The Choices we make

by Puncher71

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Chapter one: Unexpected things

Summary: After Sirius falls at the ministry, Harry makes a hard choice, that could very well affect the whole world.

"Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it's a world, or a relationship... Everything has its time. And everything ends." - Sarah Jane Smith

As Sirius fell through the veil at the ministry, Time seemed to slow down and before anyone knew Harry was rushing to get to the veil while making sure his godfathers killer was dealt with at the same time:

" I killed Sirius Black! " singed an insane voice, Harry growled and saw the culprit Bellatrix Lestrange and she was taunting him all the while she laughed and then spoke in her sickly insane voice:

"You coming to get me?

Backing to the veil, Harry James Potter aged fifteen smirked and shout " Accio Bellatrix Lestrange"

Suddenly Lestrange came flying towards him and he then moved aside and she landed looking slightly shocked that a fifteen could summon her and as Harry Walked infront of her he looked her in the eyes and smirked and whispered:


And as she started to move she grabbed Harry and started to pull him almost into the veil as he fell it seemed he would have been joining her and all that could be heard was a screaming:

"If I'm going your coming to Potter the dark lord doesn't need you anymore" and that was the last thing they heard from Bellatrix Lestrange and with a force that was trying to pull him in, he reached for a rock and Harry Held onto a rock by the veil and everyone around them quickly grasped the situation, because half his body was in the veil it was trying to suck him in and you couldn't escape when you caught in it and as Remus approached him Harry shouted:

"No Don't if you try to help you to will be sucked into it as well get them to safety especially Hermione, she'll try to go after me, you can't let her maybe then I can find peace, but for now go"

"Harry, I'm so sorry I wish I could save you but it's impossible, the veil has you and you can't beat it"

"I Know and I wish I could of thought about what I did before I chased after Sirius, I guess the choices we make determine the outcome of our future"

Harry Tried to tighten his grip on the rock but felt himself start to slip, he wouldn't last long and he knew it, with a sad smile on his face he looked up at Remus and said:

"Don't be upset Remus, I'll be ok after all I'm going to see Mum and Dad again so Don't be sad, one day we will meet again, one day, I hope"

"Harry, you don't deserve this fate, I hope you understand that"

"Yes I do, goodbye Remus Its time to go"

"I'm Sorry"

and as Remus said that he looked at Harry and nodded and as Harry was about to lose his grip he heard Hermione scream

"NO! Harry!"

Harry then flew into the veil with a smile on his face and Remus then grabbed Hermione to stop her from chasing Harry Into the death veil he didn't want his other favourite student dying on him he already lost one.

"Let me go I need to get to Harry! Harry!"

"Hermione its to late he's gone"

"NO NO NO! that cant be Harry!"

Harry James Potter was gone everyone fell silent and just stared at the middle, Hermione fell to her knees and started to cry, he was gone and she never got the chance to tell him how she felt about him, sure he wasn't the brightest person but he could if he only focused but it was to late to tell him and now he would never know.

"I Love you Harry and I always will"

Remus then proceeded to take the students back to Hogwarts and as he did he remembered Harry's words, he will protect them to best ability, he was going to fulfil Harry's last wish even if it killed him, even Dumbledore will stop him, Harry was in a better place now and that was all that mattered, it seemed from the old wolf point of view that seemed to be dying inside anyway , if only he could of help him.


Meanwhile Harry was in the Veil and was thinking so I'm finally going home maybe now I find peace I only wish I told Hermione how I felt.

"Mr. Potter, you accepted dying and welcomed it with open arms and that takes true courage, not only did you show bravery but you stayed because you knew everything has a reason and everything has its time and for that you will be rewarded "

The voice was sweet and caring it was full love and joy and hope and it was welcoming and as he fell in a peaceful sleep of eternity, the sounded once more.

"Mr. Potter, through your sacrifice you will be rewarded, you will not this day you will raise and relive the choices you made and you will be able to make better ones, through the power of the creator, I send you back to September 1st 1991 and I hope you will embrace the chance you will be given, you shall retain all your memories and evil piece in your scar will be gone."

It then all went silent and as if the whole universe started over again, there was a huge bang and Harry Stumbled awake and into a compartment on the Hogwarts Express.


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