I do not own Sherlock or James Bond. :)

All of these chapters come from a bunch of stories I posted on a tumblr griffinquillsandoctopusink dot tumblr dot com.

These one-shots are set in my Fem-Sherlock universe. And in that universe James Bond was partnered with Sherlock to take down Moriarty's gang. Now she is back. But how will the Yarders find out about Bond? Well, in one of five ways ;)

The Bust is Busted

"Oh, this is…unexpected," Sherlock deadpanned when she entered 221B Baker Street to find a man pointing two hand guns – one being a Walther PPK/S, if she wasn't mistaken and knowing the man's preference - at her obviously uninvited guests who had more than likely been interrupted in the middle of a 'drugs bust'. She had to admit though that the look on Donovan's face was worth having her privacy violated once again. As for Lestrade, well, she did feel a little bit sorry for him. Only a little.

Yes. She could definitely see the humour in this situation. John would be proud.

"Sherlock, are Greg and-" John stopped talking when his foot hit the top step and she could guess that he was going for his own gun when the man shook his head.

"I really wouldn't do that mate," he tutted.

"Who the hell are you?" John demanded and she could feel his hand close around her wrist, no doubt to push her to safety should things turn violent. Idiot.

The blonde man cocked his head slightly, his aim never wavering from the two officers and his blue eyes flashing.

There was no reply and they stood in a strained silence.

Sherlock had finally had enough. Secretly she wouldn't have minded stringing Sally along for a little bit longer but it was getting a little boring.

"For crying out loud Bond, put down the gun," she snapped, shaking her arm free from John's clutching grip and heading to the kitchen. She had a very time delicate experiment currently sitting on the kitchen table, "Anyone you point those things at tend to die and I would appreciate you not killing two law enforcement officers in my living room," she threw over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of Lestrade with his mouth wide open and Sally glaring at her.

She could just imagine what they were thinking.

John would be thinking something along the lines of 'what has she got herself into now'. Lestrade - 'why is she so calm'. Sally - 'I knew she was crazy and this just proves it'.

Or variations thereof.

"It seemed to be a prudent course of action at the time, love," one James Bond informed her.

"Oh I bet it was," she spoke to the table as she bent over her microscope and looked into the lens.

She sighed heavily.


She turned back to the drama playing out in her living room.

She was glad to see that Bond had at least lowered his weapons and holstered one while he 'played' with the other. John was still standing in the door while Lestrade and Sally still sat in silence on the couch, their eyes never leaving the armed man.

She leaned against the wall, facing into the room, and folded her arms across her chest.

"So, Bond, still banging for Britain?"