Well, my first Futurama fanfic. I hope I did good with the personalities, please let me know. Also should this be a one-shot or continue it?

Turanga Leela cried as she read the test. "It can't be this way," she kept murmuring to herself. In a fit she threw the pregnancy test down on the floor as she brought her knees up to the edge of the toilet seat.

Leela's head snapped up when she heard a soft knocking at the bathroom door. "Are you okay, Leela?" A voice rang through her ears, it was Amy. Trying to cover up any evidence of her crying, Leela quickly brushed away any tears from her eye and stood up.

Just at that moment Amy Wong opened the door and came face to face with her red-eyed friend. Amy slowly closed the door behind her as she looked closer at Leela. The mutant's eye glazed over as she stared at her best friend.

"Leela, were you crying," Amy asked her voice growing with concern.

Leela wiped her eye and scoffed, "As if, why would I be crying?" Amy could see that Leela was lying straight through her teeth.

"Come on you hoe tell me what is wrong." Amy's mouth went up in a small smirk when she saw Leela give a quick smile. Leela wiped her eye once more and sighed.

"Amy, I'm pregnant." Leela looked down pink covering her cheeks.

Amy let out a snort then a fit of giggles. "Oh Leela, that is funny, now tell me what is really bothering you." Amy's laughter subsided when she say the expression on her friend's face. "You aren't joking are you?"

Leela shook her head.

"Oh, Leela how could you let this happen?"

"I-I don't know Amy, I never thought that it could happen." Tears threatened to spill out of Leela's eye.

"Have you told him?"

Leela looked up. "Oh Fry? Oh hell no, he is so irresponsible he would freak out if I ever told him. He couldn't handle the responsibility of being a father. I mean look at the moron, he can barley take care of himself."

Amy flashed back to the memories of Fry and all the times he messed up, which was all of her memories basically. She gave a quick shudder and nodded in agreement. "But Leela-"

"No buts, Amy I know what you are going to say. It is his child too, but I just can't tell him." Leela brought a hand to her face and sighed.

"But, you have to tell him. It's not like you can hide it forever."

"I know, but I will deal with it when the time comes," Leela shuddered at the thought, and then she looked up at Amy. "Also you can't say a damn word to anyone!"

"Yeah, yeah your secret is safe with me you skank," Amy winked at Leela.

"I know that you always have my back, whore." Leela winked back and exited the bathroom. Just as she was doing so Bender was walking in the same direction. He didn't think anything of it until Amy walked out also.

"Hey, hey why did both of you leave the bathroom? Doing some lesbian action or something?" The robot accused as he took a drink of his nearly empty beer can.

"Oh shut up rusty old can." Leela snapped at him.

"Kiss my shiny metal ass," Bender mumbled under his breath as he walked into the bathroom. At first he was rigging up some booby traps, but stopped when he noticed something on the floor. As he picked it up he recognized it as- a pregnancy test that read positive!

Bender chuckled to himself as he placed the test in his chest compartment. "Well, well looks like I have some dirt on you girls. . ."

Later that day Leela tried to keep her mind off her baby troubles, but failed. She looked down at her flat abdomen and gave it a small rub. Hard to believe that a life being was growing inside her, Fry's child at that, it was amazing to think that he had it in him.

Just then arms wrapped around Leela and tightened around her. In a panic Leela took hold of one of the arms and flipped the body over her head. "Hiyah," Leela cried in triumph. Her victory didn't last long when she saw it was Fry who hugged her from behind.

The man lay groaning on the ground his eyes shut in pain. "Oh, Leela why did you do that?"

"I am sorry, sweetie I am just jumpy today. Anyway why did you do that?"

"Because I wanted to surprise you with going out tonight and then I was hoping to," cough, "go back to your place."

Leela helped her boyfriend to his feet. "Oh Fry that is so sweet, of course I would like to go with you, but I um already have plans."

"With who?"

"Uh, Amy her and I are going shopping and grabbing some dinner."

Fry looked at Leela who gave him a nervous smile. He gave her a smile and kissed her on the cheek. "Okay, but still can I come over later when you are done?"

Leela stared at his innocent face, she couldn't say no to him. She gave in and gave him a smile and left the meeting/boarding room. On her way to the break room she ran into Amy. "Hey Amy, we have to go out after work."

"Uh, umm sure why," Amy asked a bit confused.

"I will tell you when we go out. Just meet me the in break room after work." Amy gave a nod and walked past Leela.

After work that same day the girls met up and went out to dinner. There was an awkward silence that was caught between the two friends. Amy spoke first, "So why am I here?"

Leela placed her fork down on the plate and sighed. "Because Fry wanted to go out and I just couldn't face him right now. Not after when I just found out."

