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Summary: The SGC get a visitor that will be staying for a while with Jack what will Sam do with this new girl in Jack's life?

"Incoming traveller"

General Hammond and SG-1 stood in the Gate room waiting to see who was about to be coming through the gate.

"Uh sir it's SG-1 and they have an emergency CDO on"

Jack looked at the General and with eyebrows raised and a little wave "Hey guy's that was some trip. What do you think Carter?"

"Uh yeah I guess you could say that sir" Sam replied

"Uh Jack do you hear that?" Asked Daniel.

"Yeah I.." Jack was then interrupted by what looked like a young girl around 13 or 14 years old coming through the gate a little uneasy.

"DDDAAADDD HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?" the young girl turned just in time to watch the gate disengage.

"Um excuse me but who are you?" question General Hammond.

The young girl turned around and saw the general with the rest of SG-1 looking at her with puzzled faces. She walked up them "General would I please be able to tell everyone during a debriefing and until that time I would like to go to my room or at least the room that will be mine in a couple of years sir? The young girl stated with an uneasy smile.

"I'm sorry but you are not going anywhere until we know who you are and what you are doing here."

"GENERAL I've had a long day and if I'm right both of my parents were just kill so if you don't mind I would like to go and lie down for an hour or so ok and if you were observant then you would have already guessed that I'm from the future. You see army fatigues and an SGC badge and my little nametag that says 'Kylie O'Neill' on it ok now you might have guessed who my parents are I'm not sure but I would really like to go and lie down. Oh and here's a note for you from well.you." The young girl took out a small piece of paper and handed it to the general. "Oh and before I go there is one thing I have to do and I know if my parents are still alive I will be grounded when I get back but hey whatcha gonna do right?" at that the young girl went over to Colonel O'Neill and punched him in the gut "I hate you" she yelled and then left the room leaving a very stunned general and SG-1. "Ah general permission to follow our visitor" asked Carter " permission granted major"

"Carter watch out she's got one hell of an arm," Said the Colonel still holding his stomach.

"Will do sir" Said Carter smiling.

Sam Carter entered the last possible room that the girl could be in and there she was laying on a bed hugging her pillow, "Um are you okay?" Sam asked.

"No I'm not."

"Is there anything that I can do for you?"

"I don't think so anyway I want to go and shower before I tell everyone why I'm here and maybe change in to what ever Dad packed for me."

"Um ok do you know where everything is?"

"Hey I've lived here or at least will live here for my entire life I think I can handle it." Kylie said with a small smile followed by a slight giggle.

"Um ok I guess I'll see you in the debriefing room ok?" Sam turned to leave the room but stopped when the girl started to talk.

"Ok see yeah later mom"

Sam left the room and started for her lab to think. She hadn't been there for more then five minutes before her favourite visitor came by. "Hey Carter you busy?" asked Jack.

"No sir I'm just thinking"

"Let me guess about our visitor right?"

"Sir you're her father and." Sam slowly trailed off

"AND?" Asked Jack.

"I'm.I'm her mother" Sam looked up to see the shocked look on her CO's face.

"I thought so Carter but I wasn't sure I mean she looks a lot like you but how could we have well.. you know with the reg's and stuff?"

"I don't know but I would really like to... I mean we will know when she tells us during her debriefing sir" Sam had suddenly noticed that her desk was really messy and started cleaning it off trying her best to not look at the Colonel.

"Ha I know what you mean Carter" Jack said trying his hardest not to laugh but let a few muffled laughs got by.

"Okay lets see what dad packed for me in the civilian clothes department" Kylie started going through her bag that her dad had packed for her before he made her leave her own world behind. She wasn't surprised that he had packed her favourite pj's and only one pair of normal clothes. He must have been in a hurry last time when she went for a sleep over he packed her entire room you know just in case. She pulled out her jeans and her baby blue t-shirt and started off for the showers.

When Kylie got to the showers she saw her dad on the way back from what most likely was her moms lab. "Hey kid wait a sec." Called Jack

"It's Kylie dad."

"Oh ok sorry I forgot"

"Yeah well you're the one that picked it so you'd think you'd know it by now" Kylie said in a whisper.

"What was that?" Jack asked

"Oh nothing just talking to myself. Anyway I really have to go if I want to shower before the debriefing."

"Oh ok I'll see yeah there kido" Jack couldn't help but smile.

"What a bum" Kylie said quietly but not quiet enough.

"What did you say?" Jack asked.

"Oh I said Oh what fun, you and I both know how much we hate debriefing's. Ha, ha" Kylie said with a nervous smile while scratching the back of her head she felt like she was about to DIE for lack of a better word.

"Um okay see you later Kylie"

After Kylies would be near death experience she decided to RUN to the shower. Kylie was finished in a record timing instead of her usual hour she only took about 15 minuets, which really surprised her. After getting dressed she decided that her hair was better up then down so she put her blond hair that was usually shoulder length into a tight ponytail and headed for the debriefing room.

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