will ever speak until the time is right again."

"C-Can I ask you for your name then if your going to help me in my life?"

"Well that sounds fair and reasonable, my name is Penance and that's all you need to know right now. So goodbye kid and may we speak again later in the future."


It was too late, the voice was gone and now Blake was all left alone in the church until a shadow began to consume the entire room slowly as it was reaching for Blake. Blake tried to find places to climb on to but to no avail he could not find one and he only prayed that he would live after whatever comes next. Soon the darkness reached the bottom feet of Blake and started to consume him, his vision was fading fast and he could feel that he was sinking in the darkness. Soon Blake was almost consumed by the darkness and had only his arm out trying to desperately call for help even if it was useless and soon all he could see was darkness.


Blake found himself awakened and alive, he looked all over his body to see if he was dreaming or not and to see if he was even alive. Blake first checked to see if he had lost any body part or lost anything in general. Blake found that he had bandages wrapped around most parts of his body and limbs, he then looked around to see where he was and found himself in his room with the light shining through the basement window which was early in the afternoon. Blake then tried to get off the bed but he couldn't and was in immense pain from doing so, he then laid back down on the bed and tried to recall the events from his dreams.

'Man, that was one dream I wish I had forgotten. That memory is the only one that I want to erase from my mind from existence. Strange thing is though, why was there a voice talking to my younger self in my dreams? I don't remember talking to a voice back when 'that' happened. I was confronted by the devil and went unconscious and then next thing I knew was that I killed the damn devil and found the entire church almost destroyed. But still that is one dream and memory I really wish that was gone from my head.' Blake thought with frustration.

'Ah, but that was the first time I ever got to talked to you kid.'

Blake then sat up straight from his bed and looked around his room to see who was in it but he couldn't really find anyone in his small basement room.

"Huh, that was the same voice from my dream. Male voice with a 'jerk' like tone."

'Who the fuck you calling jerk, you asshole.' The voice said in an angry tone.

"WHOSE THERE!" Blake then pulled out his two trench knives and scanned the room but found no one there.

'It's me you dim-wit! Who else could it be?'

"Wait, your the voice I heard in my dreams?"

'Who else? Don't get insane on me Blake.'

Blake then put his trench knives away by consuming them in a flame and then they vanished once the fire died out. Blake was filled with confusion on what was happening and then calmed down to think about what was happening to him and then after minutes of thinking, he finally managed to get a hold of what was happening.

'You done thinking yet Einstein?'

"...Yeah I am, first off, who are you and what do you want from me?"

'Well aren't we being courteous here? Well it has been YEARS since I last spoke to you when you were a little kid in the orphanage and when that incident happened.'

Blake then went silent and tried to forget the horror of the orphanage when he was only a child.

'Ouch, didn't mean to stab you in the heart kid.'

Blake then made a small smile from the sincerity of the voice and was beginning to be happy.

"No worries, but can you please answer my questions?"

'Well fine. To answer your first question, I am your sacred gear called 'Penance' but my real name is Evau'el, I was originally a fallen angel but now I am a sacred gear.'

Blake then went into shock from the answer that Evau'el gave to him. His sacred gear was a fallen angel? What did this mean now? What's going to happen to him now? So many questions were circling and going through his head and Blake almost went insane from the amount of questions that were in his head.

'Look Blake, I am not what you think I am. I USED to be a fallen angel but now I am a sacred gear, YOUR sacred gear to be precise. The fallen angel past that I had is gone and now all I want to do is repay back my sins.'

"Wait hold on here. Now I have to ask you these things now, who were you when you were a fallen angel and why are you a sacred gear now?"

'My god, how many questions do you need to ask! But it is fair I suppose seeing as I am just speaking to you just now after so many YEARS.'

the voice then went silent but then Blake heard coughing noises within his head.

'Alright pay attention kid because I am only going to answer these questions ONCE!'

"Alright, I am going to pay attention after going through weird stuff this afternoon."

'Alright then. First, when I was a fallen angel, I fought in what everyone calls 'The Great War' which you already know about. I was on the faction of fallen angels of course and I WAS proud of it too until everything changed for me."

Evau'el then went silent but then he made a sigh.

'You see, the reason I was a fallen angel in the first place was because of my love for a human woman named Aelia, she was the most important and beautiful woman to me in the whole world and I would do anything to protect her from harm until one day she passed away.'

Evau'el then went silent again and Blake was disheartened by such information.

"Look, Evau'el, you don't have to-"

'No, it's fine, don't worry about it but I am kind of glad you were going to ask that.'

"Oh, well then continue on then."

'Thank you. Now when Aelia died, the main reason she died was because of the stress and fear that I going to be killed in the war and the fact that she was never able to see me ever since I participated in the war. She died all alone and miserable because I took part in the Great War for my fellow comrades, I was a fool to believe in victory since I then heard it ended with all three sides gaining unimaginable amounts of casualties but that was when I heard it as your sacred gear. After I heard the news from some of my comrades, I fell into a deep depression and then left my comrades to go find god for repentance. I didn't want to become an angel again because I didn't deserved it at all and that I didn't want to become an angel at all either.'

