A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first story on this account, which I made in order to satisfy the craving for a new story I had while not starting yet another one on my old account. It's a Tekken/DOA crossover idea I've had for a while featuring a pairing that I think works really well - Asuka and Hitomi. Two tomboys with similar personalities! Enjoy and R&R!

Joachim Heinrich stood tall and proudly on the sidelines of his dojo watching his students. The young teenagers were practicing their katas with varying degrees of focus and precision, but Joachim knew that this was to be expected. He recalled fondly the days where he would watch his own daughter, Hitomi making the same mistakes. How he missed being able to scold her…it seemed now that she was very close to perfecting the art of karate – the old man would have no qualms admitting that she had even surpassed himself.

He couldn't be prouder.

As the class continued, so did Joachim's musings. Even though he was incredibly proud of Hitomi for all of her accomplishments, the fatherly part of him couldn't help but feel the slightest bit left out of her life. When his little krieger had reached the age of 20, Joachim finally caved and allowed her to move out and get her own place. It pained him greatly to see her go, but he knew that it was time. It even took a great deal of convincing from his lovely wife Hikari to finally let Hitomi move out, but as soon as he felt his daughter leap into his arms with tears in her eyes, he knew he made the right choice.

No matter where she went, Hitomi would always be Joachim's little girl. Seeing her happy was more than enough for him now.


Joachim looked down at the student who broke him out of his train of thought with a smile. While not much shorter than him, the boy was a lot scrawnier, and his short black hair always seemed to be in a perpetual state of disarray. Despite his appearance however, he was a good kid and always tried his hardest in every class.

"What can I do for you, Kilian?"

Kilian rubbed the back of his head nervously, "I think everyone is getting a bit tired. Maybe we should call it a day?"

Joachim looked around and chuckled to himself. He had been so wrapped up in his thoughts that he forgot he had a class to run!

"I think you might be right about that," said the old man with a smile. He quickly gathered up the remaining students and dismissed them to the change rooms, though Kilian remained behind.

The karate master quirked an eyebrow, "Was there something else you needed, Kilian?"

The boy absentmindedly ran a hand through his hair and looked down at the ground. Joachim noticed his cheeks were slightly tinged with red.

"It's just…you're a fantastic teacher and all but…well I was wondering when Hitomi was coming back next to substitute for you."

The old man had to laugh, "Got a thing for her eh?"

Kilian's blue eyes widened considerably, "W-what?! No, I was just wondering…plus it's always good to mix things up a bit right, Sensei?"

Joachim laid a reassuring hand on the kid's shoulder, "Hitomi is due here next week. She's told me that she can't wait to get back into the dojo after her entrance exams for university are finished, so you're going to start seeing her a lot more around here once she's finished with that."

"Great! Guess I should really kick into high gear with my training for when she comes back," said Kilian with a confident smirk.

Joachim raised an eyebrow, "You mean you don't do that already?"

The boy stiffened and glanced at the clock, "Uh, is that the time already? I really need to get going! See you on Thursday, Sensei!"

With that, Kilian all but ran out of the room. Joachim just smiled and shook his head.

I'm excited too, Kilian.

Hitomi was humming to herself as she climbed up the stairs of her apartment. She was currently balancing her bag of groceries with one hand while fumbling for her keys with the other.

Whew, long day. I'm going to enjoy this!

After kicking the door closed, the brunette laid her groceries on the kitchen counter and looked over to her coffee table. The poor piece of furniture was littered with school books and notes of all kinds. The half-German, half-Japanese girl had been going especially hard for the past week with studying to get ready for her entrance exams for university. After deeming herself somewhat ready for her exams tomorrow, Hitomi had decided to let off some steam the only way she knew how other than training – cooking.

It was something that the brunette just had a natural affinity for. Even at home with her parents, Hitomi often offered to cook most of the meals as she got older, and her parents eventually just let her start doing it after experiencing how delicious her food was. Of course, her mother and father were good at it too, her mother being especially gifted at preparing some of the more delicate Japanese cuisines.

Hitomi hopped over to the counter and fished through her bag. She was feeling like something simple and light today to make up for the rather large amount of sachetorte that she indulged in the day before. The brunette smiled sheepishly to herself – she couldn't help it! The dessert was just too damn good!

She decided that a simple garden salad would suffice. While not seeming like much, for her salad was by far the most fun to make. In Hitomi's own mind, cutting up vegetables without a cutting board was an art that only the best of the best could master.

But she was getting ahead of herself.

Before she could start however, the German felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. Slightly miffed by the bad timing, Hitomi took out the small device. Instantly, the light in her eyes returned when she saw who was calling.


"Hello, Hitomi. How are you?"

Hitomi skipped over to her couch with her phone and plopped down, "Great! Been studying especially hard this week, but I know it's going to be worth it!"

Hikari cradled the phone between her ear and shoulder while she returned to preparing dinner for herself and her husband.

"That's wonderful, sweetheart. I know you will do just fine."

"I'm hoping! So what's up?"

"I'm just preparing dinner for your father. You know how he is, taking his sweet time to come back home to his loving wife. I swear he married that dojo instead of me sometimes..."

