Sister Bertrille was not your ordionary nun in training. She had an special gift. Her kind and sweet giving trusting nature. Or she also could fly but that wasn't not an gift presay. Of course to Sister Bertrille flying WAS her specail gift. But everyone who knows her secret KNOW that flying was NOT her gift. But try to convince Sister Bertrille that. Oh well she is young and she will learn.

On one such occusion Sister Bertrille had another little glimpse of what people have been telling and telling her about herself. It happened while the dear Revered Mother was batting an cold. Or what we THOUGHT was just an cold but turned into something more seriouse very fast.


"Sister Bertrille..." Mother Superior said loundly as she walked through the convert's halls. She suddenly stopped and sneezed loundly.

"Yes Mother Superior ?" Sister Bertrille (also known as Elise Ethrington) asked as she stepped from the room to the left of the Mother Superior.

"Aw there you are ...." Mother Superior got out before she sneezed loundly again. She put her hand to her heart and cluncted it as sudden pain ripped through her heart and lungs.

"Mother Superior are you all right?" Sister Betrille asked worriedly as she put an arm around Mother Superior's shoulders.

"Quiet all right Elise quiet all right." That was the first time since Sister Betrille joined the convernt that Mother Superior called her by her christin name. "I'm all right now Sister Betrille." she stood straight once more and smiled softly to the younger nun.

Sister Betrille nodded her head as she took her arm away from Mother Superior shoulders. "You wanted me?" Her eyes lit up and her moon face winden into an smile as she felt the warm glow of having Mother Superiour use her christan name. *I'm truly one of the nuns now.* Even though she hadn't gradutaed to be an full fledge nun yet she felt more closer to the close unit with Mother Superior's usage of her christen name.

"I just wanted to see if you wanted to go to the orphange with Sister Jacqueline and Sister Sixto this afternoon?" Mother Superior said with an smile at the young nun in training at her side.

"Yes I would love to. I so do love the children." Sister Bertille smiled. She frowned suddenly. "I wish that the children would find good and loving homes through."

Mother Superior put an gentle hand on Sister Bertille's right cheeck. "I know that you wished that you had an good and loving home while you were growing up."

Sister Bertille thought back to her own childhood and she felt her heart harden.

"You must learn to forgive those who hurt you Elise. You mustn't go on hating those who broke your trust." Mother Superior said softly and gently as she watched the younger nun's heart turn hard through her face.

Sister Bertrille suddenly burst into tears.

Mother Superior gently brought Sister Bertrille into an hug and patted her back.

Sister Bertrille stopped crying and pulled back. "Thank you Mother Superior. And I will pray to God to help me to forgive all those people who hurt me while I was still an child."

"That's all I ask Sister Bertrille." Mother Superior said and sneezed again.

"You should go to your room and rest awhile Mother Superior." Sister Bertrille said softly.

"Yes I believe I will Sister Bertrille. " Mother Superior nodded. "Well Sister Jacqueline and Sister Saxto are waiting by the van."

"Than I best run along than." Sister Bertrille started on her way turning back to slightly wave at Mother Superior.

Mother Superior waved back and than turned and walked toward her room cluncting her chest as the pain reaped through her heart and lungs harder and longer than the last time.