"You can't avoid him forever."

"Yeah, I know, but I don't know how to tell him. I am scared that he will bail out."

"Yeah, sorry Leela, he probably is the worst person who could have gotten you pregnant. Buuuut, maybe it wasn't him. Did you have a fling recently?"

"Amy, how in hell could you suggest that? I only had sex with him while we've been dating." Amy shrugged and went back to eating.

"But, I mean I don't have to tell him right? I can move to Peru and raise the child while I become a sheep herder." Leela looked wistfully at Amy. Amy rolled her eyes. "Yeah, no Fry will go crazy and so will I. I will have no one else to hang out with."

"Oh come on I mean there is the professor," Leela conjured a weak smile. Amy made a face of disgust. "Zoidberg, Bender?"

"What about me?" A male voice asked.

Both girls turned their heads and saw Bender standing beside their table. Leela dropped her glass when she saw him. "Bender what are you doing here?"

He gave a smile. "Oh nothing just wanted to find out which of you hoes is," pause, "pregnant." He branded the pregnancy test. Leela's face lost color.

"Where did you get that?" Leela demanded trying to snatch it from his hand.

"Oh, just the bathroom after you two walked out. So it is either you or Amy so tell me or I tell both of your boyfriends."

Leela's eye narrowed. Bender noticed her reaction and laughed. "Oh so it is you who is pregnant, surprise, surprise who knew that Fry had it in him?"

"No, I'm not pregnant," Leela snarled. Amy just sat there motionless watching this go down, then without another thought she blurted something out.

"It's me. I am pregnant." Shocked both looked over at Amy.

"That's funny, never knew that they alien wimp had it in him. Or that Aliens could get humans pregnant."

Amy gave him a sad look and nodded. Leela looked over at her friend and clasped her hands together. "No, I can't let Amy take this one for me. Bender it's me, I am pregnant with Fry's child."

Bender chuckled and looked at Leela. "Oh is that so?" Leela nodded.

"Yes, it's true, but you cannot tell him or I will turn your ass into scrap metal." Leela held Bender's neck in a tight squeeze. He laughed and pried her hand off his neck. "Chill out, I might or might not tell him as long as you do what I say."

She flinched and glared at him. "What do you mean?"

"You will be my slave."

"Oh hell no, I don't have to listen to you. Tell him if you want to, just remember that I WILL kill you," she said through gritted teeth.

"Fine whatever you want, but don't strain yourself it isn't good for the baby." Bender laughed as he ran away.

Leela fell into her chair and took a drink of her water. "Oh god," she murmured to herself.

Bender ran all the way to the outside of the restaurant and went into a phone booth he quickly dialed Fry's cell phone number. After a few rings Fry picked up.


"Leela's pregnant!"

"What? Bender what kind of joke is this?" The line went silent as Bender hung up.

Fry sat there with phone in hand confused about what just happened. He just shook it off as a joke. Later that night he went over to Leela's. She opened the door and gave him a nervous smile.

Fry didn't appear to know anything, but that did not comfort Leela. Soon a few minutes into his visit the couple was already half naked and making out on Leela's floor. Then Fry began to unhook her bra, Leela stopped him, pushing him away.

Looking away from with a pained expression. "Fry, I can't do this."

"Why, did I do something? Do I stink?"

"No, no it's me."

"Oh god, you're breaking up with me. I do stink," Fry cried.

Leela looked at him and propped herself up on her elbows. Still beneath Fry she gave him a dejected look. "No, it's not that. I am just not in the mood right now."

"Hey Leela, can I ask you something?"

"Uh, sure," she narrowed her eye.

"I heard from Bender, I don't know if it is a joke or something, but he said that you were pregnant. That's a joke right?" he said with a laugh as he smiled at Leela.

She froze, tears rimmed her eye. "Leela, what is wrong?"

"I'm so sorry Fry."

"You are pregnant. . ." he said his voice barley a whisper.

He got off of Leela and looked at her. "How long have you known?"

"I found out earlier today."

"You didn't think to tell me?"

"I wanted to, but,"

"But what Leela," Fry's voice rose in anger.

"I was scared to tell you that you would leave me," Leela cried she brought her knees up to her chest. Fry softened his face and brought her close to him.

"Why would I leave you?"

"You wouldn't want a kid."

"Leela, for the entire time you have known me is that what you think of me? You think that I would leave you when I took part in the baby making? I am responsible for that baby." Leela looked at Fry his eyes were serious. She never saw him like this before.

"So what are you saying?"

"That I want that baby and I want you Leela. You and I are the parents and we will raise that baby together."

"Oh thank you Fry." Leela sobbed as she embraced Fry in a tight hug.