"So why did you become a sacred gear then?"

'It was because I wanted be able to become useful for humanity, I thought that if I can become a tool to help further help your people, I could gain some repentance and even some redemption from my holder. Since my lover was a human, I wanted to help other humans for her sake and so that if I died and meet her in the afterlife, I could look at her again with better confidence and dignity while hoping that she would forgive me for my mistakes during the Great War. So I asked Gabriel to see if she could give me a chance to talk to god himself so that I could find redemption and repentance for my actions and for my love for Aelia. Luckily for me, she listened to my words and gave me a chance to speak with god and once I explained what I wanted to do with my life and soul, he happily agreed and said "It is good that you have chosen a path to become a tool that will be used for helping one while helping you and your soul.'

Evau'el then paused for a moment to gather up his thoughts to speak again.

'After he had agreed, I was then ripped apart ,but not in a painful way, from my physical body and all that was left was my mind and soul together. All I could see was darkness until I saw a bright and holy light that spoke to me and said "Listen well Evau'el, you are now a sacred gear, a tool that will help humans further themselves in their path, it may take years, decades, and even centuries before you can be one with your chosen wielder. Have patience and remember the promises and oaths you have made to yourself." and then the light vanished. I then waited for what felt like eternity until I saw a light that consumed me and when I opened my eyes, I saw you as a child when you were just born and that's when I found out that you were my wielder.'

"Wait, if you found out who I was when I was born, does that mean you saw my parents then!" Blake said with anticipation.

'Sadly no Blake, All I could see was you, not who was with you and I am sorry that I couldn't provide you some information on who your parents were.' Evau'el said with some depression.

"Well that's alright Evau'el, I just thought I could know who my parents were and have some safe knowledge with me but it's not your fault for anything Evau'el."

'Thanks for that Blake and is that all you wanted to know?"

"...Well how come I always get punished for sins? I mean do you know how many sins are committed in one single day!"

'Well that's a whole different function there but I think I can lessen up on what happens if you do this kind of thing. So I can't promise you won't get divine punishment but I haven't really been able to control how it works but I can let you go unpunished for all the small and some big things but as long as you keep you don't have anymore lewd dreams then you should be fine.' Evau'el then made a chuckle and Blake only got annoyed.

"...Yeah that sounds fair but what happens now since you spoken to me? Better yet, why speak to me now of all times when you could have spoken to me back in America?"

'The reason why I did not speak to you in America was because there was no catalyst or ignition for you to become an angel, well to grow out your angel wings to say the least.'

Blake then was highly interested on what Evau'el said to him. To become an angel? What did Evau'el mean by that?

"Wait, me becoming an angel? What the hell are you talking about?"

'Oh, I thought you already knew that you were part angel. Even the priest named...uh...'

"You mean Father Hisaowa?"

'Yeah him, when you were unconscious from sustaining so many injuries from that insane stray exorcist, Hisaowa came and rescued you while you still had angel wings on your back. By the way, he's a pretty bad-ass fighter for a priest and old man.'

Blake then had huge amounts of thoughts and questions running through his head that he felt like his whole entire brain would meltdown from the sheer amount of thoughts and thinking going through his head. After minutes of thinking and questioning, Blake then finally decided to give up on the thoughts and just take some time to rest, even though it was still morning.

Suddenly, Blake's basement doors were opened and a large figure stepped inside, the light from outside blinded Blake for a few seconds but when the light was gone, He then saw that it was Father Hisaowa holding a tray of homemade lunch but Blake saw a scar on his face which he then thought that he must have been hurt from rescuing him. Hisaowa then placed the tray of food onto Blake's lap and then sat down next to him on his bed with his large smile that somehow always seemed to calm Blake down every time he saw it.

"Good afternoon Blake, how are you feeling?" Hisaowa said in his usual calm and happy demeanor.

"I'm fine but thank you for the food Hisaowa."

Blake then started to eat the lunch but then he heard Hisaowa chuckling to himself and was confused.

" something wrong Hisaowa?"

Hisaowa then stopped chuckling and returned to his normal smile.

"It's just that it was the first time you ever called me without saying 'Father', I guess I moved up huh?"

Blake then realized that Hisaowa was right, He never did call him by just his name and added 'Father' every time he said his name but Blake was glad that to see Hisaowa happy. Blake then remembered what had happened before he had collapsed from his fight with Freed and with his conversation with Evau'el, he then stopped eating his lunch and looked at Hisaowa with a serious look.

"Hey Hisaowa, I need to I an angel?"

Hisaowa's smile then disappeared an a serious look then came from him and he looked straight into Blake's eyes as if he was looking straight at his soul and mind which sent cold chills down his spine. Hisaowa then looked away from Blake and looked at the wall and pulled out his cigar case which surprised Blake because he never saw Hisaowa smoke before. Hisaowa then placed the cigar in his mouth and put his case away and then pulled out his lighter with the golden cross on it and lit the cigar and took a quick puff from it and placed his lighter away. He smoked for a minute and then pulled the cigar out of his mouth and held it and then made a sigh.

