Sam looked down at Lantash's body, as Kylie slowly walked towards the cabin. "Jack what are we going to do? He could go after Charlie and Conner, when he finds out about them!"

Jack took Sam into his arms "Sam don't worry I wont let him." Jack felt Sam nod against his chest in agreement. "Come on Kylie needs are help," Jack said breaking away from the embrace to place his hand on the small of her back to lead her to the cabin.


When they got into the cabin, it didn't take long to find Kylie in her parent's room, digging through the closet. "Kylie what are you doing sweetheart?" Asked Sam.

"Getting something" Kylie replied. Moments later she emerged from the closet carrying 6 shoeboxes, each one had a different design on it. Jack stood staring at three of the boxes looking as though he was about to cry.

"Jack what is it?" Sam asked seeing his reaction.

"I made those" Jack said pointing to the three boxes on the bottom.

Kylie nodded while she placed them on the bed in a line. Going back to the closet she pulled out a few photo albums and placed them on the bed. Leaving the room a few moments later she retuned with a few things from her own room.

"Kylie what are you doing?" Asked Sam who was for only about the third time in her life confused.

"Making a box" came her whispered reply.

Sam looked up at Jack, looking for answers. "She's making a box for Lantash so she will remember him, and all of the good times they shared." Jack moved to sit beside Kylie on the bed.

"I made these when my parents died" Jack said pointing to the two boxes that each had a picture of a little boy and his mother on one and with his father on the other. Kylie nodded slightly, still going through the photo album's "And this was for Charlie" Jack said picking up a box with a picture of a small boy on the front holding a baseball bat. Kylie nodded again. "Who are these for?" Jack asked Kylie pointing to the two left over boxes with pictures on them.

"That one was for Grandma Rose" Kylie said pointing to the picture of an elderly woman holding a small baby with Sam by her side. "And that one is Michel's" She said pointing to the picture of a small baby still in on of the hospital cribs.

"Wait Grandma Rose?" Sam asked looking at the box. "Yeah your mum" Kylie said handing her the box.

"Kylie that's not possible my mom died when I was a teenager," Sam said running her fingers alone the photo.

"Mum Grandma Rose died two years ago when I was 9" Kylie looked at her mother, She had to of known that or there was something really wrong.

"Wait did you say 9? That makes you only 11" Jack said looking up from Charlie's box.

"Yeah, what? Did you think I was 13 or 14?" Kylie asked looking between her parents.

"Yeah you look 13 or 14" Jack answered.

"Yeah I always get that" Kylie nodded and then turned back to the albums.

"Wait back up Kylie my mother died when I was a teenager not two years ago"

"Look for yourself" Kylie, said pointing to the box.

"No Kylie Sam's right"

"But that would mean you are from an Alternate Reality, and that's not possible" Kylie said slowly shaking her head.

"Kylie I think that's what happened" Sam said looking at a few pictures in the box.

"But no I built the device for time travel not reality skipping" Kylie started panicking.

"Kylie it's all right, you can still come back with us we love you not matter who your parents are. Either from the future of from a different reality you are still our daughter." Jack said taking Kylie into his arms.

"Kylie why don't we finish up here and then go back to your house to get some things to take back with us?" Sam asked

"That would be great" Kylie smiled for the first time since they got into the Cabin.


"Okay here we are" Kylie said as all three Sg teams walked up to her house.

"That wasn't a very long walk." Jack said looking over his shoulder at the Entrance road to the SGC.

"Yeah we all thought it would be better if we moved to a house that was closer to the SGC.

"It's huge!" Daniel said looking up at the house.

"Yeah well it's the perfect size for 5 adults and 5 kids with a spare bedroom for when grandpa Jacob come to visit." Kylie said walking up the path. "Are you coming?" She asked over her shoulder.

"Yeah" everyone chorused

As they entered the house they walked into the really big hallway. The stairs were right in front of them. There was a study to the right filled with a lot of Daniels artefacts. To the left was the living room complete with many pictures. Toy boxes in the corner. And two bassinets off to the side for the twins. In the centre of the room was the BIG entertainment centre. Surrounded by of course the couch and chairs (enough for everyone.) The kitchen was down near the back of the house. The large table in the middle surrounded by a chairs and to highchairs. The window over the double sink gave a nice view of the backyard, which was filled with toys. Up stairs was a long hall that turned to look like a great big L.

Kylie turned to Jack and Sam, "You guys can go in your room and see if there's anything you might need." Jack and Sam nodded and then started off for the room. "Uncle Daniel that was your room" She nodded towards another room and Daniel left. "The rest of you can go and play, play station or whatever system you want downstairs" The other Sg teams all huddled down stairs around the TV.

Kylie walked to her own room and got out a bag from her closet. "Okay lets see Clothes are a definite" She went to one of her dressers and pulled out most of her clothes to put in the bag. "Okay lets see get all of my home video's, birthday cards, scrapbooks, report cards from when I really went to school, digital camera and extremely advanced laptop computer." Kylie finished her checklist and zipped up her bag ready to leave.


"Hey Jack" Sam called from inside the closet.

"Yeah?" Jack came to stand behind her.

"When is Kylies birthday?"