Hitomi smirked, "Oh, mom…he's probably just getting some training in for himself for when I come back there next week! Doesn't want me to beat him when we spar."

Hikari laughed on the other line, "You will though."

Hitomi chuckled along with her mother.

There was a comfortable silence for a moment until Hitomi decided to break it.

"I'm really excited to see you guys. Haven't been home in a while…"

The girl could almost feel her mother's reassuring smile as she replied, "We're excited too. And don't worry, you're father knows how busy you are with school; he would never hold something like that against you – you know that, Hitomi."

Hitomi sighed, "Yeah, but I still can't help but feel bad. Plus my muscles are especially tight from lack of training, so that ain't helping my mood either…"

Hikari had to laugh. Her daughter was notorious for being able to direct any conversation back to karate.

"I'm telling you, Hitomi, he'll be just fine when you arrive here. He can't wait to see you, I can tell. Speaking of which, he should be home by now…what's taking him so long?"

Before Hitomi could respond she heard her parents' doorbell ring on the other line.

"Who's that?"

Hikari looked at her front door, "I'm not sure. Look I will have to call you back, Hitomi. I love you, take care."

Hitomi smiled warmly before hanging up the phone, "Love you too, mama."

The brunette made her way back to her kitchen and pulled out a large knife while smirking.

"Let's get started, then!"

Hikari made her way to the door and opened it. Her eyes widened when she saw who was there.

"…what can I do for you, officer?"

Two hours earlier.

Joachim emerged from the change rooms feeling refreshed after his shower. He had opted to throw on a simple pair of faded jeans and a white button-up shirt after hanging up his gi. He gathered up his things and went to lock up for the day when something caught his attention.

The door adjacent to the change rooms where the dojo itself was located was slightly ajar, and Joachim could hear noises on the other side. As he narrowed his eyes and leaned a bit closer, he noticed that what started as small rummaging noises soon turned into aggravated and careless searching.

Without further ado, the German man opened the door fully and stepped inside, crossing his arms.

"Might I ask what you're doing young man? The dojo is closed for the day, and I don't remember giving you permission to turn it upside down."

The culprit turned around slowly and stood up straight. The first thing Joachim noticed about him was that he was Chinese. His black hair featured a long braid that reached the middle of his back, and he was shirtless. He had a very muscular physique and gold rings adorning both of his wrists. His face was completely stern – he looked rather unimpressed with Joachim.

"The God-Fist scrolls. Where are they?"

Joachim uncrossed his arms, "The God-Fist scrolls? Those do not actually exist, they are only told of in legend. Besides, what makes you think I would have them anyway?"

The Chinese man clenched his fists, "You are Joachim Heinrich. Your skills in karate are far known. The scrolls do not speak of a particular fighting style, so I have been going to masters of many different styles in search of them. Now, where are they?"

Joachim re-crossed his arms looking annoyed, "I already told you I don't have them. Now leave before I call the cops for breaking and entering."

Suddenly, the culprit got into his fighting stance, "You will talk."

Hikari sat at her kitchen table with light tears brimming her eyelids. In front of her was a man with a pink shirt and white tie. His long black hair was tied back and he had a police badge visible on one of his white suspenders. His hands were calmly folded in front of him but his face had a rather serious expression.

"Please Mrs. Heinrich," the man started, "I need to know if you have any information on this man or why he would attack your husband. Is there anything else you can tell me?"

Hikari slammed her hand on the table in annoyance, although the detective didn't seem fazed at all.

"I told you I don't know anything else! All I know is that my husband runs a karate dojo and has been practicing it for the majority of his life. I don't know what this 'Feng Wei' would even want with him or even who he is!"

Lei Wulong bowed his head slightly, "Forgive me Mrs. Heinrich. I am just trying to see if I can find anymore leads on Feng. I have been searching for him for quite some time you see. Is there anyone else you know that might know more with regards to your husband's dojo?"

Hikari hesitated. Of course she knew someone else, but no way was she going to put another one of her family in danger.

As if reading her thoughts, Lei placed his hand over hers, "I promise you they will come to no harm."

The Japanese woman looked into the detective's eyes and saw that he was being genuine. She looked down at the table nervously.

"My daughter…Hitomi. She is my husband's best student at the dojo. She would know more."

Lei nodded and gave Hikari a reassuring smile, "And where would I find your daughter? Should I wait here for her?"

Hikari shook her head and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, "She has her own place. I'll give you the address…"

The detective nodded again, "Thank you, Mrs. Heinrich. Your cooperation is much appreciated. If you want I can now have you escorted to the hospital to see your husband. I will have your daughter join you there shortly."

Hikari weakly nodded.

With that the detective got up, took the address Hikari wrote down and the two of them left the house together.

A/N: "Heinrich" as a surname apparently means "Powerful" but don't quote me on that since I'm not German haha. (Although I know it's a variant of Henry as a first name...) Regardless, I just needed to give Hitomi a last name so there ya go. Hikari means "Radiance" I believe, and Kilian means "Little Warrior". "Krieger" also means warrior by itself...I think. I'm using the internet here so I really don't know haha. Anyways, next chapter I'll start to blend the two universes a little more, but first chapter always needs to have a bit of build up and backstory! Until next time! Remember to R&R!