"Well Blake to answer that question..." Hisaowa then took another inhale of his cigar and smoked out a smoke ring and then pulled away the cigar.

"Yes... you are an angel. Now to answer some other future questions you might ask about this, the only people who know of your existence as an angel is me, the high superiors of the church, and even Rias since she saw your wings when you fought against the stray exorcist. How long have I known you were an angel? Ever since I was reported that you were going to be stationed here in Japan by your superiors in America. Now I am going to say this, you are only a half angel because you wield a sacred gear so you don't have to worry about too much of being a pure blood angel. So, do you have any questions that I night know the answer to or no?"

Blake was hesitant at first but then he had to know everything he needed about him and his past.

"Well...since I know that I am an angel now...does that change anything to my stay here in Japan?"

"No, it doesn't but since you know that you are an angel, I guess I have to give you your mission brief now.."

Hisaowa then smoked the rest of his cigar and placed the bud in the trash can in Blake's room. He then put back on his usual smile and then placed both hands in a fist on his hips. Blake was then confused by the information that Hisaowa given him.

"Wait, wasn't I just transferred here? I mean, was that the purpose of me coming here? To be trained?"

"Well Blake, the Holy Church had kept progress on you ever since you went berserk on your mission seven yeas ago. In my report they gave me, you had sprouted angel wings from your back when you were detained by the five elite operatives that brought you in. After they detained you, you were then unconscious and your superiors then took the opportunity to give you a check up on why you went berserk and they found out that your sacred gear was the cause which I think you already know."

Blake then looked down at his fists and clenched them for a few seconds and then stopped. He remembered that he did go berserk after wiping out a rogue devil group that was killing people in a large town but he then lost control of himself and had to be detained by five elite operatives who were dispatched by his superiors. After that though, he had to go through some months of therapy and rest in order to get back out into the operations and missions he used to do but then he had heavier supervision ever since.

"As far as I know of Blake, you were given less killing and assassination missions because of that incident since then. After years of doing missions however, you never were able to sprout back your angel wings like last time and so they finally decided to send you over to me to see if you were able to sprout your angel wings and now you do. They told me that if you were ever to sprout your wings on your own will then I will have to be in charge of training you for you to become one of the seraphs peerage, that's if they do choose you but if not then you will just receive more advance missions and status in the Holy Church's order."

"But I don't know if I can even sprout my wings out on my will though..." Blake said with worry.

"Well try thinking of holy thoughts or strong emotions of releasing your wings and even flying in the sky to the heavens."

Blake then closed his eyes and concentrated on releasing his wings and then imagined flying through the heavens. After just concentrating for a few seconds though, he felt something pop out of his back and saw large white feathers on his sides that were as white and pure as snow but then he also saw a small halo over his head that was shining brightly like polished gold. He then went over to the bathroom to look at the bathroom mirror and saw two large, white angel wings behind his back and saw how beautiful the feathers were but then he also saw a small halo over his head that was shining brightly like polished gold and was shocked in awe and amazement.

'Well aren't we admiring ourselves here?' Evau'el said with sarcasm.

"Well I have to admit, these angel wings feel and look pretty awesome."

'Yeah well you're preaching to the choir here kid, but more importantly, shouldn't you be focusing on the idea of you being trained?'

"Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder Evau'el."

'No pro-'

"Umm Blake, who are you talking to?" Hisaowa said in confusion while standing right outside the bathroom.

"I-I'm just talking to myself here Hisaowa!" Blake said with hesitation.

"Well okay then but you should put away the wings since they are crowding up your bathroom."

"Oh okay."

Blake then tried concentrating on sealing his wing back into his body and then felt something get pulled back inside him and opened his eyes and saw that his wings and halo were gone. He then walked back over to the bed and sat down while Hisaowa looked at him and smiled.

"Well now that you can activate your angel wings and halo on you will, it's time I now told you of your training, but seeing as you sustained a lot of injuries from your last fight, today will be your rest and recovery day. So go out and have some fun, enjoy your youth before you become an old man like me!"

Hisaowa then started chuckling and left Blake's room, Blake himself had a smile and he decided to take the advice from Hisaowa and go out to have some fun for himself since it has been days ever since he came to Japan and he did earn himself some good times every once in a while. Blake then went to his closet and pulled out his clothes that he would wear for the day. He first wore his signature blue flame beanie, he then put on black cargo shorts that went over his knees just a little bot, he wore a black T-shirt with graffiti art in vivid bright colors under a green zip up hoodie. He wore white solid sneakers with black shoe laces and finally put on a black wrist watch, he then went to the bathroom and took off his beanie to comb his hair and he was done he placed his beanie back on his head.

Blake then grabbed his leather wallet and placed it in his back pocket and went outside his basement room, closed the doors, and then head off onto the road to find an arcade to play at but little did he know that he was going to have a lot less relaxation than he had hoped for.

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