"I don't know, there's another thing I neglected to ask her god what kind of father am I?"

"Look what I found" Sam said holding up a box with Kylies name on it.

"Well what is it?" Jack asked

"It's her baby box" Sam said opening the box.

"Her what?"

"Her baby box. Look it's got everything in it her birth certificate, her hospital or rather SGC tag. Oh my god a lock of her hair and all of the things I got when I gave birth to her"

"Cool is there one for Charlie and Conner?"

"Yeah right here" Sam handed him to other small boxes.

"Well I guess we found what we needed." Jack said taking the boxes and leaving the room.

"Hey Daniel whatcha doin'?" Jack asked Daniel as he emerged from his room as well.

"Oh guys look Baby boxes," Daniel said holding up two boxes

Sam's attention was suddenly torn away to a room at the end of the hall with a faint music could be heard. Sam left Jack and Daniel and started walking down the hall.

"Oh my god!" Sam whispered as she entered the room. In front of a large bay window stood two cribs side by side. Off to the left against the wall was a changing table on top of a dresser, on the right was a book self-full of books on either side was a rocking chair, the walls were a beautiful blue, Sam entered the room to stand beside one of the cribs just looking around when Jack came in. "Hey Sam"

"Jack look at this, it's amazing" Sam said gesturing across the room.

"We should get some clothes for the boy's and maybe the bassinets, and some toy's" Jack said smiling.

"Yeah we should" Sam turned slightly so Jack wouldn't see a single tear fall.

"Sam honey, what's wrong" Jack walked over to Sam placing his hand under her chin to get her to look at him.

"Jack I feel so bad" Sam placed her head on Jack's chest welcoming the comfort he offered her.

"Why Sam?" "Because they had the perfect life Jack. A friend took it all away from them. I can't imagine what this must be like for Kylie, to now know that she didn't go back in time but to another reality, that her real parents are dead and soon she's going to have to leave all of this behind and start a new life somewhere else."

"Sam don't worry, we are going to take care of her and the twins no matter what, I don't know about you but I'm going to try my best to make them all feel at home, and if that mean when we get home I have to buy this house and get Danny-boy to move in with us so be it." Jack said slowly running his hand up and down Sam's back.

"Hey mom, dad you guy's ready to go yet?" Kylie walked into the room caring her rather large bag.

"Um Kylie do you have another bag like that for your brothers clothes?" Jack asked still holding on to Sam.

"Yeah it's in the closet" Kylie walked over to the closet and pulled an identical bag out, going over to the dresser she pulled out all of the clothes and shoved them in. Walking over to the two cribs Kylie looked in as if studying the contents. "Hmm we'll take you, and you, and you, oh gotta have you, and you, you, you and.. You" Kylie said as she took animals out of the cribs and placed them in the bag.

"Well that saves us the trouble of deciding" Sam smiled up at Jack.

"Well if were all ready then lets go" Jack said taking the twins bag from Kylie and heading down the stairs.

"Kylie do you have everything you need?" Sam asked

"Don't worry mom I'm fine with this if you are" Kylie smiled

"Lets go home." Sam said swinging an arm around Kylies shoulder and leading her downstairs.


"So Kylie let me get this straight, your only 11?" Daniel asked as the gate dialled up the address.

"Yep you got it!" Kylie smiled at Daniel after he asked her the same question for the tenth time.

"But. you don't.... you look and act like your 13 or 14"

"I know, that tends to happen a lot when you have to grow up knowing the countries biggest secret. And being part of it as well."

"But Kylie I do-" Daniel was cut off by Kylies great observation.

"Oh look uncle Daniel the gate is ready lets go home shall we?" Kylie picked up her bag and almost ran up the ramp leading to the gate.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel" Jack shook his head as he walked up the ramp to stand by Kylie.

"What? What did I do?" Daniel looked at Sam for an answer.

Sam just looked at Daniel shaking her head as well with a huge smile on her face, "Come on Daniel lets go home, you have three girls to get back to" Sam walked up the ramp still smiling.


"Sir it's SG-1"

"Open the iris"

"Yes sir"

Moments after the Iris was opened, Jack walked through the event horizon with Sam under one arm and Kylie under the other all of them were smiling at a job well done.

"Welcome back teams I see you had a great success" General Hammond looked from Kylie to the bags and boxes they all had.

"Yeah General we did" Jack said walking down the ramp with Kylie and Sam.

"DADDY!" Ali and Marie ran into the gate room fallowed closely by Janet and two of the female officers holding Charlie and Conner.

"Daddy we missed you SO much!" Ali said clinging on to Daniels leg.

"Yeah we did!" Marie said clinging to the other one.

Daniel looked down at the two girls. "I could really get used to these kinds of hellos," Daniel said looking at Jack who smiled back.

"How are my babies" Sam said taking Conner from one of the offices, while Jack took Charlie.

"They were great ma'am, you are so lucky and I don't just mean the twins" One officer said as Sam held onto Conner.

"Huh well all I have to say is MINE" Sam said giving the officer a death glare, which by now she was really good at.


Sam took her eyes away from the officer to look at Jack. "Yeah"

"I love you" Jack said smiling

"I love you to Jack" Sam leaned over to give Jack a quick kiss

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