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Rhydian had only been away from Maddy for 2 weeks when he felt it. It was like a magnet drawing him away from Cari and Bryn and further into the forest. He shot up and started to run as fast as he could ignoring the screams that were called after him. They wouldn't bother following him anyway.

Maddy was just sitting in her room staring out into the woods hoping to see Rhydian walk out of them like she normally does when she felt it. It was like there was a knot in her chest drawing her away from just looking at the woods to actually going into them. She jumped down the drain pipe and ran wolf speed into the darkness of the forest.

Emma and Daniel (Maddy's parents) saw her running into the woods and panicked. She's barely moved in two weeks so why was she running now? and where is she going? They started after her making sure she didn't realise that they were following her knowing what she would say if she did.

Rhydian ran for what felt like hours never stopping, never faltering. Nothing could stop him. He didn't even know where he was going but he knew he needed to get there.

Maddy knew nothing except that she needed to keep running. The lack of food for two weeks showed as she started to feel a sharp pain in her side as she hit the 19 mile mark. Luckily it was the full moon that night so she was filled with energy, she just hoped that it wouldn't burn off before she got to where she was gong. Wherever that was.

Emma and Daniel kept running, silently after their entranced daughter not knowing what to do. Why was she acting like this?

Rhydian finally fell to the ground. He huddled up in a bundle of tree roots as if he was nailed to the ground. He wouldn't be able to move even if he wanted to, he knew that. For some reason he didn't care, he felt content, he felt at home. He closed his eyes and was consumed by darkness.

Maddy continued to run. She hated herself for not being as fast as she normally was on a full moon day, afraid that she might miss what she was running to. Then she felt it. The magnet got stronger and instead of being pulled forward she was pulled to the ground. Or at least what she thought was the ground. She landed on Rhydian who was sitting in the roots they used to play in when they went running from school. It was their special place. She felt so comfortable here that she found herself falling asleep.

Emma and Daniel came to a sudden halt when they found their daughter huddled next to Rhydian, a boy they never wanted her near again. He actually wasn't that bad they just over reacted when they last saw him. Then realisation hit. Maddy and Rhydian were pulled together without knowing what they were heading towards, they ran for hours on end without ever slowing down. It was a full moon. The time for magic and love. Rhydian and Maddy must have a real love, a true love, a strong love. The full moon had brought them together and they will never be able to leave each other again.

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